Monday, October 04, 2010

Easy as 1,2,3

 As each day passes.. it’s feeling more and more like fall. Before we know it .. it will be Halloween!  I thought I’d share with you a Halloween layout I did for my Cousin .. of her little grandson William. This was one of my projects for the Tattered Angels Educator Blog.  I wanted to give you the links to the Tattered Angels Blogs.. because I think people know about the "Designer Blog"..but didn't realize that there is also a "Educator Blog".. and there is so much great information there!  The difference is..The Designer Blog is where the designers show off  finished projects they have created using Tattered Angels products. The Educator Blog is where the Educators (teachers) show HOW to use the different projects.  Both are fantastic places for inspiration. There are a few of us who are Golden Ambassadors and both design and teach.. so we post on both blogs...usually posting the projects on the Designer blog and how to create it on the Educators Blog.  Make sense??  lol  Anyway.. lots of great info to take in .. on both so check them out if you get a chance.

Here we go..

  I used Glimmer Glam along the edges of they patterned paper, and painted with it to accent the tag design, the edge of  the “Trick or Treat” piece and on the leaves and vine of the pumpkin stamp from the Halloween stamp set from Tattered Angles.   I’ll show you in three easy steps  .. how to make this cute little jack-o-lantern.

The black background piece is a die from AccuCut. I misted a plain piece of white cardstock with Maple Sugar and Apple Glimmer Mist , and cut it to be added to the back of the die cut piece to show through the bracket shaped openings.

Steps to make Jack-o-lantern

First step .. just stamp the jack-o-lantern on white cardstock.  (I always stamp a few extras.. that way I have them if I make a mistake or for future projects)

Second step is to paint your stem and leaves with either Glimmer Glam or Glimmer Glaze. I used Green “Glimmer Glam” for the Leaves and “Cowboy” Glimmer Glaze for the vine.

Let dry completely before going on to the next step. ( It dries quickly)

Here you are at the third step already.. you are almost finished.  Spray a light coat of “Sugar Maple” Glimmer Mist , over the entire image.. then lay a paper towel down over it.. picking up any excess. ( if you want you orangish color to be darker.. repeat , spray, pick up excess with paper towel.

So you can see how the Halloween stamps can be used not only as a image stamped directly on the background paper, but also stamped separately , cut out and used as a eye catching addition to your page design. Raising the cut image up from the page using foam squares.. gives it even more dimension!

Hope you have fun giving this a try!


What's going on in my world???  well....

Sometimes you just have to force yourself and DO IT. That's what a told myself the other day when I started pulling everything out of my studio ... so I would finally PAINT!   I have been talking about doing this forever!  But ... I knew just getting everything out.. and then back in again.. was going to be a huge huge job.. and take some time. (which is what was scaring me). Time?  Doesn't seem like there is alot extra of that these days. lol    But... I decided it had to be done and if I didn't just start one of these days I'd just keep "talking" but never get going.  These walls have not be painted since this was Jarad room. eeeek   I also need to paint the hosier! That ugly color is the color it was when I bought it ( is was a great painting it  wasn't a concern at the time).    As you can see.. I have lots of stuff in this it somewhat took away from the bllllahhhhhhh walls and cabinet.   Now the plan is to paint them both.  I think I'll have to go with some color that is "not too much" for the walls ( and trying to keep it light in here), because once I get all the stuff back in, it's pretty busy..(to say the least)lol.   Not sure on the hosier either.  Any ideas for the walls and Hosier??? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
here's where we are at this point. blechhhhhh
Dan has the day off today and is planning to start patching nail holes ect..    With him working 12 hour days and all I have going on .. this might take a while to get done..but like I said.. just HAD to make it happen at this point.
I'd love suggestions. Thanks


Katherine said...

Cute Halloween layout!! For your studio I would paint it a pale shade of your favorite color -that way it won't be too dark and it would still make you happy every time you walked in the room. The Hoosier (gosh I have wanted one of those for years!) would be gorgeous in a pale robin's egg or even a carmel depending on your wall color. Such fun to start fresh! Good luck!!

Jan said...

Your layout is adorable and what a cute picture...and WOWZA! your studio looks great..

Jan said...
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Bev said...

Hmmm, I have some vacation days so if I come and help you will you come and help me?? LOL!! I agree with Katherine....a little pale something(my taste is a warm color to relax) and go for it! Sometimes even though DH is home and doesn't help I always seem to get more done when he isn't home at all! Love the layout too!

debbiek said...

Love your cute little Halloween piece, Ms. Vicki. That little guy is soooo darling;)

I think I'd paint the walls a cream color so anything you put in there would look good. The hoosier, I'd probably go with a pale blue or maybe even a light pink;) Wish you'd come over and help me paint too. My little art room hasn't been painted in nine years!

MJ said...

Hmmm... I thought you had turned Canadian on me. I read "Hoosier" but thought "Hoser". Brought back memories of Bob & Doug McKenzie of Great White North fame.

For some reason, I think the hoosier should be robin's egg blue!

kathy/North Carolina said...

It's a great room, and your furnishings are lovely as well. Benjamin Moore used to make this creamy white paint called Cameo. It's a very luxurious color, and would allow all your "extras" to shine. Glass knobs on your Hoosier cabinet would be fantastic! I also love soft robin's egg blue and creamy white with caramel accents....but that may be more color than you want. Have fun with it! I need to paint, too...but it's going to have to wait until after my fall craft shows are finished!

Carol (HB) said...

OMGOSH! I just love that layout! LOVE! My fingers still have a tint of new GM color on them from spraying ribbon last night. LOL

As for the room. Tough question. All your beautiful stuff brings so much color into the space that I would think you'll need to keep the walls pretty neutral. I can't wait to see what you end up with! I think us blog followers should start a pool to see how long it takes you to put all your stuff back in there! LOL!!


Okay so I was looking back at your color challenge post to see what you fav colors were (yeah my memory sucks sometimes lol) And you seem to really like greens and pinks and creams. So why not you could do 2 walls a pale pink, 2 a pale green and the trim, cupboards and base all in a cream. Or go with cream walls, white trim and do the cupboards and shelves in pinks and greens. Its your creative room so you wanna be happy in it so I say go with your fav colors and however you use them you will be happy : ) Just be sure to take pics when you finish so we can see what you decided!! Have fun!!

Live.Love.Scrap said...

hummm I can picture the wall done half in a beaded wainscotting painted in a lite cream or country green with a printed wallpaper on top something like a rose pattern..

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, you have way more energy than I do. I know you love color and whatever you decide will be perfect. I sort of like the clean colors for walls and hoosier because you have so many colorful projects to display. That way you can change the color scheme any time by changing the projects displayed. Oh yeah and I love the layout and the colors and all that little boy needs is a bit of red blood dripping from his lip! He is too cute. I also love the names of the colors you used. Hugs.

Wendy said...

How about a really soft sage green for the walls. I would leave the Hoosier as is if it is the original paint. That way it will keep it's value. Your room assessories will add the color. Have fun!

Susie said...

Love your halloween piece!
For your walls, I'm thinking a cocoa color. For the hoosier a cream color.
Please show us the finished room!

Susie said...

Love your halloween piece!
For your walls, I'm thinking a cocoa color. For the hoosier a cream color.
Please show us the finished room!