Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shadowbox Class Projects

Happy Saturday Everyone! 
It's a beautiful sunny day here.. so my plan is to get some things finished up, so we can get out and enjoy it!
Today I thought I'd share a couple of Shadow Box classes for Crafty Secrets. The cut shadowboxes are available through Crafty Secrets HERE. Or if you local Scrapbook store has an AccuCut machine.. they may have the die for you to use. The die itself can be ordered through AccuCut.   (There is also a link on my side bar with a video tutorial on how to assemble). Super Easy!!
This first Shadowbox is done using Crafty Secrets Altered Fairy Creative Scraps.

This second one is done with the "Sew Special" Creative Scraps, and "Material Girl" stamp set... also from Crafty Secrets.
Both of these sheets have so many different images and things to choose from..the possibilities are endless.
You could easily add a photo to the center shadowbox part if if you wanted. They can be used for Baby announcements, School photos for the grandparents, showcasing a beautiful stamped piece, Wedding memories, ect...It also has a closer piece so that you can create a dimensional card.   You can see lots of different samples of ways to create these Shadowboxes in different themes ect.. in many of my earlier blog posts and on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.

Here is also a simple cheery card, done as a little add on in the class.  It was done using the "Birdies" stamp set from Crafty Secrets.
All Ribbons, gems, twill, and pearls from Creative Impressions.. my favorite place of all embellishment goodies!!


Okay.. I have to share with you ... some photos of what Jarad and Kate have been up too.  They make me laugh! They are just two peas in a pod! Since Jarad was a wee one, he has always been.. what I call "gadget minded". lol  He loves to fix things, take things apart , build, wire, tear apart and put back together about anything.  He has seriously been that ways since he was 3 or 4 years old. (probably before that). He comes up with something new to build or work on constantly.  The deal is now...  Kate is right in there doing all the crazy stuff Jarad does.  When Jarad gets something in his head.. he's doing it. (Kate's the same way) lol   Jarad shared with me a photo of Kate with the project they made out in his shop the other day. lol  I potato launcher!!  Seriously.. do you think it's BIG ENOUGH???    When I was talking to Jarad on the phone, he said they took it to the cabin and were shooting out into the field towards the hill.  I knew he was my kid.. because he said two things that sounded so much like how I would think.   First... of all, I said "Doesn't that get kind of expensive?"  He said.."No not at all, the three of use were entertained for four hours for under ten $ worth of potatoes".   And then he said ... "And we were thinking.. now the deer and other animals would have something to eat".  I loved that! just the things I would have thought about ... first .. thinking through if it was a deal or not.. and then thinking how it would help the animals.  One thing about Jarad and Kate.. you never know what they'll be up to.. just they are always making the most of each day.. and having a good time.  lol Good for them!

The two photos below are from Jarad's volunteer firefighter training.   I don't know how they have time for all they do , when they both work so many hours.   They enjoy keeping busy that's for sure.

Well, back to work to finish up some things.. so I can enjoy the day later.  Maybe we'll even get a chance to get out to the cabin this weekend. This time of year, out there is so beautiful. Its my favorite time to go out there. Nice and cool.. and no bugs!  Great time for a campfire.
Molly finds the cabin pretty relaxing too! lol

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!


Jan said...

Love the shadowboxes!! Hope you get to enjoy some outdoor time!

debbiek said...

You Know how much I LOVE your shadowboxes, Ms. Vicki! LOL!!!!

Can you hear me laughing all the way from Wisconsin over Jared & Kate's potatoe launcher? Oh my gosh...tooo funny. A couple made for eachother:)

The photo of your pooch is too cute too. You made my day, I'm going to be grinning from the thoughts of your post all day long. Thanks much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

potato launcher....ROFLOL....I'm LOVIN' it!

just me...killin' myself laughin'...jan

harrahx2 said...

I have done one shadow box and have a couple more to do. I love them. They make a great heirloom gift for my nieces and nephews who never got to know their grandparents. Love the pics too...specially the dog!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Always love seeing the shadow boxes! Potato launcher??? - way too much fun : )

stampqueen said...

The shadow boxes are adorable!!!!
love the kiddos potatoe launcher - just don't show that idea to my son because he will so have to try it!!!! I can just see him trying to talk Grandpa Dennis into making one - good thing we won't be home long enough this trip :)