Sunday, July 11, 2010


First of all , I have to apologize for not posting as often , these few weeks before CHA. It's coming fast and deadlines are due.. so I'm spending lots of time in my room lately. I'm trying to sneak out enough to enjoy the sunshine a bit each day. It's been so nice!
ahhh...summertime! JOY!!! I might complain from time to time about the heat and humidity..but in comparison to the winter we had.. I'm still loving every minute of it. I love having the windows open. It takes alot for me to turn the air
conditioning on. I love looking out the deck doors in the morning and seeing all my plants blooming. Smelling freshly mowed grass, and enjoying a big glass of sun tea with lemon. I love hanging my sheets out on the line, grilling out almost every night , and taking in the great variety of yummy fruits and veggies that
are available now. OH.. and the fact that I can wear flip flops ALL the time!. That is the best part!
Everything about summer makes me happy right now.. (except for mosquito's)
I'm really loving vintage red and yellow stuff in my kitchen right now. So summery. I just found that big glass the other day at "The Junction". The tray, apple and salt and pepper shakers I've had a while ..but still love em.

Looking out and seeing these colors.. really beats the greys and browns of winter. I do really enjoy fall also.. it's just what comes after that I don't like.
You know, I've lived in Nebraska all my life and have never really minded "winter" until recently. Sure hope it passes, because I don't want to have to move. lol Everyone says you dislike winter more the older you get... oh boy.. again.. I'm in trouble then. lol
In my studio.. I try to surround myself with these summery colors all year round. Come Christmas.. the rest of the house will be decorated .. this room.. well , it stays the same. I figure.. it's where I spend alot of time.. so I have things sitting out that I enjoy and that inspire me. In the rest of the house.. I'm
a big fan of ambient light.. not bright overhead lights.. mostly ittle table lamps.
And the colors I decorate with .. are warm, golds, browns, burnt red, ect. My work room.. completely different .. and the more lights the better!
My work room really is a little haven for me. Like I said , I spend alot of time in here. ( just ask Dan) He was just trying to coax me out to watch a movie downstairs. lol
I have lots of projects that I'll be able to share soon, using new CHA release products. They just have to be on hold a little bit longer. But...
Here are some little peeks of what has been keeping me busy .
A new Crafty Secrets layout for an upcoming challenge for July 19th.
An altered project for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L's new Blog. Check out what the other Design Team girls have been posting. HERE I will be posting this here as soon as it's been posted there. I was pleased with how this turned out. Cant wait to share.

I have lots of new Fancy Pants ( check out the new website) product in my grubby little hands.. and it's gorgeous! .. two layouts finished .. and one in the process here .. so far.
Sharing those over the next week or so also. ( just didn't want you guys to think I was laying around doing nothing.) lol

I'm pushing it .. especially with ALOT less caffeine! ha.. you know how I loved my Diet Mt Dew.. well, I'm trying to give it up. It's been since before I went to Mexico since I've had that's HUGE for me. I was drinking WAY too much of the stuff. I am actually not having a problem now..summertime.. I can drink water or suntea..but winter.. that has me alittle worried. I don't like coffee..but I am letting myself have one diet soda a day.. just not the green stuff. lol
Hope all of you are enjoying your summer!
**I'll be doing a giveaway later this week)**
Enjoy the day!


Home and Heart said...

Don't apologize! Life is first, blogging second!! Thanks for the wonderful peeks of your creations!!

Jane Wetzel said...

looks like u r cooking up some awesome stuff Vicki- flowers are gorgeous too- I LOVE Fall- but then again- I am glad I can enjoy ALL 4 seasons too! :)
Cant wait to see the projects u r working on!

Jan said...

Love seeing the sneak peeks and look forward to seeing all of your projects!
OH YES..our Iowa winter was WAY TOO LONG and HARSH and I said, let's move south! LOL!


Good for you on kicking the soda habit! I did about 3 years ago and I don't even like it now. They sayt he diet soda has something addictive in the sweetner which is why we crave it so much! Once you really kick it, it will be gone! Love all your pics! Can't wait to see what you've done next, it's so fun reading your blog!! : )

harrahx2 said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the summer sun and flowers. The pink on your flowers is so beautiful! Love the layouts and the birds nest??? How the heck? Love your work honey!

debbiek said...

Ms. Vicki, you amaze me with how OFTEN you post on your blog! I think you have everyone However, I'm really happy about that fact as I look at your site every day for inspiration:) I too hate winter and it comes far too fast and lasts far too long here in Wisconsin:(

Gail S. said...

Love all of your projects!! It is hard to kick the pop habit but you can do it girl!! I used the drink one can a day and now I may have, at the most, 1 can a week.

stampqueen said...

Move south by me - our winters are wonderful (our summers are waayy too humid for me).
I gave up soda for the most part about 6 months ago - in colder weather I drink alot of hot tea often with lemon in it.
Looks like alot of great projects coming up - can't wait!!!

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Catherine said...

Don't work too hard, enjoy your summer too! Won't be seeing you at CHA, EK isn't taking any designers this time around.

Thanh Vo said...

EEEEEEEEEK!!! Sneak peeks! Can't wait to see more of what you got up your sleeve, my friend. *Waving from somewhat sunny Vancouver*

LindaC said...

I'm laughing about the drink issue. I was a diet soda drinker until my hubby brought home some sweet tea from I'm hooked on that. It's always something!!