Monday, December 13, 2010

Never take yourself too seriously .. lol

Hope all of you had a great weekend.  We had major wind and blowing snow here over the weekend, so I was in all weekend.. ( and didnt mind at all).   I worked on projects Saturday and Christmas baking today. I spent some serious time with the oven on .. cranking out cookies , that's for sure. whew!
I was a "Pocket Chick" last week on the Fancy Pants blog... so I thought I'd share with you, the layout I did for it.  Having to do a layout about myself is not one of my favorite things, for sure... yikes.
I couldn't bring myself to do anything serious... so...

My niece Adriana would laugh,because this photo is from the silly ones her and I took when she came to visit here a while back.  Silly girls. lol

Oh brother.
Anyway, if you want to see the post and the Q&A part of it .. you can see the post on the Fancy Pants blog
There is also a list of the FP products used on this layout there.


If there is one thing I am pretty sure about , it's that I  have my dads sense of humor.  He was a jokester, a total character. I don't hold a candle to him..but I certain love me some Silly-ness.  I know without a doubt my boys have that sense of humor also.     I better explain what you are about to see in the next two photos.
You may remember a while back I was talking about how the boys where taking this trip up to the Black Hills. ( Weston, Jarad , Kate , and their Cousin Ryan). They had been planning this trip,  and looking forward to it for a long time.  We used to take family vacations to the Black Hills to spend time at my Uncles Cabin , alot when the boys were little.  It was a great place that all of my family visited regularly,  and we all created lots of great memories there. Any way... on one of our trips , as we exited the Badlands, there was this huge prairie dog statue.....and of course I HAD to have the boys go stand by it for a photo ( with my styl'n 110 camera I'm sure!) lol.  I wanted them to put their  hands like the prairie dogs.. lol  Jarad did it ,but Wes was a bit older, and just wasn't having it. (can you blame him?)        We have laughed about this photo so many times over the years!!
Well I have to say, I know my boys have a sense of humor because.......

18 years later    ( and even Wes cooperated )

( Looks like the poor old prairie dog has been repainted a time or two, over the years.) But it is the same one , same place.
   Both these pictures are hanging on our frig, and I smile every time I walk by and look at them.
I'm so happy that I have raised my boys to be able to have a sense of humor and  to be able  to laugh at themselves.  ( because I'm defiantly laughing at them.. and you probably are too!) lol
 Thank you for doing this for me Boys!  ( and thanks Kate..for taking the photo)  It's a treasure!

Remember never take yourself too seriously


A Vintage Chic said...

I love this layout, Vicki! Just so perfectly YOU! Love the photos of your handsome boys, too--way too cute!

I'm a silly old girl, too--you just have to be, don't you?! Life is too serious sometimes, and the only way to get through some of the stuff that hits you is to be silly. Keeps us healthy, I think! So never grow up, my friend--I certainly won't!

What are you still doing up, by the way??? Go to bed! (just kidding--I'm such a mom!)


Jan said...

LOL! Love the picture of the boys..too funny!
Your FP layout is adorable and love your design!!


That story was great and I LOVE the pics too funny! Your layout is really nice that you did of yourself, I agree I hate doing layouts of just me, don't mind if someone else in the pic but don't really care for ones of just me lol.

debbiek said...

Cute LO, Ms. Vicki. LoVe the photo of the boys. Life is far too short NOT TO have FUN!

Bettyann said...

heheheh love the pictures...when I get around people I know I love being nutty !!!! that quality of silliness is what attracts people to you Vicki !!!

MJ said...

I love the photo of you in your LO! Wonderful!

I understand your smile when you see the 2 photos of the boys with the gopher! You have them so well-trained now that they will cooperate! Took you a long time to get that cooperation for photo purposes but watch out now!

md said...

waouhhhhhhh, les garçons ont changé!!

bravo, jolie mise en page

harrahx2 said...

Oh Vicki, I was up early this morning and saw this and it gave me so many smiles and laughs! The pictures are great and the page you did is fantastic but best of all is the laughter that comes through in all of it. Thanks so much for starting my day this way.

kathy/North Carolina said...

Vicki, this layout is fabulous! I love everything about it, and the "silliness" works! Embrace the silly factor: you'll be forever young, my dear!

Pattyjo said...

Vickie, I love the pictures. What a great photo to have of your boys and how they have grown. They grow up so fast don't they?


DeniseLynn said...

I just love this post with the story of your boys and the prarie dog! My little Jared and Simon will hopefully one day do this very sort of thing ... oh such happy times to look forward to.

Susie said...

Oh Vicki...I LOVE your sense of humor! The photos of the boys made me giggle! Your blog is the best. It's the one I read first, when I get all of those feedblitz emails.
And you art? Beautiful!
May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.