Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cards in minutes/ a new stamp set

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Boy, it's been a BUSY week around here. I have had a hard time even getting in here to do a blog post. It's summer.. it's bound to be busy.. but the weather has been so nice.. it's been great to be out and about.

Knowing how busy everyone is , especially in the summer, I thought.. ah.. this is the perfect time for a another "quick and easy" cards.. post.

I used this new "birdies" set from Crafty Secrets for these cards.

I love just stamping with back ink with stamps like these. They are so beautiful just stamped in black.. they dont need to be colored if you dont want to. I like to challenge myself at times, to use only papers from my scrap bin. Lots of times .. little bits of patterned paper is all you need to put together a great card.

These are just some quick and simple cards, you can put together in no time at all.

If you're anything like me, you could probably make cards from your scrap paper bin for a long time without making a dent in it. lol Sometimes.. cutting into that new piece of paper is just something you have to do.. because you love it and cant wait to use it...but when I look into my scrap paper bin.. I see LOTS of papers I still really love to use. Good way to use those up!

It's great that this set had birds faceing both ways, so you can choose. And also that you can add cute little crowns if you want to. (smile)

done! 2 simple but fun cards I can stick away for a rainy day. I love having some made ahead , so when I need them I'll have have to do is pull them out.
I hope you challenge yourself to dig into those scraps!


Like I said.. it's been a crazy busy week. Seems there has been something going on every day. Tues night my sis Jan , my neice Neely and my 14 year old nephew Nathaniel had a fun night hanging out together. Roger Clyne and Peacemakers usually comes to Nebraska two times a year.. and Tuesday night was one of those nights. Crazy.. since I just saw them when we were in Mexico..not that long ago. We'll anyway.. we all went together and had such a great time.

Nathaniel is a amazing guitar player himself so he was enjoying seeing and listing to the lead guitar player. The band member was so nice to him. He even gave him is guitar pick.
We had a super fun time together. Great night.

I'm enjoying every day of summer!

Wes and Shel were out for a visit yesterday. You know.. I'm happy anytime the kids are home for a bit.

Then today, Wes and I worked on scraping and painting the sides of moms porch. We all chatted outside .. and it was SO nice. We dont even have the air conditioning on today.
I also had a yummy salad and great conversation with my friend Becky, sitting out on her deck today. We had a long over due visit.

The days are going by fast..
Before we know it .. it will be time for CHA again. I've been seeing lots of great sneek Peeks of new products. I got a box of brand new Fancy Pants goodies that I can wait to show you. You are going to love the new lines!

I've been totally enjoying ALL that summer has to offer. Some of my favorite things??? well....... Gorgeous colorful flowers, driving with the window down, the smell of freshly mowed grass, going barefoot, drinking sun tea with lemon, spending time with family and friends and all the other great summertime stuff!

I hope you are enjoying summer, and getting to do some of your favorite things!


Sarah said...

Cute cards, pretty pictures. Sounds like you are having a good summer!

A Vintage Chic said...

Great cards, Vicki! Love the new I just need to play with them!

Looks like summer is treating you very, good music, good friends and good food--perfect!


Cathy said...

Beautiful cards, I love the images just stamped in black. Beautiful pictures! See you at CHA!!

kathy/North Carolina said...

Love these birdies! So nice to see something just stamped in black ink. It's almost restful for the eye! And, great ideas for using up my bulging scrap pile!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Vicki! Absolutely LOVE this new set! These cards are just perfect too! Glad your weather is so nice- we are soooo hot over here in OH! Love seeing your pics as always.... :) have a great weekend!

debbiek said...

Beautiful cards, Ms. Vicki! Glad you are enjoying the summer, they are gone far too quickly:(

Can't wait for CHA and to see all the new products. BTW, LOVE the new CS 'birdie' stamps!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute new stamp set from CS! I love your cards!!

harrahx2 said...

Great cards Vicki and I love the pictures, the flowers are fantastic! We are having 100+ weather,,,,,not liking that much! Sending hugs.

Michelle Jackson said...
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Michelle Jackson said...

Love the cards Miss Vic! What a great stamp set. I'm sorry I'll be missing you at CHA-I'm so glad you're having a good summer!

Pearl Maple said...

Those bird cage stamps are the cutest things, hope you are enjoying a sunshine filled weekend.

Michele said...

I love these cards! I need to break this set open and get a move on! Can't wait until CHA time!!

Rbarakat said...

Cute cards girle! I love those floral pics! Now if I could just stop sneezing everytime I go outside I would be able to enjoy them up close! LOL!

stampqueen said...

Great batch of cards!!! Hot here this weekend - I worked so slept all day but DH and kiddos didn't do much except play in the pool. We had alot of rain last week though.
Take Care :)

Pattyjo said...

Those cards are gorgeous! I love the new bird set of stamps! You always make such beautiful things! No wonder I'm your #1 fan.
What happened to that cute little dark haired boy with beautiful eyes? When did he get so big? He is one of my favorites of your relatives, along with the cutie with the blond hair and big eyes. Both of them are so cute!