Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Would you like cookies??

or muffins for your sweet treat today??

I do love to bake, just have to be sure to give it away , otherwise "I" will be the one eating it :(   Wes was home this weekend so I sent things back with him, took a plate of cookies to Jarad and Kate,to mom, and the rest to friends.  Can you believe I love to bake.. and my husband doesn't eat sweets?  (probably why he's so darn skinny).  Oh... not liking sweets? I just don't get it?? lol

I really am on a kick with frames these days.  Especially, $ store frames or super good deals.. because that just makes it sweeter!   These three frames were ones that I had picked up, and were already  in my "alterables" box. They are deep enough to be a sort of shadowbox.    Well, they called to me the other night when I couldn't sleep. lol  So ..something quick and simple ..and new to look at for the kitchen wall came to mind.

Isn't it funny how ssometimes the simplest things and smallest changes can really cheer you up.
I like the long rectangular picture that usually hangs here, and eventually I may even put it back up, but for now these three, $ store frames, some scrapbook papers, buttons and simple things I had in the drawer
..are making me pretty happy.

Speaking of new cute things to love...   Look at this super Little Girl Stamp Set from Crafty Secrets.  I was so excited to use it, I used to make a Valentine card, buy cutting a little heart to put in her had.

Once again, CS has done such a great job creating all kinds of fun stamps that work together.  Look at all the things the little girls can hold.

Isnt she just the sweetest!
I stamped her hair , sweater and dress on different colors of cardstock and added them to the stamped image on white paper.
Loving that cute border too!
The little boys set it just as sweet.

I couldn't let this Valentines post go by without of photo of these two sweethearts.  My mom and dad.  I smile every time I see this, because it's "SO" my dad.  That frame that he put up in front of them to kiss my mom for the picture.. is actually a styro foam packing insert from a microwave us kids had given them. ( photo was taken at Christmas)  Yep.. my dad was always the jokester.   ( actually the really cute thing about this photo is the fact that if you look close at my dads hand.. you can see that one of the grandkids hands is on top of his).

I've posted this photo before, but I just can help but think about them on Valentines Day.  My Dad would always buy my mom a beautiful box of chocolates and a huge card.  I mean HUGE card. lol  I always remember thinking, does he always just go straight to the biggest cards they have at the store?? lol
The candy box and the card.. were always over the top. It was so sweet.

They were so lucky to have eachother.


Happy Valentines Day....



A Vintage Chic said...

Cookies for me, please, Miss Vicki!

What wonderful Valentine goodness you're sharing today, my friend! Love your adorable kitchen frames--such a great idea!

And that picture of your parents? So sweet! Love that!

Hope your Valentine's Day is perfect--you deserve that big, over-the-top box of candy and the biggest card in the shop, too...


Julie Higgins said...

It's great to have a friend who is such a good baker:) You are so muli-talented! Julie Higgins

debbiek said...

Oh...those baked goodies look soooo good, Ms. Vicki! You have my mouth watering

Your little picture frames are adorable. Leave it to you to be creative with $1.00 finds:)

LoVe the photo of your folks. My brother always bought our Mom the biggest card he could find in the stores too. Must be a 'guy' thing..hee hee.

Happy Valentines Day. Hope yours is filled with tons of love.


Bettyann said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the cute pic of your Mom and Dad..what a what you have created with the dollar store frames..have a happy day

harrahx2 said...

Ummmmmm, I'll just take em all Vic, no problem! I don't want to leave you with that awful temptation. Hugs and HVD to you and love the pic of mom and dad! Your mom looks so cute!

Jan said...

Cute altered frames! I'll have a muffin and a cookie, please :0)