Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Couple of things to share with you

Happy day everyone!  The sun is shining here and it's not winter yet.. that's good enough for me! lol   Pretty chipper for a girl who's been dealing with a tooth ache huh?  grrr...   It's not really bad yet..but you just know it's going to be.  I dread the dentist simply because I've had my share of it over the years..but I know it wont go away..so I made the call first thing this morning. I will be traveling soon.. and that the last thing I want to deal with while I'm away from home.  But anyway.. other than that.. good day so far. ha   Any of you who know me , know I tend to be a night owl.. which causes me not to be much of a "early bird".  We'll, I am trying to turn over a new leaf.  I know I feel better when I get up earlier.. so that means I have to not work in my room til the wee hours of the morning. yikes.. we'll see if I can do it.  Good so far! ( Oh yeah..it's only Tues) lol    I'm not a coffee drinker, and I gave up my obsessive diet Mt Dew drinking in June .. so maybe I better just open the window and let some of the 35 degree Nebraska morning air hit my face or something. lol 

Ooh la la  design originals

Better stop rambling and share something. lol    Remember a while back me telling you about another new company?  They are just getting started so they are just getting product added to their website..but you can see some of their gloriously beautiful flowers and trims, that come on these super cute decorative chipboard  pieces.  You can see them on the chipboard dress forms HERE.  When they started selling their trims on these great chipboard pieces.. people loved them and and wanted to use the chipboard pieces as much as they did the trims. (great idea huh?)  The chipboard pieces come with different patterns already on them.. this one happened to be a crackle look. love it!
On my bottle below I used one of their chipboard hearts along with the gorgeous crumpled ribbon and sweet flowers they sell.           

I love these little bottles. I find them at Hobby Lobby. they are super inexpensive and fun to alter. I will be making some of these for Valentines Day for sure.  The papers are Theresa Collins and the "Message in a Bottle" stamp is from Crafty Secrets.

Message in a Bottle   Cute little set huh?

I wanted to share a little something I found that works great, if you want to hang things. Not just from bottles but from anything. I use "jump rings" which you can find in the jewelry making isle at the Craft store.  But see that bigger metal loop that hangs around the bottle neck?  It's a ear ring wire hoop! Again.. super inexpensive and you can find them in the jewelry isle also.

Ooh La la.. will also sell these cute little glittery word flags.  (not sure what they call them yet.. since they aren't on the website yet..but I'll find out the "actual" name and let you know).   They could be used for so many projects. I have a couple of them just sticking out of a little teacup of flowers in my room and it's darling.  I used one on this layout. ( they come with the word flag(decorative cut) on beautiful patterned paper.. on the stick, with the ribbon, word, and glitter). Some of the words I've seen are "unique", "Happy Day", "Sending Sunshine" ect..
Background shape is an AccuCut die.

The little darling in the photo is Miss Ruth.  What a sweetie.   Here mom is the owner of Precious Treasures Scrapbook Boutique in Fremont Nebraska.  Amy Stewart      Ruth and I are best buds. lol

I'll be sharing more Ooh la la products over the next few weeks..so stay tuned.


It seems I just cant do a blog post without sharing random photos.  I know I am totally a "visual" person.  I just love photos.. and want to share them.  A photo just tells a story of it's own .. without words.
I've mentioned many times how moving to the country was the best move we could have ever made. We truly love living out here. We aren't far enough from town that it's a hassle,but just far enough to make it feel like you are really in the country.  This photos below just does not do justice to how gorgeous the sun was shining on the field this morning when I looked out my studio window.. it really was just so pretty.
I love that the window in here overlooks the field. It's just past that tree line which is probably about 50 feet from my window. 

The next photo is not one "I" took..but I have to share. It's one that was taking during the making of a video for one of Neely's friends.  (Neely is the blonde in the front seat).  Such a cute photo.. I cant wait to see the video!  I am missing this girl. She is loving CA and getting to be with her honey... so I'm so happy for her.  I love that she is the sure and confident woman that she is ....living her life and doing what she loves.  I was tell her before she left.. how much I admire her for going after things.  Not just sitting back and letting life happen. She has plans and dreams.. and she lives them.  I told her how cool it is to watch her to these things... and to think about our Grandma , Great grandma and Great Great Grandmothers.. and how they would be cheering her all the way.  Look how far women have come!  Back in the day.. a woman's place was in the home.  For many of them, like ours.... maybe never getting to travel further than their small rural farming community.. let alone their state or COUNTRY.   I am so proud of her.   For somany reasons..but I love that she takes life by the horns and "lives it!".

Okay.. jumping around from subject to subject here....but I had to show this.  You may think I'm "Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers" biggest fan..but trust me .. there are MANY.   Look at this jack-o-lantern that someone made and posted on their facebook page. lol   They have some serious fans I tell you.
This is the bands logo, and "Here's to Life" is one of their songs.  Pretty creative huh?
Here is the song if you want to listen.     "Here's to Life"

And I have to share this. Just one beatufiul bright orange leaf.. laying in the street.  See what I mean about a  photo making a statment?  Serioulsy..this wasnt altered in photoshoped. Cool huh

Go live it up!


Jan said...

Love the altered bottle and all the pictures!! We live in the country too and I can't imagine living in town again! Love it out here :)

harrahx2 said...

Hey Vic, love the picture of Neely but had to laugh at you commending her for gong after life. You do quite a fine job of that yourself! Love the are and the pictures are amazing. Don't you just want to pick up all the leaves that are so pretty and save them? Hugs to you and hope the dentist goes well!

DeniseLynn said...

LOVE it!! And I miss the country so I am always blessed by your photos.

stampqueen said...

Love the bottle - I love to play with bottles too...started out making copper wire hangings with them, painted them, and most recently glass etching with rubber stamps...
Love your random pics - Neeley is so adorable and I love the leaf picture!!!

A Vintage Chic said...

Wonderful, my friend...all of it! Love that bottle--seriously--everything you alter is magical! Love it!

Going to have to check out that new company...you keep making me spend money, Vicki! Dang it!

I hate the dentist, too...alot! I need to get in there as well...one of those things I really procrastinate! Smart girl to get it over with!

Have a good night


1CardCreator said...

That altered bottle is awesome! ~Diane

Evelyn said...

Did you mean to say defiantly or definitely? Just checking as I had a typo on a cute layout and now am paranoid.
Love the layout and your thoughts, TFS

leah said...

Oh, I adore that bottle! Lovely photos as well! ^_^