Saturday, October 09, 2010

Some photos to share

It's  been a crazy busy week around here.  Glad to have the painting done and things put back for the most part.   Why does it feel like the entire house has been torn up? Spent yesterday just trying to straightening up around here.  Speaking of yesterday... I had to show you this beautiful flower cake I got from my sweet Canadian friends.  Isn't it gorgeous!

I knew I was pulling out a cake plate for this pretty. This cake plate was given to Dans parents as a wedding gift.  Thanks girls!

Okay... just sharing a couple of photos of the new paint colors. I don't have everything where I want it , by any means.. but I promised photos .. so here you go..



I love the new colors, just wish I could have gotten a photo in the afternoon so you could get a better idea of the actual colors.  I repainted the top of the Hoosier white, but when it came right down to it, I decided I wanted to leave the edge of the pull out and the handles the original color.  I liked the contrast.

It's one thing putting everything back in ..but I've been dusting and wiping everything down as I go.  ( I caught Dan starting to put the cold air return vent back in with out it being cleaned... Holy cow.. how could he ignor the dust on that baby? geezzz    Please.. don't judge. lol  yes I have dust! and way plenty of it. Living on a gravel road in the county..puts a whole new spin on the "dust" thing.  I love living out here..but that is one thing that I noticed immediately when we moved here.   That's about the time when I  decided I liked the ..."simple" approach to decorating. lol  Really .. my studio is the only room in my house with lots of dust catchers!  But I love all my pretties.. so I put up with it in here.  In our other house... every room  was like this. If I had all that stuff here.. all I'd be doing is dusting!
I like a clean house..but you know what.... there are so many other things that are way more important to me at this point in my life..that spending my day dusting. 

The walls are not as yellow as they look in some of these photos.  Sorry about all that "stuff" laying there.. like I said.. I don't have everything put in it's place yet.. and I had to stop and get some projects going for upcoming deadlines.

I've had this old lamp frame hanging with clips on it to hang photos, tags, cards , ect.. but while I was putting things away I ran across my jar of crystals.... So... I decided to hang them from it.  You wouldn't believe how pretty it looks when the sun hits it. Little refection's all over the walls.

Not sure what I'm going to do with all these things..but for now they are just ON the shelf and out of the way!

I painted this little cupboard white.  It's nothing special but I love the shelves inside.. they are so great for storage.   People always ask me what I do with all the wooden cheese boxes and cigar boxes I keep picking up at sales.... Now you know.  They make great storage containers... and they are WAY more fun than plastic bins to me. lol

I bought this old drawer (that has a wire in the back to hang it) a long time ago when I was with my sis and brother-in-law that a antique store on the way back from Kansas City.  I still laugh when I remember the look on Keith's face when he saw it in my hands ..headed to the register. lol  Like ... "you're really going to buy that thing?"  lol
It's meant to be hung..but for now it's just propped against the wall because the wall space is getting limited.
Ok... I guess what I really mean,,... is.. ALL the space is limited. lol

(See that curved glass silhouette photo?  There were two..but one was cracked. I remember those hanging in my grandmas kitchen since I was a little girl)  I LOVE IT!  I haven't decided where it will go yet either..but it will defiantly be in here.

Not sure what I'm going to do on this wall over the old blue chippy ($15) dresser. lol   But... I had this old mirror and it was just in the sitting in the closet, after the last time I moved things around downstairs.. so
I took the mirror out , flipped it over and sprayed it with chalkboard paint..then spray painted the frame it's self pink.  ( I didn't want to paint the mirror in case I wanted to use it for a mirror again down the road, so I just sprayed the backside of it.)   I just need time to ponder how I want things. As far as the big stuff, like my work table the dresser and Hoosier..they really only work one way..because this room is not very big.  

Once I get everything back in and the way I want it , I'll share more photos from a distance...but I'm  still working away at it for now.


Speaking of Birthdays... This little punk'n who has brought so much joy into our lives....

will turn 28 on Sunday.  Our first born. Wow.. how does that time go by so FAST?
We love you Wes.. Happy Birthday!

yeshhhh.. by the way.. that is the last time I'm admitting how old my boys are.. because seeing that in print was really harsh.. and made me feel really  OLD. yikes! lol


Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Kim Sonksen said...

I always ADORE how you store all your bits and bobs - I want my crafty room like that now....LOL
and I love that idea with the Crystals hanging from the wire shade

debbiek said...

Your room is soooooo cute, Ms. Vicki! Can't wait to see more photos of it. I too have hanging crystals and the sun makes rainbows all over my bedroom walls:)

Wish Wes a HB for all of us;) Have a wonderful weekend!

Jan said...

LOVE your new cupboard and all the little treasures that are so neatly organized. What a beautiful room to spend time in :)

Cathy said...

OMGosh! I am in love. Your room is so fantastic!
Curious to find out what type of sewing machine you bought....mine is dying (so sad). Looking at a new Janome!

janel said...

Gosh, you have been beyond busy. I looks wonderful...just like you. The photos of Wes just tug at my red heads are so similar in age and looks...and I loved those years when they were young. I hope your weekend is extra special. Great post with so many ideas about storage, etc.

Liszha said...

Oh my god, I am so jealous of your crafty room. And I am in love with the window. Got to find me one of those.

Mickie said...

A room touching my heart!! Loe the way you collect and use things, so cute. So is that pumpkin with the guitar.

stampqueen said...

Wow what a project - It would take a crane to clean out my craft room right now....therefore the end of the month I am going to tackle a refinish of my kitchen cabinets and painting the kitchen/hallway and bathroom - Its been forever since I refinished anything so that should be the interesting part....
Your craft room looks WONDERFUL!!!!

Diane Jaquay said...

LOVE what you've done with that cabinet, so charming!!! And I so hear you about the dust thing!! We live in farm country (Lancaster County, PA), and the dust here is just RELENTLESS! Drives me crazy, but what are you gonna do? Living in the country is wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for anything :)

Gail S. said...

Beautiful craft room! I love the Hoosier. Happy B-Day Weston!!

Susie said...

Oh my...I see that you love to pick up vintage "stuff" at sales, too! If I had a room to devote to my crafting, it would look SO much like yours. I love all the pieces you've collected...all of those little pieces of history. If they could only talk...
By the way, when I check my email and I see all of those feedblitz emails ~ yours is the first one I read. I can't wait to see what you're sharing with us!
And, thank you for sharing :)


Oh Vicki, I love the colors and they are soooo you : ). I love the pics you have shared with us into your "crafty" space! I love that drawer and I would have never thought to stand it like that, that's an awesome idea!

I know what you mean about the dust and gravel roads, our camp is all windows esp the front enclosed porch, I think it's got 20 windows in it and it's all gravel roads well let me tell you the first year we had it I couldn't believe the dust. Now this is a place I have lots of knick knacks because well I want it to feel fun and campy and summery and happy. So I've got all sorts of thinks from palm trees to light houses, etc all that "stuff" that needs to be dusted. On window sills, tables on top of my cupboards you name it. Now at home I limit what I put out because I don't have a ton of time to clean and dust. But WOW the gravel roads make cleaning a nightmare! I've had to learn to live with dust because I will clean up at camp one day and by the end of the day there is dust on the tables already, it's crazy! So I totally know what you mean!

I love the pic of Wes when he was little so cute in those sunglasses!! Happy Birthday Wes!!

harrahx2 said...

Okay, just catching up after being away for a few days....loved (did I say loved?) the cookbook and must know where you got the cute charms for the front, the spoon etc? Adorable. Details, it's really all about the littlest detail and you hit them all. Fantastic. Happy B'day to your son and he is so not old...just a baby! You too! The room looks great and I am glad you found the right (light) colors for everything. It was so fun to look at what you did with all the things you collect. I need lessons. I have many of the same types of things and love them all too much to get rid of them. Hugs Vic and sending love!

MJ said...

Great craftroom! I love the paint colour on the housier!

Happy birthday, Wes!

Precious Treasures said...

love it!