Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little AccuCut Fun

Wow I was just over looking at the AccuCut Blog and was so inspired by the project there, I have to share with you.  A while back Traci Armburst (Senior Designer AccuCut), was guest blogger here for might remember.  Well she is full of fresh creative crafting ideas nonstop.  She shares many of her creations , along with those done by stores and consumers on the AccuCut blog. You can check it out here..
 AccuCut Blog.    AccuCut is now also on facebook.. so if you get a chance.. check it out.

What got me started looking around over there (tonight), was that I was looking for a project I had seen that Traci posted quite some time ago using this die.  I just fell in love with the project.. so I have been on a mission to make one (well.. a simple version)  of my own.   Jarad and Kate were coming out for dinner last night.. so I wanted to finish is up and get the photos in it, so I could give it to Kate.   When creating things with  someone specific in mind.. I really try to remind myself.. to think about what (style, color.. ect.. ) that "They" like. I like doing projects like that actually.. because again.. you step out of your comfort zone. ( Yep.. here I go again with the "Step out of your Comfort Zone thing) lol  Kate's style is much more contemporary ...  and she likes color.... so ... here's what I came up with. just a colorful fun way to show off a number of photos of them taken over the years.  I cut it out of black chipboard, so rather than it being a layout, its more of a piece to set out. 

 Here is the adorable sample done by Traci.. that made is love this die.  Isn't it so stinking cute!

                                    Layout by Traci Armbrust (Accucut)

Speaking of fun projects on the AccuCut Blog... I thought this witches hat was so clever.
You can see a number of different things done with this die HERE in this post.

Below is a project I did for Accucut a couple of years ago.. using the Accordion fold and spider dies.

I think you'll find the AccuCut blog quite inspiring!

As I said.. Jarad and Kate came out for dinner last night. I made two apple pies with the apples mom and I had gotten when we went to the Apple Barn the day before.    It was pretty good..but boy when I was mixing up the crust, rolling it out, peeling the apples ect.. I remembered how time consuming that can all become. lol  I totally enjoy baking,especially on a gorgeous fall day like yesterday... with some good tunes on....but I certainly was reminded why I don't bake as much as I used to.  Well, actually there are a number of reasons why I dont bake as much as I used to.... the boys aren't here to eat it.. and Dan doesn't like sweets... so guess who that leaves??  I don't need the calories.  The other big reason.. is time. I almost think cleaning up when I was finished was the most time consuming. ( I tend to make messes in the kitchen.. like I do in my room when I'm creating) lol

I used quite a bit less sugar ( I like my apple pie a little tart).. and  put "no sugar added" ice cream on it... to try to justify eating a piece. ha

I have to share with you a few photos from last weekend.   Scott (my brother Gary's son) his wife Sue, Brian, Lyndsay, Sean and Mathew all came out to the cabin and I took a few shots ... it was a perfect day for it. 

These kids are just such GREAT kids!  They all rode with me in the car, while their mom and dad ran to pick up a couple of things (and meet up with us when they were finished). We just chatted and chatted. It was such a nice time. 

Lyndsay girl... what a sweetheart.

You might have to click on the one below to see it better..but it's so cute. I wanted the kids to all stand in the field in front of the cabin. They went out there and one of them said.. "hey.. we could do YMCA"... so we were thinking of different things they could spell.  They tried "Dunn" (family name).. but it was physically quite difficult to master. lol... they finally decided on LOVE

Here is the entire family.  
  Super enjoyable day!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!


LindaC said...

What a handsome family. You are so blessed to have so many family members! Gosh, that pie looked good! Yum! 'Love' the photo of the kids. LC

Jan said...

NUM! Your apple pie looks so good! Isn't it great to have family visit and enjoy some time together? Super photo's and the little spider on the accordion flower is so cute!
I just ordered a new die from accucut..the castle album die! Can't wait to get it!
I'm teaching a class with your shadowbox die at a LSS in NOVEMBER!!

Susie said...

What fun photos!!!
And, mmmmm...your pie looks delicious. I just love reading your blog because I never know what you're going to share with us. So fun!

harrahx2 said...

What a good looking family and how fun that at that age, they still let their hair down, pose and play for the camera. So many kids won't! That love photo will make a beautiful poster for each child and the parents. What a great gift you have given them all. A memory none of them will forget. All your projects are wonderful Vic!

Annie said...

I've been baking a lot lately, there's just something about the fall weather that brings out that baking instinct.

I love the photos you took! I have four kids, and I might steal the LOVE pose, if you don't mind. :)

Cassandra said...

Hi Vicki, I have been a fan of your work for sometime now. I just wanted to say how excited I was tonight when a add came onto my television with a song I had heard on your blog along time ago. I believe it is sung by your niece Neely's band. I think it is called "Pot Kettle Black", and it is on a Smirnoff Vodka ad here in Australia!
Anyway I just thought it was wonderful how if it wasn't for blog land, the song on that commercial would just be unknown to me. It was great to hear her song again.
Take Care xoxo

debbiek said...

You make my mouth water with that apple pie, Ms. Vicki....:0

Love the photos you took. Cute idea to have the kids spell out 'love';) Have a great week!

Amy Hall said...

Well hey I know them! How cute are those pics!??!!! It has been so fun to watch those kids grow up right before my eyes! Such a great family and so lucky to have you!

Traci said...

Oh Vicki, you really know how to make a girl blush. Thanks for all the compliments, it truly means a great deal coming from you.


OMG I love how the Kids did LOVE that is just too awesome! I would definately do a framed layout for that one. Would make a great xmas gift for each one of the kids too to have!