Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gather in the Kitchen

Why is it that the kitchen is always the gathering place when people are around. At least in our family it seems to be that way. I think back on times when we would celebrate holidays at mom and dads.. and mom would be trying to cook, and the kitchen was full of people. lol I don't know how she did it. lol    I think it's true..the kitchen is the heart of the home.

What prompted the post?? Well, I was looking though my Crafty Secrets file and realized how many of my projects were made using their Kitchen images.   They have the BEST vintage kitchen images!  They are the kind of fun images that just make you smile.  I decided I do a post where I share just a few projects I have done in the past with Crafty Secrets "kitchen" themed images... along with sharing some of my favorite things in my kitchen... and a few fun photos tossed in for good measure.
                                      Hope you Enjoy!

My favorite colors in  my kitchen right now... Red, vintagy blue, yellow, and white.
I adore collecting these hot pads. The ones on the far right are ones I just found this week at the junction.(my favorite place for "junk'n".   The trivet on the far left was made by Dans grandma years and years ago.  It's got the old metal pop bottle lids from glass bottles in it.  Thats one thing to comend the older generation for, they didnt wast and seemed to always find a way to use things for a purpose instead of throwing them away. I remember my Aunt Pauline crocheting "braided type rugs" out of empty bread bags.  Now that we've all come to our senses and started being more aware of recycling and learning not to be so wasteful, I'm seeing more and more things like this coming back. 

Oop.. one more.

I love this photo.. even if I do look like a nerd. lol This photo was taken in my Grandmas kitchen years ago. I think I was about 20.   (Aunt Viv, and Grandma B)
My Grandma was an amazing cook.  Oh.. what I would do to sit down at the table with her and have one of her homemade rolls right now .

Here's a little recipe box , done with some of the Crafty Secrets Kitchen products.

 See other Crafty Secrets Cooking products HERE

My family has so many amazing cooks.. and number one on the list is my mom.   Here is one of her delishious apple pies.

I found this coffee pot some time ago while out junk'n. The jadeite cups are from my sis.  LOVE THEM!

Some thing in my kitchen.

What would I "kitchen" themed blog post be without sharing a recipe. 
So here is the best "Carrot Cake" you will ever eat.  It's my Aunt Vivs (Aunt Viv is in photo above with Grandma and I) 

Aunt Vivs Carrot Cake

2 cups sugar
1 1/4 c oil
4 T hot water
Add 1 1/2 c graded or ground carrots and beat together throughly.
Add- 2 1/2 c flour
1 1/2 t soda
1/2 t salt
1 t cinnamon
Fold in 4 egg whites beaten stiff.  Bake at 350.. (until done in center)


1 c sugar
1 c evap milk
4 egg yolks
1 t cocoa
1/4 lb (or less) butter
Cook about 12 min. Stirring constantly. Remove from heat and beat until smooth.
Add 1 1/3 c coconut
1 c walmuts

I'll I'm going to say to that is ... YUM!!

Another Crafty Secrets mini album

Oh.. my favorite cookie jar..given to me by Dans Grandma, years ago. I treasure it!

Sassy red apron my sis gave me! and a little clothes pin bag, filled with other thigns I love.

This card was made with Crafty Secrets KITCHEN CUTS

I found this unfinished wood bill holder in my "alterables" box , a while back. I decided to paint it and add some papers ect, so I could put it to use in the kitchen.  When it was finished... decided not to use it for  "bills" ick. lol  So I just have some other things in it.:)

More things form the kitchen.

Another project using Crafty Secrets " Domestic Goddess" Creative Scraps".

I wish I had photos of all my sisters vintage goodies... OH MY!  She is quite I collector of beautiful vintage glasswear, cakeplates, figurines ect...
She is to blame for me falling for things like this....

That old Bread box was just given to me by a friend. Isnt is fun??

The photo in the layout below is of my Grandma and her extention club. She was a member of her extension club for over 50 years.
The image is from the "Homemade Image and Journal book" from Crafty Secrets.
and stamps from "Kitchen Classics" Clear Art Stamps

As I said before.. my sisters are all amazing cooks.  I do okay..but dont hold a candle to them.  
 My sister Jan and I share a love for vintage, that's for sure.  Everytime I see this toaster cover I think about what a kind and  sweet person she is ..because we were junking together when she ran accross this. She knew I loved it soooo much.. she let me have it!  and I DO! I enjoy it every time I walk in the kitchen and see it!
It's funny how silly little things like this toaster cover make me giddy , I know . lol

 I made this to hang in my kitchen a while back. I used an old tray I had , masked it off with tape and spray painted the center with Chalkboard paint.

Here's my vintage canister set. ( oh and my favorite "non vintage" bowl) lol

Hope you enjoyed a little fun in the kitchen with me today!


A Vintage Chic said...

I LOVED this kitchen visit, Miss Vicki! You have so many wonderful antiques--love them all! The photos, the recipes, your creations--all wonderful!

Our kitchens are so similar--my walls are just that color, my built-in appliances are black, and everything else is red--so fun! Feels warm & cozy to me...

I have a picture of me just like that--we could have been sisters! (Those early 80's were such "beautiful" times, weren't they?!)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my friend!


Jan said...

LOL...the sweetie in the pot is adorable!! Lovin' all the projects and your kitchen looks so cute!

Donna said...

What a fun post, Vicki!! I LOVE your vintage kitchen pieces, especially the adorable cookie jar and how cool that it from family!

I also get exactly what you mean about how some of our little treasures can just brighten our day the moment we see's like memories living right there in the present.

The CS projects are sweet as can be! You're right....Crafty Secrets has the BEST kitchen images! : )

Bettyann said...

Miss Vicki, what a fun tour of your kitchen, fond memories of your Nana and vintage....

Pamela said...

Hi Vicki,
I love this post. My Mother is too a vintage keeper and I she has several old pieces. I've collected some as well.

I have a question, on the "What's cookin'" card- there are two mine cards with tabs on them is that a die or did they come that way? You can email me at

Thanks- Enjoy or Nebraska snow!!

Mary said...

Love your Longaberger baskets along with all of your cutesy kitchen decor......Thanks

Susie said...

I absolutely LOVE this post Vicki!!!
I adore so many of the vintage items that you have collected. And, I remember so many of those things from my childhood. My sister and I love to browse the antique and vintage shops (and estate auctions, of course)looking for similar items. Thank you so much for sharing!
Your blog is my favorite!!!

Mickie said...

I just love your blog, all the nice pics and vintage collections. Would love to take a tour of your home, looks so interesting! Can't wait to see what comes out of CHA!!

MJ said...

What a fun visit! Funny how I always pick up wooden pieces, think, "I gotta paint this" (translated: gotta folk-art paint it) so it languishes & I eventually rid of it. It would be so much simpler to cover it with paper! I'll think of how to do this! Thx!

Kinzie said...

LOVE all your pictures!! Awesome vintage pieces AND you ROCKED that hairstyle (:

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a fun post! I think the kitchen CS images are probably some of my favorites. Will need to try that recipe - yum yum! Apparently there were a few of us at that time running around with the same do : )
Have A Great Day!

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, I had that same little tin teapot....wonder what happened to it? Might be upstairs.......can't remember! And love the post. Lots of good memories there! When are you coming to visit me and do the DC tour thingy?

harrahx2 said...

oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that I had to have the Kitchen Classics with those darling Campbell Kids and that spice can and all!

rose said...

Oh I do love vintage kitchen thingss,well anything vintage I love and what a wonderful collection you have
missed you

Jane Wetzel said...

Hi there Vicki! Where do I start? LOVED reading this post so much. The cookie jar is just FABULOUS...the toaster cover is awesome too- my mom had those canisters-:) Ofcourse the CS stuff is so darn perfect- I just ordered a new set of stamps from them and cant wait to ink them up! hugs, Jane

Flipfloppingmamma said...

oh oh oh !! I LOVE a 50's kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

Vicki: I enjoyed the kitchen tour very much, and I love your projects. My grandmother's kitchen was red and white and I always loved being in her kitchen. Thanks again that was fun. beweber.