Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafty Secrets and Ooh la la!

Wow.. again.. computer problems. It's amazing how frustrating that can be. I guess that just makes me realize how much I use the Internet.. or how much time I spend on the computer.   I have been working on staying away from it more..but today, that was really easy..since hotmail wasn't working for me at all.
I'm back at it , and can even type a little instead of just having "photos only" in this blog post. lol  Not sure what the deal was with my computer ,but Wes was here for a little bit tonight and worked his magic on it! YAY.  I didn't know he was coming to town, so it worked out really well, and as always we were happy to see him.  He did get a  home cooked meal in return and even ...( and extras for tomorrow).. and that always pleases him, so it worked out all the way around.

 I thought I'd share a few things made with Crafty Secrets AND Ooh La La products together.
The vintage images and stamps are of course Crafty Secrets and the ribbon, flowers, and chipboard pieces are from Ooh la la .. design originals.

I posted the photo below so that you can see how Ooh la la products come packaged.  The chipboard shapes are what the ribbons and embellishments come on.. so you can utilize them also. 

Even the dress forms. And their are a number of different styles of them.


love that they have such fun prints on them.
I used small flowers from the Crafty Secrets SM30 Bonjour Merci stamp set for the background on this one.

You  can probably see better in the photo below that I added a piece of Ranger glass  to the top of the image, and then went around it with Stickles.  I punch holes in the top to hang it from and one in the bottom to add a jump ring and crystal.

There is a great new post up by Lisa Zappa on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog  HERE.


I have to share a little bit about what I did yesterday.  I met with my friend Lorrie. Lorrie and I have been friends since ...oh.. 7th grade.  ummm.. I long time.  She was just recently married and moved to new home in a town not far from me.   Enjoyed seeing her new home first and then we were off to lunch at a great Mexican place downtown. Really yummy food!
We took in the down town area and then hit a couple of antique stores.
( I have no idea who those nerds are) lol

(below), this has been hunting me ever since I walked away from it. Is'nt it CUTE!  Kicking myself for not getting it. hmmmm.... maybe I need to go back???

This place was SO BIG that it would take a entire day for me to do some "serious" looking... so I'm needing to go back anyway.  This place had SO much stuff it was crazy! This was the upstairs. (just ONE of the rooms upstairs. There were three hug rooms up there.)

I did come home with just a few little treasures I saw and couldn't walk away without.
( the shelf in the background will work perfecting for Glimmer Mist bottles .. it just needs a little altering).
The old pop bottle will go in my kitchen.  I thought that little angel girl was just adorable!

Those bags of clips are for tree candles.  Not sure why I had to have them ..but I did. I'll have to see what I come up with. It will be a "creative challenge" I guess.
and....A pretty new "Shiny Bright" bulb to add to my collection.
oh.. and another cigar box?  why? I don't know..but I just really like them. lol

The little Santa's below are so so much cuter than they look in this "flash" photo from late last night.  They are now hanging on my little tree by the kitchen with my shiny brites. They were only $1.50 a piece.

Incase you might be interested here is a little blurb about "Shiny Brites" I found

Shiny Brite Ornaments

Late in the 1930s, businessman Max Eckardt made an arrangement with the Corning Glass Company that got them started on Christmas ornament production in their light bulb plants. Corning started making glass ornaments for Eckardt's line after adapting their own light bulb manufacturing process and proceeded to ship ornaments to both Woolworth's stores and to Eckardt's factories where the plain ornaments could be further adorned by hand after being machine-lacquered.

As wartime shortages increased however, making both lacquer and silver difficult to come by, Eckardt started having the ornaments decorated in pastels and bright colors. As a result, Shiny Brite ornaments became very popular because of their uniqueness and soon become a staple of every family's Christmas trees. By the end of the war, Shiny Brite was the largest manufacturer of Christmas ornaments in the world and the popularity of the ornaments raged on into the 1950s.

Shiny Brite stopped making and selling the glass balls in 1962 because of production disruption and because of the changing business landscape and moved into the production of plastic ornaments, which never proved to be as popular. But they are madly collected today by all kinds of fans of the original vintage Shiny Brite ornaments.


 It was a nice time, spending the afternoon checking out those fun places and hanging with Lorrie. After that, Dan and I went to Jarad and Kates so I could take their Christmas photo. I will share that later, after Kate gets them sent out .. but they turned out really cute.

I will show you who stole the show


That has to leave a smile on your face.  ha  I cant top that. So I'll close for now. lol


Liszha said...

I am in love with your tag and the card is ADORABLE! So love your syle!

harrahx2 said...

Oh Vic, what a hoot! I love all your very necessary "things" and the little candle clips? I will phot a candle that I have with one of those clips. You can make them easy! You can even do a tube candle with crepe paper flame. The Santa dancers? Adroable. The entire post kept me grinning and smiling but when I hit the end? OMG did I laugh! Too adorable. I can't believe that little animal sat there so nicely while you photo's it! Thanks for starting me off with a grin.

Lady Pamela said...

Would you happen to know where I could get the Ooh la la kits from?
I like to shop via on-line as I live in Canada. (Too cold to go out shopping-lol) Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki- very cool stuff! hey, tell me what to do with cigar boxes- I just bought some at a house sale- wooden- not sure why! :) jane

debbiek said...

Great tag and card, Ms. Vicki. Your artwork is NEVER disappointing.

Glad you had such a good time with your friend. Old friends are really a treasure, aren't they? Still have mine from the fifth grade:)

LOVE the photo of the little critter with his santa hat...LOL!

Bettyann said... the look of oh lala..I'm in love your new friend steve's outfil

Catherine said...

Loving your new projects - and the oooh la la looks lovely! Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled. Let's talk - I'm usually home working my butt off every day - miss you too!!

Lb Scrapgirl said...

love the dress forms, they remind me of my mother, who was a designer. We always had at least one dress form in the house.

JJ Sobey said...

I'm loving the Oh la la as well - and I'm also looking for a place to buy online - just beautiful!

jan said...

OOh la la for sure!! Love those dress forms!!

bumble button said...

Wow your little guy is just so adorable!!

malia said...

Oh my gosh is that a guinea pig? Hilarious. Looks like a super fun day!