Friday, December 03, 2010

Altered Wooden Bracelet/ and a story

Wow.. I need to get busy posting because I still have projects from last month before I left for Canada that I haven't posted yet. lol   This months projects for Tattered Angels will be focusing on re purposed  "Glass", but last month we worked with Tattered Angels products on "Wood". This is one of the wood projects I created.

Easy to make!  Here is about all you need to create a chunky wood bracelet.

Elastic, wood beads and Glimmer Glam.
The easiest way to do a number of beads at one time is to assemble a complex drying system... OR  do what I did and stick some bbq skewers into a piece of Styrofoam. lol  I know.. I'm all high tech. lol
 Just pick out the sizes of wood beads you want to use, and paint them or dip them into) whatever Glimmer Glam colors you choose.  I'm always all about "speeding up the process".. so what I did was pour my Glimmer Glam into some small clear plastic cups I found at the dollar store. ( hmmm... I'm thinking they are probably for jello shots or something) ha.. but I use them for paint cups.  Once I had the Glam in the cups.. I just stuck the beads onto the wood sskewer and dipped them into the Glam.

This is defiantly one of those projects that I wish I could show you in up close and real... because you just cant see the beautiful colors and swirls on the beads in these photos.  Click to see it bigger, so hopefully you can see it better. ( oh.. the big white pointy arrows should help) lol

You know I always share the daily project first and then the photos or stories after that .  I feel like this story should have been at the top ..because I love it so much.    I'll give you a little background before I post the story.   It's a story written by my long time friend Julie Gerdes.  Julie as I have been friend since we were in high school. We were even room mates for a while after graduation. She is a true blue life long friend. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like simply because we don't lived in the same state..but still .... always friends!   Well about Julie..she is an avid runner and cyclist among other things.(that is what inspired this story)  She and I have both always had an interest in art,( remember art class with Mr.Reese Juls??) lol  but the art of writing is her  passion now.   ( I ramble.. she "writes").  Anyway, she shared a story with me the other day and I loved it so much I asked if I could share it here with you.
Julie also lives in the country,  loves her family, her dog , ,,, and digs  loves rock and roll.. so you know why we get along. lol

I.m thankful she's letting me share her little story here with you. I'm sure you will get the message as clear as I did , and probably be able to relate it to something in your life right now. 

My after-thanksgiving run... 
by Julie Gerdes

Every Thanksgiving I challenge myself to a traditional 4 mile run. In the past
it has been a brisk, but pleasant outdoor run. This year with blast of icy wind
gusts chilling the outdoor temperature to -20 below zero, I reluctantly headed
for the treadmill, 4 miles on a treadmill can be boring for me.
Then today I awoke to a balmy above zero temperature - in the low teens.
I set off for an outdoor 3 miler, I had just downloaded some new tunes on my I-Pod
and I was anxious to get to run to some new material. (Thanks to Laurie)
Two miles into the run, my running music folder ended and I was enveloped
in silence. Silence! What's that? I never run to silence, I need inspiration,
something to make me keep on keep'n on. It was too chilly to pull my
gloves off and hit the I-Pod button to start some tunes up, so I thought to
myself - "hmmm, what do I do with this silence, rather than zoning out
I had to use my brain, if I were running with someone else we could chat,
exchange running stories, exchange recipes", but it was just me and my dog,
so I thought " what will I do for the next mile?" At that instant a flock of
pheasants suddenly flew out of the grass directly behind me. Their flight
made a loud fluttering noise...It startled me and I jumped and let
a few experlatives fly. Then I watched as the birds worked their wings and flew off
and I thought, if I had my I-Pod blasting away, I would have missed that
awesome sound, and the sight of the birds fluttering away behind me.
So I settled back into the run in silence, listening to the wind, the rhythm of
my footfalls, and my breathing. It was an ah-ha moment for me - with
this silence, there is the noise of nature and God around me when I run.
It was a nice change, I may try it again sometime...but tomorrow...
it's back to the tunes, those birds can take flight to Van Halen's
Blue Angels song, and that would be equally awesome.
Hope your trails are happy ones, and you find time to be still in this busy holiday
season and listen for God's voice in the silence.
                                               author  Julie Gerdes


Nathalie Kalbach said...

I love this bracelet- this is beautiful!

Jan said...

Tattered Angels looks mighty fine on your chunky wood bracelet!

A Vintage Chic said...

Beautiful post, Miss Vicki...LOVE those beads--I really need to do that (love chunky bracelets!), and I loved reading Julie's story...silence is a good thing, sometimes, and I really do appreciate it. (But good old rock & roll is good the rest of the time, right?!)

Have a great day, my friend!


Bettyann said...

thanks for julie's story..hmmmm..silence is golden..

Rbarakat said...

What a fun bracelet - I am thinking it would be really fun for a little girls birthday party - as favors! I love that story- especially this time of year when we are rushing around all the time like fools! LOL! And SIlence is great - especcially for someone with 5 kids!!TFS!

Mickie said...

Love your bracelet and love the delightful story.

Carol (HB) said...

I've been so overly busy and stressed lately that all I have time to do is look at pictures, not read the words. For some reason today I took the time to read the words - and boy am I glad I did! What a wonderful reminder Julie gave me to "stop and smell the roses" or listen as she says. Thank you my friend!

Julie Higgins said...

Great story of your experience Julie!! It gave me inspiration to cherish the wonderful natural sights around us even in this cold season! Thanks Julie!
from Julie Higgins

harrahx2 said...

The bracelet? Great! The story...amazing. Made me smile and listen.

Teri said...

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!!

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