Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waiting for spring

You know me.. I always love bird images, but now that I patiently awaiting Spring, I find myself drawn to them and wanting to use them even more.  Crafty Secrets has the most gorgeous Bird images.  This one is from the Birds and Blossoms Creative Scraps.

The colors are always so beautiful on these images.
This next card is none with the new  "Wonderland Tea" Creative Scraps

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My mom is getting stronger and less sore everyday!  Molly lays at the bottom of the steps when I'm up in my room working in the afternoon, so she can keep an eye on mom and still see what I'm doing.  lol Silly dog.

While I've been down stairs with mom I've been doing some cleaning and moving things around.  Who knows .. maybe I'll even take on dusting the china cabinet today??? hmmmm    I've had some little things I've been wanting to paint .. so I've also done that.  odds and ends of things I can do while watching tv or chatting with mom.  I'm not one to just sit and watch tv.  I like to watch or listen ..but while working on something else. (drives Dan nuts) lol.  If I just sit to watch.. I'll most certainly fall asleep :(

Most of my house is done in warm colors..but.....

I did feel the need to get out some more "springy" arrangements  recently.  I'm going to  have Spring soon, one way or another! ha!

I have to tell you about this photo. I took it,    to tell what mom said to me about that branch on top of the entertainment center.  I don't know why I love that branch ..but I picked it up a long time ago.. because the shape of it is really cool.   Mom looked up there the other day and said... "whats that up there for?" , "Is that were you keep your switch"?   lol
But the funniest thing about this photo is that ... if you look at the tv you can see this funny old guy. ( mom is   sitting in the chair watching tv, just off to the side) . Well I was going to come up stairs to work for a while so I said to Dan, "Why don't you put in a movie for mom",  We asked mom what she wanted to watch and decided on The Ten Commandments.   Well, that was a VHS tape and Dan couldn't get the VCR to work so he put a movie in the DVD player instead.   I sure home he told mom , because she is watching "Darby O'Gill and the Little People"...... a far cry from  "The Ten Commandments".  lol
Poor mom  she probably wonders what kind of crazy house shes in  here. lol

Time to head back down .. so until later. Take care friends!



A Vintage Chic said...

Beautiful cards, Miss Vicki! Love those birdies!

So glad your Mom is getting stronger--I'm sure she feels so much better with you to take care of her.

Your home looks lovely, and "Darby O'Gill" is one of our very favorites! I'm sure your Mom enjoyed it!

Have fun creating, my friend...


Jane Wetzel said...

hmmm...maybe Darby had commandments of his own?....like...drink more beer....ya never know Vicki! lol Glad to hear your mom is doin better..love the pics and your sweet dog! :) hugs, jane

Carol (HB) said...

Harry was just commenting on how I can't just watch TV - I always have to be multi-tasking. LOL
I just love your decor Vic, it's so warm and inviting.
Give your mom a gentle hug from me!

Jan said...

Beautiful creations, beautiful home and OH! so clean :) If you get in the mood to do more cleaning, let me know and I'll send you my address! LOL!

kathy/North Carolina said...

I love bird images, too. I'm embarassed to tell you how many bird images I've purchased from Crafty Secrets.

Gorgeous cards, gorgeous home, gorgeous decor.....and a gorgeous soul!

Debbie K. said...

Gorgeous card, Miss Vicki. Ms. Molly is so sweet to guard over MaMa and you at the same time. Hope she gets better every day. Just keep poppin those movies in for her:)

Don't clean too much, we'd rather see your creations;)

Steph said...

Beautiful cards. Really wanting spring. Great inspiration like always!

harrahx2 said...

You got me chuckling Vic as I pictured your mom sitting there saying: Whaaaaat? The house looks beautiful, your creations, as always are marvelous and when are you coming to Maryland to tour DC and clean my place....And while we are on this subject, do you realize that in less than three weeks, I think, we turn the clocks back!

Marian Garcia, Studio M said...

Your "Waiting for Spring" card is lovely. It deserves to be on a magazine cover.

xo, Marian