Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Fastenation Folder" Heidi Swapp/Tattered Angels

Hey Everyone! I'm getting caught up around here since being gone. Doing the "home" thing, and enjoying it. Stormy here tonight, so I hope the power stays on until I get this done. The last thing we need around here right now , is more rain! We are still having flooding issues is some places here. Dan has tomorrow off so we will try to get out to the cabin to see how things are there. Keep your fingers crossed!
I thought I'd share this project today

It's one of Heidi's (Tattered Angels) Fastenation Folders and its' SO FUN to make!
Fastenation Folder
An expandable memories folder with IR-RESIST-IBLE transparent resistant cover, 2 tabbed dividers, acco fasteners to hold your photos and collectibles and 6 inner ivory pages. Perfect for use with Glimmer Mist and other Tattered Angels paint mediums.

I plan to use this for my Mexico photos so I knew I would want lots of pages, so I used the ...
Fastenation Add Ons
Eight 6" x 9" add on pages with transparent resist treatment, 2 acetate sheets with gold resist foil and 4 printed ivory paper sheets. Perfect for use with Glimmer Mist and other Tattered Angels paint mediums.

I seriously had so much fun playing with this! I cant wait to start on another one using different colors. You have all the resist designs already set on the pages, so you just add color and whatever other techniques you choose.

Spray and wipe.. and it turns out gorgeous!

Below , you can see one the acetate pages with gold resist foil.

I wanted to show you the pages before I started adding photos. But I'm dying to start putting it all together. I share again after I'm finished adding.

It was fun to just play. I love the effect I got from the cup out of the trash next to my desk.

You can see how beautiful the resist images are below.

Totally fun "arsty" project!
Watching the resist images come into view when you spray and wipe kind of reminds me of when I was little and had those paint/color books that you just brushed over with water. Exciting to see the process.

It's fun that you can just add color and wipe..... or you can add lots of your own techniques along with the resist designs that are already on the pages for you.

Hope you get the chance to try one out, It's so fun!

Well, here's hoping for no more rain here for now. Sounds like Lincoln got rain and hail. Wes took this photo from the capital earlier tonight when he was working.

Still lightening and thundering.... and my pups are shak'n. Wonder if I'm going to get any sleep to night? hmmmm


A Vintage Chic said...

Gorgeous, Vicki! Love that folder--such a great idea! I remember those color books that you'd just use a wet paintbrush with--I LOVED those!

Looks like you're definitely in for a storm tonight, my friend! My girls will be jealous--we hardly ever get "weather" here--they love thunderstorms (because they're so rare!)

Have a great night!


Home and Heart said...

You made a beautiful creation! That sky shot is totally amazing too!

Nat said...

oh yum yum - I need to work on mine - you made me want to - LOL . Love it!!!

repart13 said...


Jan said...

Hi Vicki :)
LOVE your project! I just placed an order with TA and now I'm wishing I had ordered oneof these. I think it's so cool that there's built in resist designs all ready in place!
AWWW...hope your rain stops so your sweet pups can getsome rest and your flooding will go down!

Ali said...

Beautiful project Vicki!~! And welcome Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki! What a cool book! gotta ck these out! sounds like u had alot of fun! :)

harrahx2 said...

Fabulous job Vicki. Hope all is well at the cabin and the old saying: Rain Rain Go Away Applies! This weather pattern stuff is freaky.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Beautiful. Yours is always the place I come when I need a good dose of inspiration. Both for "crafty" and personal. So glad you are doing well, sweetie. xo Lidy

Catherine said...

I love this - the pictures from your trip are going to looks so GREAT in this!

Hope everything is well at the cabin and the waters recede quickly! xox.

Linda Beeson said...

What amazing details, I so love what you can do with Tattered Angels! The colors are great.

Leslie Kamm said...

Beautiful, Vic! That folder is superb!

But that storm cloud...geez...scary!

LindaC said...

Love the folder idea.It will be great for your photos. Thanks for sharing the beach ones. Great storm photo. Hope the cabins are dry. Linda C