Monday, May 17, 2010

Taking the Challenge... "Stepping outside your box"

I while back (in this blog post) I challenged everyone to think out side the box... stop out of your comfort zone.. try something new and different. A new technique, style, colors ..whatever. Something different than you would normally do. I'll share my project with you and then give you the links at the bottom of this post, to those who took the challenge to play along.
HERE I posted a layout I did with a very different style than I normally do. Today I decided to use a medium I had never used , and try a new technique on this canvas.
( you can click to see it larger)

I had never used water color crayons.. to tell you the truth.. I'd never seen them before , so decided it was time to give them a try. directions said....
*Apply crayon to paper
* With wet brush go over top of where crayon has been to achieve water color effects.
* Dip crayon tip into water then draw on paper
* Color on paper with crayon(s) then take a damp sponge to blend colors.
Here is a video I found showing this

* I did something a bit different using that foam stamp. I dipped my water color crayon tip into water and then added the color directly to the foam stamp.. (pink on the top and green for the stem). Once I made sure it was really wet.. I stamped on to the paper.

You know me ...and directions..not exactly my thing. lol. I just picked them up and started to play a bit. I didn't look at the video until just now when I thought it would be good to link to something showing how to use them. lol
ps. If I wanted to read directions I should probably read the instruction book for my camera, or my new phone or printer!! grrr... boring! lol

Before I started stamping I rubbed some of the pink onto my misting mat and sprayed it with water. Taking my large paint brush, I put a light pink coat over the entire canvas. Before it was totally dry, I wiped over it with a cloth to smooth it out. I then did my stamping. ( I went back with a bit of yellow on a paint brush to the center parts of the flowers). Once it was all dry, I took a black sharpie and did some outlining and doodles.
Added some rubons in the corners and a few embellishments.

I ran this ribbon around it to finish off the edges. ( I learned this great idea from my sis on how to attach the ribbon to the sides of the canvas). She uses flat thumb tacks.. and it works great. They even have some really cute decorative ones now. woo hoo.
Can see mine here..but I used plain silver. why? because I have a TON of them! lol
What do I think of them?? I really like them. Seems to give you a more vibrant color than regular watercolors and are really easy to use. Give them a try. I found these at Hobby Lobby. Price $9.95
OKAY.. now you will want to check out these creative girls to see how they challenged themselves for today!

Thank you girls for playing along and having some creative fun with me!

Oh and remember the Tattered Angels Educator DT is having an extra fun month of posting projects for National Scrapbook month. So if you want to learn some really cool new techniques with Tattered Angels goodies.. be sure to check it out.
Right now my sweet friend Natalie Kalbach from Germany has a Video Tutorial up showing Canvases she made for Cat and I!!! SEE IT HERE They are amazing! I already have mine hanging on the wall in my studio. THANKS NAT! I love it!
My day to post on the blog is TUES the 19th
and Karan Gerber on the 20th
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Have a wonderful start to your week!


Sarah said...

You know, I have never used watercolor crayons either. May have to check into that!
Thanks for the challenge, Vicki. Enjoyed it!!!

Jan said...

Love your project Vicki and thanks for a challenge that was bunches of fun :)

Amy Hall said...

hey Vicki I do have my post up on my blog......I was late getting it on. Sorry . Love the watercolors

Nat said...

I love watercolor crayons! gorgeous layout!!!

Charlene said...

What a fun challenge that was! I wish I could have played. But, I am trying to dig my way out of a hole of projects & told myself "JUST SAY NO" until I do. Do you know the feeling? My studio is such a mess I couldn't create if I tried. A PILE is all it is. But, I loved looking & thanks for inviting me. Maybe next time! HUGS! Charlene

Linda Beeson said...

Now there is something I need to try! I have worked with canvases but not with the watercolors and making them a frame like that. LOVE the colors you picked.

DeniseLynn said...

Don't you just love the crayons?! I got some long ago ... like when my husband and I were dating {15 years ago}, he bought them for me as a gift. I love 'em! Your finished piece is fab!!

stampqueen said...

I love my watercolor crayons but haven't played with them in awhile - will have to dig them out again. I color on my stamps with them, then spritz with water and stamp onto the paper - either regular or watercolor paper works very well depending on the effect you to see what everyone else did...
Love your second post today too - will have to show that to DD.

Summerthyme Studio said...

This is STUNNING Vicki~ WOW!

Catherine said...

I wanted to play, I just didn't have to see what the others made! Maybe next time!

Precious Treasures said...

I have never seen water color crayons either. The effect is beautiful!