Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How about a Pennant Template?

Todays Fancy This: Halloween Banner on the Fancy Pants Blog

It's getting close to Halloween so I'm going to share a little something you can whip up in a snap if need to do a little last minute decorating.  ( or use the pennant template to start working ahead on a Thanksgiving or Christmas banner).

I have this posted with the template over on the Fancy Pants Blog today.  You will find it here
Template for Pennant   along with all the supplies you need to make it.

There are so many fun ways you could embellish this. I used Fancy Pants Black buttons for spiders, just by adding paper legs and wiggly eyes.


I have to share just a couple of funny photos from my fun time with my 12 year old niece Adriana last week.   This is my sister Sharon's Granddaughter.. she lives in MN.   They were back for a visit so Adriana spent some time here one of the days. Actually she ended up spending the night.. so it was a slumber party of sorts. lol. We had alot of fun. We took silly photos, printed them off and made a little album for her to take home.  We stayed up late, chatted alot and ate all kinds of "junk". lol  Wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything!  She is is such a great kid!
Oh sorry .. I didn't give you the "proud  aunt warning" that I usually do. lol

They say, spending time with kids, gives you and excuse to be silly....but
I say.. you don't need an excuse. lol  

Now .. pop on over and get your template, you can have a beautiful banner done in no time!  HERE


A Vintage Chic said...

I really love this, Vicki! I'm going to try to make one before Halloween (and I was just whining last night about all the stuff I've got to do this week--thanks alot!)

LOVE those pictures of you and your niece--too adorable! You look like a kid yourself, Miss Vicki!

Hope today is wonderful...



Totally love that banner. Ahhh I'm so outta touch. My computer has been down at work then the server and Elias has been on the computer at home every night for homework. I think there are like 2 or 3 blog posts of yours I haven't had a chance to read! I too spent time with my Niece's daughter this weekend Maggie only she's only 6mos old : ). I had her for the day Saturday and it was a blast. She is totally amazed by the pugs and just wants to have them on top of her (probably because she isn't crawling just yet so she can't get to them haha) Your niece is adorable and looks like the 2 of you had a lot of fun!!

debbiek said...

Adorable banner, Ms. Vicki and I LoVe the photos! Priceless:)

Jan said...

LOL! Cute photo of you and your niece! Love the sweet little FP Banner!!

harrahx2 said...

Look how thin you are girl! You look great. How cute the flowers and stars! Love it. Love the banner! Doing one for Christmas!

1CardCreator said...

Love the banner, looks awesome! ~Diane