Friday, October 29, 2010

Art group festivities

Oh boy.. I have lots of photos to share today.  I had my art group girls over yesterday for some fun.  We haven't met in a while so I was really excited about it. I even took time to do some of the things I love to do, like decorate and bake.  I love a theme party!  I'm sure you'll be able to guess what this theme is. lol

lol... so the first picture just happens to be of "boughten" cupcakes.   Really I did bake a couple of things, but I crabbed these the day before at the store... not sure how things would go for me "time wise".
They were to festive to pass up anyway.

The drinking glasses had test tubes filled with goodies in them.  Instead of looking in the (very picked over) Halloween isle at Hobby Lobby, I went to the Christmas isle. It was surprising how much silver and black there is there.  All of the things hanging on the light were from the Christmas isle.

We are a pretty low key group.. so nothing fancy food wise is expected by any meansit seems there is always snack on ..none the less. We had apples with Carmel dip, mini pumpkin muffins,cookies, chips and salsa, crackers with meat and cheese, ect..  oh and hot cider.

I had so much to do the night before but it was Dans day off so he wanted me to watch a movie.  I have SUCH a hard time sitting and watching TV without doing something else. I don't know why , but it drives me crazy.. lol  Anyway, I decided to busy myself while sitting there. I punched two different sized circles out of black and orange cardstock and glued them back to back on this thin black ribbon to make this long garland that I hung in the window.  It was really quick, simple and fun.. so I'm thinking I'll be doing this for other occasions also!

There was lots of chatting and creating going on around this table yesterday afternoon.  It was great to have my sis Jan be able to join us now.
Left to right Deb, Stephanie, Paula ,Jan and I.

I'll show you the projects we worked on.  I don't think any of us got ours finished before the end of the day..because we did alot of chatting. lol.. but I finished mine up to show you today.
I had gotten some of these small decorative dowels when I was at Junk Bonanza. I was wishing I had picked up more, but Stephanie found a link to a place that sells them HERE 
I had them in mind for making fairies on spools like I've done so many times before,but this time we mixed it up a bit and used them a number of different ways.

The large one in the background is a wooden candlestick that I altered. I'll show more of that , down further in this post.

This is one of the darling little fairy girls from the Crafty Secrets "Altered Fairies" sheet of Creative Scraps.  Look at the darling little book she is holding.

The little book is now on the new Double sided Sheets.

The wooden stars I hot glued to the tops of the other ones, are about a quarter of an inch think, so I used fine glitter on the edges.

I then hot glued smaller size clothes pins to the backs to that they could be card, or photo holders.

I wanted to be able to keep these out in my room all year long..but you could see how fun they would be for different holidays.  Fun note holders or place card holders??

So once I started digging in my big box of wood pieces I found these candle sticks and some big (rounded end) clothes pins.   This would be a fun photo holder...but for now it's holding the cool vintage Bingo cards that Steph gave us.  Loving these bingo cards!!

You know how I adore vintage trims. so... thought I would add some to this ...just so I could enjoy looking at them.
The round piece that is altered with papers is one of the paper discs that make up a ribbon spool.  It makes a kind of "Shelf".  I cut and covered it with some of my favorite papers and then cut a scalloped edge with my decorative scissors, to add around the edge of it.

I couldn't resist making a Christmas one with this darling little image from the Crafty Secrets Double sided "Christmas" Creative Scraps.  I had a couple of old green wooden spools, that make me think of Christmas the minute I saw them. I added the little white fence to it.   Some of the dowels I painted and some I left natural.( I'm totally sure Glimmer Mist would work wonderful on these also)

So .. below is the first project that was the inspiration for the other. I did these for the Fancy Pants Blog this week, using one of the brand new paper lines. "Hot Chocolate".
You can see this project and  all the other projects that are posted on the Fancy Pants blog using this new line ... AND the other new line "Love Birds"  ohhhhh SO CUTE!

I used my fine glue pen to highlight the design elements on the paper with glitter.  These will be so fun to set out for the holidays.

Boy I tossed alot at you in that one post didn't I? lol  Sorry, but a girls gotta share. lol
It was great fun to have the girls here this time.  I look so forward to the creative inspiration I get when we are all together sharing.  This was a low key day of crafting, which we all agreed we needed. Next time Paula will be teaching us Zetti. I just  love the look of it ..but boy it will me a challenge for me. Bright Bold colors, painting, and lots of free hand drawing... hmmmm....   I'm always talking about challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone...  well, I'll certainly "be there". lol    You can see some of it here on Paulas blog.


Okay friends...  I hope you enjoy the weekend and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How about a Pennant Template?

Todays Fancy This: Halloween Banner on the Fancy Pants Blog

It's getting close to Halloween so I'm going to share a little something you can whip up in a snap if need to do a little last minute decorating.  ( or use the pennant template to start working ahead on a Thanksgiving or Christmas banner).

I have this posted with the template over on the Fancy Pants Blog today.  You will find it here
Template for Pennant   along with all the supplies you need to make it.

There are so many fun ways you could embellish this. I used Fancy Pants Black buttons for spiders, just by adding paper legs and wiggly eyes.


I have to share just a couple of funny photos from my fun time with my 12 year old niece Adriana last week.   This is my sister Sharon's Granddaughter.. she lives in MN.   They were back for a visit so Adriana spent some time here one of the days. Actually she ended up spending the night.. so it was a slumber party of sorts. lol. We had alot of fun. We took silly photos, printed them off and made a little album for her to take home.  We stayed up late, chatted alot and ate all kinds of "junk". lol  Wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything!  She is is such a great kid!
Oh sorry .. I didn't give you the "proud  aunt warning" that I usually do. lol

They say, spending time with kids, gives you and excuse to be silly....but
I say.. you don't need an excuse. lol  

Now .. pop on over and get your template, you can have a beautiful banner done in no time!  HERE

Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy weekend review

wow.. I cant even begin to believe how fast this weekend seemed to go by. Whew.. fast one!   Lots of enjoyable things for sure...but sorry to see it be over already.   I'll start by sharing a little something I made as part of this weeks Crafty Secrets Challenge over at Split coast Stampers.   Those girls over there to such a great job week after week, of coming up with fun inspirational challenges..that anyone can join in on.  This weeks challenge is using pink ribbon on your layout. With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness month.. all of this months challenges are based around "pink".    If you'd like to join in the fun.. you can check it out HERE.  I know they'd love to have you play along..they are such a nice bunch.

I used my favorite "go to" stamp set on the wood spool and on the card.

Artsy Banner
The "Make a Wish" is from the Lucky Wishes set.

Lucky Wishes


I should have taken some photos yesterday afternoon when my friend Julie was  here, but we were so caught up in what we were doing I actually forgot about taking any photos. ( I know??? "I" forgot to take pictures,) lol   Julie and I worked on some projects and chatted the afternoon away. I don't get to see her nearly enough.. so it was a treat!

Today we took in a nice birthday celebration for Elaine.. my sister-in-laws moms.   Lots of people showed up to wish her a wonderful day. 

And have some Candy and the candy buffet.   ohhhhhhhhh my!

Since alot of my family had come to town for the birthday celebration.. we decided this would be a great time for everyone to see the cemetery with our ancestor that I had recently run across.   We loaded up in a few cars , grabbed our cameras and headed out .  I had been the only one to see it, so I was excited for them to see it also.  Well, I couldn't have been happier when we came over the hill to see the church..... It had been Painted!! I was SO happy to see that it was being taken care of.  Someone is looking after it..and making sure it's not just wasting away.    As I dig keeper into finding out more about this church and cemetery I hope sometime I will find out who  it is that is caring so well for this place... and thank them!

Sometimes the photos just say it all. 
It was a fantastic day spend with family!

Friday, October 22, 2010

** Vintage Street Market**

Hey.... Happy Friday!   I've been waiting for this day so I could share something fun  with you.  It's something fun and "vintagy" and brand new! Their website just went live yesterday!

                                                       Vintage Street Market

I can tell you how fun these goodies are because I was lucky enough to get to play with them already.   I am honored to have been asked to be "Vintage Street Markets" October guest designer.
They have some really fun goodies.As they say.... you can give  your gifts a vintage twist and your paper-crafting a nostalgic flair!

I'll show you some of the Halloween "projects" I created with these goodies but  be sure to pop over to the website and see lots more projects and ideas they have posted, see their cool set up for videos and tutorials to come.. and .. find out what Vintage Street Market is all about.

                    All of these projects are posted HERE with
                        a description and a little "how to" for each one.

I'll be back to share more projects done with the "Circus Themed" kit ... and to tell you about the last couple of days with my Florida, Minnesota . family. while there were here.   Adriana and I did some serious crafting last night. lol  funny photos to come. lol
I miss them already!

Thanks for coming by and sharing in the fun !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She has Spunk

Here was are mid-week already! I've been working on some October projects for Tattered Angels.. so today  I thought I'd share one of those. I know I promised to tell you more about  Ooh la la, in my last post..but since I have to be out the door for a funeral this morning I'm posting this now, and saving that for later because that post will take a bit more time.  But... I promise more about that soon!
My friend Cat gave me this image printed on fabric some time ago.. and I've always loved it ...just hadn't picked the right project to use it on. Today was the day. lol  
Glimmer Mist colors used: Harvest Orange, Suede, Mustard Seed and Electric Blue
Background- Chip Tiles

I love stamping on chipboard letters!

You know me.. I have to share some photos. lol   
Dan had the day off the other day and took Molly for outing to the cabin with him.  Aly is a mommas girl and feels more comfortable here with me. lol  So, since the weather was again.. so beautiful!!   I decided this would be a good day to go back out to that family Cemetery to get photos of the names on the headstones to research that this winter. (who knows how many nice fall days we have left and I don't want to have to be stomping around out there in the snow).  Here is my first post about finding it, if you missed it and are interested.   Unexpected Find
Since I was planning to wash and vacuum my car today, I thought I'd do this first, since I knew it would be VERY dusty after taking on these gravel roads. ( did I mention my car is black?)    Aly and I got in the car.. and headed out.  The drive out there is so pretty.

This is actually right at the edge of the cemetery. There is fields on 3 sides of the cemetery, and the country road in front .. that's it.  So beautiful and peaceful.

This is the road right in front of the church.

And this is Aly enjoying her ride.   It's funny because I had a couple other pictures of her that were in focus.. much clearer..but they just didn't capture the look.. like  this one did.  lol  I swear she looks like she's smiling.
I was laughing because when I texted my sister telling her what I was doing .. she texted back, "Oh.. it's great to get to spend some one on one time with your kids isn't it?"...... hahahahah... she knows how I feel about my pups so well!

It's a beautiful day.... Stick your head out the car window and let your hair get messy! lol