Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new shadowbox die project

Hi friends! Can it be that the weekend is coming to an end already?  That went way too fast!  I spend most of yesterday teaching classes in Albion, so that day went by really quickly.  We had a great time with those girls... I'll share some photos from the day, below.  But first I'll share a new shadowbox die project.
I used the "Farm Fresh" Creative Scraps for this one.   My mom was raised on the farm, so I thought it would be fun to go with that theme for this photo of her. 

I love that little "Farm girl" piece, so I HAD to add it for sure.

I'll have some of their "pre- cut" shadowbox dies for sale in my etsy soon.

AccuCut die die itself available here


Well ... like I said, yesterday was a super fun day and classes went really well in Albion.  The trip heading out in the morning was a different story.  It was early,.. early when I headed out to pick up Gabby.  It was SO ridiculously foggy, you wouldn't believe it.  I literally had to call Gabby to give me an idea of a land mark or something to watch for, so I knew where the road was to turn off for her house. ( she lives in the country also).   Once I picked her up and we were on the road, all was fine. Still foggy, but we were on our way. Then......

Oh man seriously..     I "ge"t the road being closed , if the bridge is out. ( thanks for THAT warning)...but no detour signs to know WHERE to go from here.  Nothing! just this.  Oh.. did I mention this is 1 1/2hours  from my house and I have no idea how to find my way around this area. (and lets just say... it's rural!).
 So we went back to the gas station we passed a few miles back and I asked directions.  Luckily we were directed... only to the next little town that was only a few miles away. 
I did have to laugh though. We just came over a hill and this was what was ahead of us.  No warning at all. I stopped in the road ( and I'm sure I looked worried as we didn't have alot of spare time , and neither of us knew our way around this area).   I was looking straight ahead, and I said to Gabby, "Can you hand me my purse?).   I proceeded to take out my camera and take the photo above.  Gabby started laughing so hard.  I said "What"?    She said, I thought you were asking for your purse to get a number to call someone to figure out what to do or something...but NO... your getting your camera to take a picture! lol
- Yep... my theory... take photos first , ask questions later.-   lol

Once we got there, things were great. The girls are always so friendly and it's a fun time.
Missed having my sis Jan there this time, but Gabby jumped right in and was a fantastic class assistant.

I had mentioned last week, that I did make up some extra class kits , so I'll be adding those to my etsy shop this week.  You can see the link to my etsy on the right hand side of my blog, towards the top.

The event ran Friday through today.  There was certainly lots of crafting going on :)

After we got things packed up, and said our goodbyes, we headed for home. They had been saying we had a good chance at thunderstorms last night.  ummmm... yeah.. it's looking that way right?
Well luckily my little car found it's way home without having to dodge hail stones.  
It actually ended up missing us all together, but I could certainly see this in my rear view mirror.. creeping ever closer.
This photo was taken on the road just about a minute from home. whew!

Slept good last night.........
now unpacking boxes from yesterday.

Hope all of you had a great weekend.... and have a super week ahead.


harrahx2 said...

Girl, you always bring a big smile and laugh to me! Thank you Sooooo much! I swear, take a picture first and ask questions later. Fantastic project and there is always so much going on that I miss pieces until you show them. Love it!

Julie Higgins said...

So loved seeing the picture of your mom! How precious and what a great keepsake:)

Candy Spiegel said...

I love this shadowbox die ... I really need to make one! Thank you for inspiring me, again!

debbiek said...

Gosh Ms. Vicki, your Mom was a real knock out as a young girl! Adorable card. The shadowbox die is awesome and I STILL say you are a genius for creating it. Have a great week:)

Dawn said...

Always so nice to visit. Loved the vintage piece (and your mum to) I really liked it. Gosh that weather was bad I am glad your safe. How is the little puppy doing wt home?

Love Dawn xx

kathy/North Carolina said...

Hey, Vickie! I have made several of these shadow boxes as gifts, and they are so much fun. The recipients have just loved them. I need to order more. Love 'em!

MD said...


Jane Wetzel said...

oh Vicki- love the shadow box, gorgeous and fab that had that great pic of your mom in it! Glad u made it back safely!

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Hi Vic, I agree, your mom was very pretty as a young girl and she’s still a knock out! I love how you showed her off in this new shadow Box Frame with our Farm Fresh Scraps!


Linda S. said...

Hi Vicki, Had to laugh at your comment about asking your friend for your purse so you could snap a pic of that sign. I say to the NE Highway Dept., "Yeah, keep up the good work"!! Goodness would you have liked to see that sign illuminated by only your headlights if it was 11:30 at night? So glad you made the trip safely. Love the shadowbox, and can't wait to learn more. Linda S. in NE

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Love it - pictures first call later : ) Beautiful tribute to your mom and I am so excited these will be available in your Etsy shop!

Pamela said...

Thanks so much for sharing your project. I love that Shasow box die.