Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Simple Stamping that's Beautiful!

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Stamping without major coloring???  Really?  Well, any of you would  have been reading here for any time at all, probably know that I am not a big "colorer".  I love the look but I also love how these stamps look great with "minimal" or no coloring!  So I'm going to show you in this post how great these stamps can look without lots of coloring.   I've always been a huge fan of "contrast" so for me stamping with Black or Brown ink, on a light background is always appealing.

The projects below are done with this new stamp set


I  wanted to show you what you can do with a simple $ store frame..this beautiful stamp and some black ink.  I used this "Dahlia" stamp.. and just randomly stamped the flower image all over the white mat.   I could have easily tinted the flowers with Chalk or spritzed with Glimmer Mist for more color..but I really just liked it Black and while..pulling in the blue as an accent color.

 **On these projects I didn't use and Crafty Secrets printed images because I was focusing this post on "Stamping",but I realize as I'm writing this post, I really should have. Why? Because stamping without coloring .. for me.. really makes incorporating images that much easier!  Making backgrounds, borders, or just building with them to "set the stage" for your printed image.

I *LOVE* this photo of Jarad and Kate. (thanks Kate)

Here is the same stamp.. used on plain white tissue paper.  I love pretty tissue paper.. this is inexpensive and easy to do. I used my large scalloped scissors around the edges.  ( again.. this could easily be *ever so lightly *spritzed with Glimmer Mist).

Here is the same flower image stamped on a tone on tone light pink paper and cut out. I used a fine glue pen and some iridescent glitter to add sparkle.  I added it to this layout. (I'll be sharing more of this layout later.. as it is a upcoming project for the "Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog"

I have been having so much fun stamping with these beautiful images. I have a bunch of new projects to share with you when I get back.  I'll be back here tomorrow to announce the winner and tell you more about my upcoming guest bloggers who will be taking care of things here on my blog while I'm in Canada until next week.  It's going to be a fun time ( there... and here!). I cant wait to see what these girls have planned for you.  I am so glad I will be able to at least check in here and there.    I know you will make these Guest bloggers feel so welcome.  I told them to just enjoy, and share!  I said.. "hey my blogger readers are the best.. they  tolerate my poor spelling and grammar, my scattered thoughts and endless rambling! lol They will love you!"

Back tomorrow!


Brenda said...

WOW!!!! Thank you soooo much I am really lovin' this!!!ALL projects were sooo beautiful!!

Jan Hennings said...

Great picture of the kids and the dahlia looks great stamped on the frame and the tissue paper :)

MJ said...

Gorgeous frame! Look what you can do with simple ink & stamps!

Unknown said...

Stamping and scalloping the tissue!!! That is awesome. Never going to by fancy paper again. thank you for the clever idea.

Stephanie said...

That stamp is beautiful! Love it just on the white paper. So classy!

Carol (HB) said...

LOVE this pic and frame. LOVE! As a "colorer" I sooo appreciate seeing a stamp used in it's plain form. Oh, and thanks for the reminder on the tissue paper - I totally forget to make it pretty (usually because I'm stuffing it in the gift bag as I run out the door. lol)

CaninosArtisticCafe said...

Oh I totally love that stamp, that photo of the kids is great and I love that you didn't add a lot of color cause it didn't take away from the picture! And that tissue paper sooo beautiful, thanks for the ideas!!

Mickie said...

Oh girl, I like the way that came together. Another must try.

BethW said...

I am a coloring nightmare-thank yu for these great hints.

Hearts Turned said...

Love it, Vicki! You know I'm not a big colorer, either! Love how the gorgeous flower stamps look in b&w!

Have fun packing!!!


Marlene (cards4u) said...

Great stuff - love how the tissue paper turned out!! Have a wonderful time : )

Anonymous said...

Vickie, how lovely and what a perfect picture to incorporate! Yor picture of the children(expecially the Christmas one) is amazing. They are both so cute. I am just catching up. Been a little out of it but you are the first one I have caught up on! Hugs and safe trip. I will miss you. Love the elfs that help but not as much as Santa.

luvthatstampin said...

Enjoy your trip and try not to see too many "cards" out there. Your cards are very simple and they inspire me to try out your technique.

Nanny said...

Thanks you so much, what a wonderful idea to stamp tissue paper. WOW love contrast.