Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Quick post today.  Seems like lots going on the next couple of days.    Meeting my Art Group girls tomorrow in Lincoln... and I'm so looking forward to that.  Thought I'd share my little treats for the girls.

I cant wait for an outing ... hopefully with some sun too.  They are saying it's suppose to be nice tomorrow.. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  The photo below is what things looked like at the beginning of the week.
It's pretty much all melted already :)

I also wanted to update you on the pup. (jarad and kates). She has a name .. it's RILEY.    I snagged these first two photos from Kates facebook wall ( thanks kate) , to show you .   I need to see her!  ( and cloey).
Looks like she likes to help her momma with her homework.


Jarad text me this photo last night.  Blurry..but SO cute , how she is snuggling up to Cloey.

Remember tomorrow is April Fools Day.   I saw this idea and thought it would be funny to do, and freak Dan out when he gets up at 5am to get ready for work.  ??? Should I???  lol

Oh man... makes me laugh ,just thinking about it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing a new card and some upcoming classes

Well, I had planned to get this post up yesterday, but things just didnt fall into place.  I have some little bug and  it has me a bit under the weather, so it's slowed me down a bit.    I have a new card to share ....,done with Crafty Secrets Vintage Photos Creative Scraps and Accucuts  new Square Card Mats ( #:NC116)
This die has two square card mat shapes on it .. and I love it soooo much, I just ordered it :)


I've been meaning to share some of the upcoming classes I'll be teaching in Albion NE. They put on a huge event at the fairgrounds twice a year, once in April and again in Nov.  If you live near enough to attend you certainly wont be disapointed. They put on quite an event!

If you are interested in the info on classes offered and times, shoot me an email and I'll get those to you.  There are a number of intructors and venders at this event!

I have had requests for class kits so, I did make up some extra kits this time. After I have my definate class numbers I will post what kits I will have for sale if anyone is interested. 

The first class is a little Mixed Media album.  7Gypsies album. Paints, fabric, stamping , hand stitching, ...
a little bit of everything.

I'm really looking forward to this class, I think it's going to be alot of fun!
This is a photo canvas.  ( two clips for changing out photos)

Here's a peek at a two page layout class.

This Create banner

and this Crafty Secrets Recipe Album. you know what I've been busy kitting :)
Just about finished kitting now, so I can clear out the papers and embellishments that are consuming the floor/tables and desk in my craft room. lol


*** note***  

   As I said in yesterdays post I'm planning to set up an etsy shop ,but until then.. if you are interested I have these things posted here to sell
Thanks for taking a look, and thank you to those who have made purchases:)


the pups are calling. ( must be ready to eat).. so I'll close for now. 
Wish I could train them to bring me some chicken noodle soup. lol

HUGS to you my friends!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

For sale

Hey Everyone!  I'm in the process of getting an etsy shop set up, but until then I wanted to share some things I have for sale now.  I just have so many projects and things, I've decided I'm going to set up an etsy to sell some things, rather than stick them in the closet. ( cant keep everything.. or pretty soon my house entire house will be made of paper. lol     If you are interested in anything here, just shoot me an email

This first wooden house shadowbox  is one I made some time ago, and was published in PaperTrends. I had it on a shelf in my studio for a bit ..but decided it's time to hopefully let someone else enjoy it.  It's about 20" high, 12" wide and 2.5" deep.     $35 plus shipping

Second wooden  house shadowbox is  16" wide , 14.5" high and 1.5 deep   $25 plus shipping

I have just  a few of these that I'm selling also
#1)      $12 plus shipping  (SOLD)

#2)       $14 plus shipping (SOLD)

#3         $12 plus shipping  ( SOLD)

#4         $8  plus Shipping

I'll also be selling some extra class kits soon, so if your interested ... be sure to check back.

I'll be back with a regular blog post tomorrow, sharing a new project.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fancy Pants Altered Tin

You know how I love finding a good deal and  ... and bringing new life to something by altering it with pretty papers and embellishments.  Ahhhh.. repourposing .. nothing more fun in this crafters life, I can tell you that much.  I totally enjoy the process.   Actually even before that comes.. I love just looking for things, and thinking ... of the possibilities.     This project was altered using Red spray paint.Green Acrylic paint( for the chipboard), Chalkboard paint, Fancy Pants Chipboard and Fancy Pants, "It's the Little Things" paper line.

This (below) is that I found for $2.88
Woo Hoo.. let the altering begin!

Fancy Pants Designs "It's the Little Things"

The die I used to create the flower was is a Spellbinders die. The black center flower is one of the die cut pieces from this line.  The green painted chipboard pieces.. were originally one large piece that I cut in half.

After painting the bottom piece with red spray paint, (inside and out). Then I painted the lid ( top and bottom) with chalkboard paint.
Since the lid is painted with chalkboard paint on the top and the bottom, I can write with chalk on both.  I thought it would be fun to take to family gatherings or get togethers and be able to write a message on the lid to be propped up behind the cookies, muffins, cake, chips.. whatever I was bringing.

( lol I actually had to remove this photo because I realized I had spelled "banana"... bannan) lol
But you get the can write on the inside of the lid also

I just lined the bottom with paper doilies ( or even waxed paper), so that I can easily wipe it out after use.
Kind of a fun project.   I know I'll use this alot this summer.

I have been using Chalkboard paint on tin things alot lately.   I've never used the "brush on kind" but the spray on is SO easy!  I found it at Hobby Lobby, but I'm sure you can probably even find it at most hardware stores.

I also make this simple memo board for my craft room door.  I have a number of these old tray that I have picked up at antique store that I love and would never paint...but this one... was, NOT so pretty. lol  Kind of ugly pattern on it actually.... So ... I didn't feel bad at all painting it.

made it in about 15 minute.  Just used some Scrapbook Adhesives (double sided) Crafty Power tape to add a crepe paper ruffle to the edge and hot glued a flower and some leaves on it.  (also works as a magnet board.. so I added some pretty little glass marble magnets).

Right now , I'm working on kitting classes, so that sign should say "Enter at your own risk" instead of Welcome.     geeezzzzz... barely a place to walk in here right now. 
I guess I better get busy and get it done , so I can clean up soon.

Happy Day Everyone!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fancy Pants Beach Babe layout

Babies and Puppies... looks like this post is "cuteness overload".  Didn't plan is that way.. it just happened.
So enjoy the CUTE!    First little cutie is our sweet little Florida girl Rylee.  Amazing how fast they grow. 
This layout was made with Fancy Pants "Beach Babe" line.

And I love using these new "Filter Paper Embellishments".  You can use them in lot of different ways. They come white, so this one is misted with Glimmer Mist.

( you can see below where I used them to create flowers on my banner)

I also used Glimmer Mist on the Chipboard .

I'm missing my little darling, since she is back home with Jarad and Kate, but ... I'm certainly finding it easier to get things done. lol   She is just so adorable ...............

But... she was so insistent on helping me with my work.

Little stinker even chewed my camera cord... but seriously... could you really be made at this face???

 I don't think so :)


Before I end .. I wanted to remind you that all the winners from the Crafty Secrets/Eclectic Paperie blog Hop winners are posted here on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog and on the Eclectic Paperie Blog.
Thanks to all of you for visiting all the blogs and for the nice comments.
Also .. huge thanks to Crafty Secrets and Eclectic Paperie for hosting this and for all the great giveaways!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Tattered Angels Spring Table Setting

Finally I can share one of the things that has been keeping me busy lately.   Beautiful paints and sprays from Tattered Angels helped me create this spring table setting/and projects.
I've posted the photos here, that are on the TA website..but you can see it all here

The place mats are done with AccuCuts Square-Scalloped-11 1/2" Die
but they have a number of big dies that would work great for this. You can also purchase decorative edged die cut papers.   I started with everything white or unfinished, then added TA paints for color.  Paper, paper doilies, white flowers, unpainted clay pots ect..

Pin Wheels for name cards.  The great thing about starting with everything white and unfinished, is that I could color coordinate everything so easily.

Drilling holes in plastic eggs and setting them on this misted wood candle holders, make fun salt and pepper shakers huh?

and .. white flowers... turned beautiful with some TA Chalkboard spray.

You can see all these larger and with all the supplies and directions HERE.


Wanted to give  you a little update on my mom.  She is doing much much better. Actually had her out for Corned Beef and Cabbage on St Patricks day ,and she spent the night.  Gabby came here the next day and gave her and perm, and a cut.  Yep.. that's our pretty momma, smiling there. Thank you all for your concern and prayers for her. You guys are the best!

While Gabby work her magic on moms hair, Wyatt and I played.  He's so good at entertaining me! lol

He was being a puppy.. don't cha know :)   crawling threw my legs.  I think we entertained mom too. haha

After all that fun, Weston took mom and I to lunch in Fremont.  Glad Wes and Grandma had some time to visit also.
Jarad has been in Canada for work for WEEKS, and just got back Friday... so I had to stop over and see him for just a minute before heading back home.    Always something going on over there. lol  Wes was there also.  Here is Jarad showing me how to drive the buggy.  ( FUN)
 and I didn't even wreck.

And.. then just to top off the week...........

Jarad and Kate have an addition to their family... as of yesterday.  (she is still awaiting a name)... any thoughts ??
We'll, guess who is babysitting the new Grand-pup as we speak??   You guessed it.  I begged :)

She is ADORABLE!!!  even if she did just chew my camera cord.  Good thing I had just uploaded photos, because I wont be able to do it again, until I make a trip to pick up a new cord. ( This Grammas fault for not watching closer) . You forget how much you need to be aware of them all the time.  Our dogs are both 10+ years old.. so I haven't done the "puppy thing" for a while.      Aly and Molly are acting so weird , it's had me laughing all day. They have never been around a puppy. It's hysterical!

   ******* Hope you are all having a nice weekend!  *********

(ps. if you didn't get to check out all the amazing projects on yesterdays blog hop with Crafty Secrets and Eclectic Paperie....  you can still get all the links in the post below and get in on the giveaways.  You have unfil Monday)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Crafty Secrets and Eclectic Paperie (Shabby) blog hop

Hey everyone!!  Yay, it's finally here...
. Crafty Secrets/ Eclectic Paperie blog hop day!  I have been so excited about this.  Cant wait to see what all the girls have created!!    At the bottom of my post, I'll have links to all the eP and Crafty Secrets Design Team girls, along with links to eP and CS websites and blogs.
There are going to be some awesome prizes too!
Both EP and Crafty Secrets will be giving away prizes. I total of six prizes all together! You can find out more about the prizes on the Heartwarming Vintage and Eclectic Paperie blogs. The more DT blogs you visit and leave comments on, the more you increase your chances to win one of the 6 prizes. Winners to be announced on Monday. ( again all links at the bottom of this post)

Since we where going "shabby" with this blog hop, I thought  I'd go with a shabby layout.
I used the new Farm Chicks Clear Art Stamps and the new Farm Fresh Creative Scraps.

Loving "shabby"... roughed up , inked papers, lots of stitching, stamping , old photos and my favorite vintage images.  ( oh.. and a little Glimmer Mist spattered on for good measure)

I adore this chicken wire stamp SO much!

I used my epiphany goodies to create a dimensional embellishment ..using one of the elements on the Creative Scraps sheet.

Okay.. so I couldnt quit with these new images.    Here are some cards .. some shabby .. some not so much........but all using the same stamp set and creative scraps :)

The die cut shapes I used on these cards are from AccuCut.

 I know , I know.. I can stop using that chicken wire stamp!

I even used it on the twill on the card below. lol

I couldnt resist using some brighter colors on these. I "dig" (lol) the vibrant colors of these vintage images.
Again... about this time of year.. color.. is definatly what I need!

I didnt even begin to use all the images on this sheet of Creative Scraps..there are so many.   So plenty more for creating next week. ha     One of the things I love about Crafty Secrets images is that they are so beautiful.. they almost stand alone.  I can just dig around in my paper scraps and find colors I like with the image I'm working with  and very quickly put together a simple but cute card.

Okay... and heres one of my very favorite images on this sheet.  Oh.. it' just tickles me.

Hope you enjoyed a stroll through my projects today and travel on to the blogs below to see their beautfiul creations for this blog hop.

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