Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Street Market Memory box

Hey friends! Hope your week is going well.  I've actually had a pretty productive week, so I'm feeling good about that.  Class samples made for TX and classes pretty much kitted.    If your in TX and coming to the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington , June 2-4 , stop by the Crafty Secrets booth , do a make and take and say hello! We'd love to see you.  Or if your interested in signing up for a workshop with me, you can see what those are here
We are going to be having some fun! whooo whoo

Today I thought I'd share a project with you that I did with the Vintage Street Market  "Dimestore Vogue" line.
I've had this photo of my great grandma, grandma, mom and I , for some time ,but have never scrapped it until now.   I thought it would be fun to use this little shadowbox that came with our goodies , to create a little memory box of sorts using this photo.

Oh.. what I would do to sit with all of them again now.

I figured out this photo must have been taken at my grandparents anniversary celebration, after finding the photo below, where Grandma is wearing the same dress.

I love seeing all the hair styles in old photos. The other day when Gabby was here .. (working her magic on my hair), she showed me this insert from an old perm box she found in her Grandmas things.
So funny!

The illustration below totally cracks me up. What the heck?

But ..this one takes the cake.  I've had some bad hair days in my time..but never thought of taking an AXE to it. lol

I've been pondering one of these styles. What cha think? hahah  I'm leaning toward the bottom one.

While I'm on my "vintage" roll.  I have a couple of other things to share.
Look at this little pretty my sis gave me for Easter.  I LOVE it! Aren't the colors just so beautiful?

Okay... now .. I'm wondering if any of you can help my sis and I  figure this out what little girls is missing from this set. I think Jan said   they are "Days of the week" girls.  There are no days of the week marked on them... but the sticker brand on the bottom is Ucagco Ceramics (Japan).
It's funny because Jan and I both have these (same 6) figurines...but we have heard that there is one more...and neither of us know what it is.   Anyone know????    We'd love to hear if you know anything about them. ... and who the mystery girl is???

Pretty Cute aren't they?

Hope all of you have a fantastic day!  I have big plans ....
to clean out my closet! lol    Thank goodness the sun is shining hopefully keep me motivated.
If I don't come out... send someone in after me. lol

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new Fancy Pants layout and sharing our Easter

Well, I'm pretty much determined to have warmer maybe if I just do summertime layouts..that will help? lol   Anyway, I have so many fun photos from last summer, I decided I needed to just dig in and get busy scrapping.    This layout is done with the Fancy Pants Rusted Sun line.

I have always loved using my 3D foam Squares (Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L)... But lately I've been using them even more.  I think even that little bit of dimension adds so much.

Can wait for summer, so we can do this again :)

************************************************************************************** know me and photos when I'm with my family... never enough. lol  I always share after gatherings .. so that my far away family can feel like they were there also.
It was such a NICE day! And ... although they said it would be cloudy... guess what... SUNSHINE!
I have to share some of the little darlings in their Easter Dresses.

I laughed so hard when I saw the photo below.  The Easter Bunny had put some little plastic green bugs in some of the eggs.  This one came open just as she was picking it up.  Boy was she checking it out! lol
I don't think she was sure if the was going to pick it up or not.

K was checking out her goodies.. right there on the sidewalk.

The Easter bunny has some help preparing for the hunt.   Weston ( my ds) was getting creative with his hiding places.

and he wasn't the only one :)

Always lots of good food.   My brother Ray is cutting pies and helping to get things set out.

yummmm , my sister Jan is the queen of yummy deserts!

Getting set up.

about time to eat.

I made a big roaster of hash brown casserole, my baked beans, key lime and chocolate pies... and this new recipe.   I was easy and pretty tasty...  I'll be making it again. 
Here it is , if your interested.  If you want the printable version.. you can get it right here.

Sunny Vegetable Salad

Original Recipe Yield 12 servings


5 cups broccoli florets

5 cups cauliflowerets

2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

2/3 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup raisins

1 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons cider or red wine vinegar

6 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled

1/4 cup sunflower kernels


1.In a large salad bowl, toss broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, onion and raisins. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, sugar and vinegar. Pour over salad; toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Sprinkle with the bacon and sunflower seeds.

Our Easter was wonderful.... hope yours was also!

                                          Oh.. happy day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge "Paper Piecing"

It's Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge Day!   This months challenge theme is Paper piecing.  I'm really excited to see what fun projects the girls have put together for this challenge. I'll post links to all the Design Team members blogs at the bottom of this post, so you can pop around and see what they have each created.
I have a few things to share.  First these"little pretties" lol. I have been wanting to make these, since I first got the "Wizard of Oz" stamp set in the mail.  I LOVE the images.. and this was just too CUTE.  I have a little gathering coming up with a couple of friends, and I thought it would be fun for us all to have one of these.
{ I just stamped the witches legs on green paper, and the sign on tan, and then cut them out to attach them to the pink background piece}.

Just prettied up the backs a bit :)
These fun little frames have glass pieces for the front and the back and are now available at Hobby Lobby!  I know! I was so excited to see them there. I've always had to order then online before.

Moving on with the Paper piecing... I made this card with the Art Blooms Stamp set from Crafty Secrets.  If there was ever a great stamp set for paper piecing ..this is it.  So fun!  You can build so much with this set.  I stamped some of the vines on to the base piece of the card, then misted the edges with a bit of "Vintage Pink" Glimmer Mist.  After that, I stamped the flower and leaf elements from the set onto patterned paper and cut them out. Some of the pieces I attached directly onto the base piece, and others I added with 3 D foam Squares from Scrapbook Adhesives to give it dimension.

You cant see it here ,but I used my SAKURA clear stardust pen to add glittery edges to the flowers and leaves. 
For the butterfly card below I used the Cupcake Party stamp set.    I've always adored butterfly images, and this one is so pretty.  Even just stamped in black on different colors of cardstock, it just makes such a statement.

I stamped the butterflies first in black on the base piece of the card, then stamped them on the colored cardstock pieces and cut them out.  I stitched them down the middle, leaving the rest of the butterfly free to be folded up, so the wings lift off the card a bit.  I also used the Glitter Pen on butterfly wings.  ( darn the cloudy day when I took these photos for not letting that pretty glitter effect show:(

I know the DT girls will "wow" you with their creativity, so be sure to check out what they have been working on.

Crafty Secrets Design Team

Vicki Chrisman Team Leader ( already here:)

Pam Hooten

Heidi Blankenship

Linda Duke

Michele Kovack

Flo Teixeira from France

Melissa Phillips

Julie Campbell

Mary Hamer

Crafty Secrets

Heartwarming Vintage Blog

 have a great day friends!

Friday, April 22, 2011

And the shadowbox die cut winners are.....

Since my little buddy Wyatt was here today, I thought I'd let him help me announce the winners . I told him to show me different  faces... lol.. boy he was good at it :)

The winners are....


So if you four ladies would shoot me an email at, with your mailing address, .. I'll get those out to you right away.

and for those of you who didn't win this week... I'm sure Wyatt will share some of this suckers from this little Easter bouquet I made him. :)       But.... There will be another giveaway announced on  Monday , for next week.  Finishing  up  with one more week of giveaways in April to celebrate 5 years of blogging.

If any of you are interested in purchasing pre cut shadowboxes. I will be adding some to my etsy, but you can also shoot me an email.  The will be $10 for 3 , and that will include shipping.  It will just be a random mix of papers that they will be cut from.  Solid card stock back piece with  patterned paper for the other pieces.

OR if you have an AccuCut machine or you are interested in telling a store near you who has a AccuCut machine, about the die(s), you can see them here on the AccuCut website.

I thought I would share some samples I've done with the "portrait" style die , so you can see the different ways it can be used.

In the first three you can see how it is done as a free standing shadowbox.
Below , you can see how you can do it as a hang display.

I did the baby announcement below very simple , so you could easily make them ahead, and then just print off the birth information and add it.  It would be easy to make a number of them quite easily.

You can see below how you can close it up to card size.  (It comes with this closer piece)  If you choose not to close your project, you can see in some of the other samples how I Incorporated it  into the other die projects.

You can make a fun desktop calendar.

Lots of different things you can do with them.  It's fun to incorporate, photos with your printed or stamped images.  Crafty Secrets images work so great in theses.  You can see all their products  HERE


Wishing you all a  Fantastic Easter Weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hitch your wagon to a star

Happy Mid week everyone!  Hey.. I don't know about where you are..but FINALLY the sun is shining here! Seems like it's been so long since we've seen it.  Happy Dance going on here!
Maybe the sun shining is what got me up early this morning?  Whatever the reason..I was up, so I decided to make a card. 

I used one of the images from Crafty Secrets Vintage photos Creative Scraps.   All these images are so cute, I always have a hard time picking which to use.
I told you a while back about some new AccuCut dies I got. Well this is one of them. (Two square card mats on this die) and I love them both :)     I used the die on the right for the card above.  I decided to try something different and fold the top edge down. I really like the brace yourself.. you will  probably be seeing it used that way alot from me in the future. lol

                                                                      Item #: NC116


Like I mentioned at the beginning of my post.. it's been "sunless" here for some time. ( Seems like months)  Cold... cloud... ick.. You get the idea.   I can tell I'm really ready for warmer weather, because it's making me kind of .. well... "grouchy". lol   I usually always try to see the glass half full, not half empty... but I think there are just times when you need to just stop and think about being thankful for the little things .  I don't think I've been doing that enough lately.. so I'm really going to make a point of doing it everyday.   Of course we are all thankful for our family, having food and a roof over our heads...but sometimes it's the little things, the "everyday" things that are what make the day a little brighter.
As I was thinking about this when I was laying in bed this morning (debating about getting up) I thought about some of the little things I was thankful for yesterday.    Really..they were "little" things that make my day a little brighter.   

Yesterday I got my new "just released" RCPM CD.  I popped it in and let it play while I was working .. and it was fantastic.   So, I have to say...  Yesterday ( well...everyday actually)... I was so thankful for Good music! 

Well, this picture probably says it all.  I am SO thankful to have my little Aly pup here by my side. (Guarding the yard from Squirrels)

And ..this one is kind of strange..but I really am  thankful for phone.  As much as phones can be annoying at times... I'm so thankful for it because it keeps me connected to my far away family.  Actually now with texting .. I love how everyone in my family.. near and far can be in contact even more than ever. ( Sometimes several times a day :)

Hows that for a random mix of things to be thankful for ? lol

I'd love to hear 3 little things that made your day a little brighter yesterday.