Saturday, October 02, 2010

World Cardmaking Day

It's World Cardmaking Day.. and Splitcoast Stampers have some great challenges going on.  Actually Crafty Secrets has teamed up with them all month this month ,with challenges for "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.   You can find out more about the challenges here.  CHALLENGES We'd love to have you play along and join in the fun.. for a great cause!

Last night I baked Blueberry muffins to make up a "Welcome to the neighborhood" basket . (Well since we live in the county, it's not exactly "the neighborhood"..but a mile up the gravel road) lol  But you get the idea.
Actually it's a friend of Jarad, Kate and Wes's, and it's Kates grandparents farm house that they have moved too.. so that's really fun.  I dropped my basket off earlier today on my way into town.{smiles all around}

If you come here much, you know I love to stamp..but I don't often "color".  Crafty Secrets has such a huge variety of stamps that look so great just stamped in different colors.. or in black or brown.. I'm always happy with that for the most part..because the stamps are so gorgeous. But...  there are so many other things you can do with them.....  , like I can stamp with different colors of ink, or on different colored cardstock for another look.  Using versa pads, chalk, embossing, flower soft, glitter, glimmer mist.. ect.. are all great ways to stamp with out "coloring".  But since I'm always talking about "stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things".. I figured I should do just that.
I'll show you more of what I used for this ,further down in the post.  What I knew I was going to use right off the bat... was this stamp set...because it's just perfect for this project.

I just made a little note card for the basket.  I started by stamping with just black ink on white cardstock.  Then.. what to color with??? 

Well, I have used water color pencils and stickles before ..but like I said.. I don't color often.  I do find that if you are new to stamping (coloring), that watercolor pencils and chalk are good beginners, because (shhhh.... You can ERASE if you go outside the lines). lol

I didn't add the Stickles as soon as I was finished coloring. First I tried something I had never usedbefore.  I bought it quite some time ago.. and have been seeing it laying in the supply drawer ..but ..well, you know how that goes... I just hadn't really gotten around to using it.  Today is the day my friend! lol
I see after reading the directions, that there are a number of different ways it can be used , but what I did was apply some to the image and then brush it over the entire image with a small foam brush. I did a number of coats, letting it dry in between.   Where the lake is on the image.. I applied some to just that area and let it dry in sort of a "pool". The medium is just thick enough that it held its form and stayed inside the lines.. so that was nice.    I do like the look of it. I wish you could see it in real life.. because it looks so much nicer than the photos show. I was trying to photograph it outside in natural light..but it seemed the photos just picked up the sparkle of the glitter in the stickles.

Once it was completely dry.. I went back and added Stickles to highlight certain areas.

I love the idea of Welcoming someone to the neighborhood, because again, I feel like its one of the things that is getting lost and given up through the generations.   It's another one of those things like May Day,that I just want to save. lol   Help me will you? The next time someone moves into your neighborhood... pop over with a card and a little something. (it doesn't even have to be homemade).. really it doesn't. People understand we all have busy lives.. I think that's what will make them appreciate it even more.   When we first moved here, I remember Kate's parents stopping down to introduce themselves, and how nice I thought that was.  Also a  sweet little elderly couple who lived a few miles up the road stopped by with a homemade peach pie.  Delma and Waldo!  We still see them around .. and I always think of how nice that was.
It really did make us feel welcome.  Such a nice thing!


I have to share one more thing before ending.  It's a proud Aunt moment again. lol   The photo below is of my nephew Bryan.  What a great kid.  Well.. he was named Homecoming King this weekend!  yay bry!
I couldn't help but think how darn proud his grandpa ( my brother Gary) would be.  He loved his grandkids SO much! 

I sure wish I had my original blogpost but lost it. grrr... Those of you who blog.. know what I mean. It's so frustrating when you invest lots of time into uploading photos, writing and linking ect.. and then Poof! it's gone!  Sometimes it saves it in drafts... but sometimes it doesn't. This was a "doesn't" day. pooooo
So if I repeat myself or don't make sense... you know why. lol It's hard to remember what I wrote the first time.  I was two sentences from being finished when I lost it . SO frustrating.

I'm try again tomorrow... hopefully blogger will cooperate. ha

Have a great start to your week!


LindaC said...

You did a great job on your coloring! Who said you weren't a color-er? Wish I lived on your road..homemade treats and crafts. Doesn't get any better! You are a good neighbor!

Donna said...

@ Linda, I think we Tennessee girls should make a pilgrimage to Vicki's neck of the woods!! LoL!
@ Vicki....I'm not much of a stamper, but I still love to color, even in coloring books! I really LOVE your colored card!! GREAT job! And thank you for sharing the papier glaze....I love glaze and can't wait to try this one! I enjoyed this post and am thankful you make the effort to share with all of us, even when it means doing a second aggravating draft! Have a blessed Sunday!

Kinzie said...

You are so talented Vic!! LOVE your work. AND it is fun to see your family pics too (>:

harrahx2 said...

Aww, Vicki, I must be having an emotional day......first, when your music came in it made me smile and feel like I was sitting with you in the kitchen with a cup of tea......then I saw that cute card and basket....made me sad...wanted you for my neighbor..course, I always want you for my neighbor! Then your nephew....what a little hottie! He's so cute! Hugs my friend and thanks for the emotional range today~

Pearl Maple said...

Cute card, Crafty Secrets does have some darling images in the range to choose from. All the sweeter with that touch of color.

DeniseLynn said...

You are so right about things like bringing a treat to welcome a new neighbor, being lost as time passes. As you saw on my fb posts my grandpa passed this week and do you know not one person brought food to my mom & grandma as they mourned deeply. In fact some relatives came to visit and expected mom and grandma to cook for them! I'm just ashamed of folks today. I love that you made muffins and a sweet little sparkly card too. Vicki you rock! Thanks for the reminder for us all to do little things that matter.

stampqueen said...

Great card!!! I haven't tried that glaze either but it looks cool!!!