Sunday, September 26, 2010

A chill in the air

No doubt at all that "Fall" has arrived here.  Chilly Chilly ~!   I have been working on  "fallish" projects all week.. so I have alot to share over the next few days.
Today when I was digging around out the the garage, going through the fall bin of decorating stuff.. I ran across one of my wreaths. Bad thing is.. it was totally smashed and falling apart.  Not that it was anything expensive at all .but when I went to throw it away, I had second thoughts about throwing away the plastic round foundation.  Yes.. we are back to the same issue ... I never want to throw things away.. because I'm sure I'll use it sometime. lol  That's why I have too much junk!   Well, anyway... this time.. I really DID put it to use. The wreath  foundation .. my glue gun, some paper scraps, ribbon, buttons, and a few random pieces of an old fall garland.. .. and I have a "recycled wreath" lol

I used the leaves that had fallen off the wreath to make a garland for my old window frame on the deck.

Some left over paper scraps .. I had dug out while making the wreath.. made a pennant banner for my mirror by the front door.  I like it plain.. it really shows off the pretty patterned  papers.  Sometimes I'm all about "detail" ..but sometimes... less is more.  Sweet and Simple.

Okay.. so this sign might be a little cheesy..but hey..   Dollar store. For $1 the price was totally right! lol

See my little clock face I got at Junk Bonanza?  I didn't really  have a plan for it when I got it .. it just called to me.  I just love the look of it.  I hung it around  this vase on the table.  I'll just enjoy it.

Although is was chilly today.. the rain stopped and the sun came out.. yay!  The dogs played in the yard while I put out the fall stuff.   I had been really watching them when they were out the past few days.. because Dan said there was a kitten hanging around while I was gone last week.  I was worried about them chasing it if they saw it.( okay.. not so much about them "chasing" it.. more about them "catching" it).  They have never really been around cats..but if  they react anything like they do towards squirrels or rabbits.. It wouldn't be good.  I would have to go to therapy over that one.  Fortunately I haven't seen it around at all since I've been back.   So many times people bring animals just out of town here. and dump them out. I just don't get that. How can people do that?  ( bad subject with me).

Anyway.... before the end of the day.. both these little darlings had baths.   You have NO idea what a draining experience that is. We ALL needed naps after that. lol 
Molly just hears me me preparing her bath and she is on a mission to HIDE!  She is almost 70lbs.. so its' not like I can just go scoop her up and put her in.  It's an ordeal!
Aly.. on the other hand... just does as she is told.. and gets in. ( although she doesn't like baths either).. she is just that obedient.    Molly.. well , lets just say, she has a mind of her own. lol

But... she's still adorable huh?   Here they are all clean and sparkly .. sporting their new fall scarves.

I have a trick for getting them to look at me when I take a photo.. it's called.. "Look at the Carrot" .. lol
Their favorite treat.   You can just see them looking at it now, cant you? haha 
I kind of took all the charm  out of the darling photos now that you know they were just waiting for a treat.. didnt I?? lol

Have a Fantastic Day!!!


Donna said...

Fantastic post, Vicki! Your wreath turned out beautifully and I will definitely have to lift your idea of the pennant----I love the pennant/banner trend right now and it's genuis of you to make one that simply showcases the paper prints....I have so many pieces of beloved paper, I can see making one of these for every season easily!!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday AND the weather---we're still sweltering in TN so please send us some chill!!

Jan said...

Your home looks beautiful all decorated for the wreath and birdcage.

Anonymous said...

You totally rock the handmade home decor...wanna come decorate my house?

A Vintage Chic said...

Okay, Vicki....LOVE that wreath! I'm just going to have to make one of those, too...lots of busted up wreaths around here! What a great idea!

Your home looks beautiful! I had my husband get all my fall boxes down from the attic earlier in the week and I haven't touched them yet--you just inspired me--thanks!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

p.s. Great job with the pup photos--they love their mama, don't they?!


debbiek said...

Love your wreath, Ms. Vicki and all the other photos you posted on your blog. So inspirational.

Had to chuckle about the babies getting their baths. We have a "shared" dog in the family and I know exactly what you mean about trying to get a big dog to do what you want them too....LOL!!!!! Anyways, they look so sweet and cuddly now:) Have a great rest of the weekend!

LindaC said...

Everything is so pretty. You are such an inspiration!

Donna is's warm in TN.


Great minds think alike I made a fall wreath this weekend too, today as a matter of fact. Love your banner too that's really pretty. The pups are adorable, they look so sweet staring into the camera, I mean the carrot lol. too cute : )

LB Designs said...

love the wreath! And I would have never guessed that sign was from the dollar store:)

MJ said...

Great re-cycling that wreath! If I could do home decor as well as you, I wouldn't toss anything either!

harrahx2 said...

The pups look so pretty and innocent..........Aly is looking really good! Love the wreath and how you did the window frame and the banner is very pretty. Just want you to come do my house...

JeanFB said...

Gorgeous decorating ideas, Vicki! I adore the wreath, and I also think I'm going to try a banner like yours - always wanted to make one but it seemed like so much work. I *do*, however, have maybe just a teensy weensy bit of hoarded patterned paper that I could work with, LOL!! Thanks for the inspiration!