Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Street Market Memory box

Hey friends! Hope your week is going well.  I've actually had a pretty productive week, so I'm feeling good about that.  Class samples made for TX and classes pretty much kitted.    If your in TX and coming to the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington , June 2-4 , stop by the Crafty Secrets booth , do a make and take and say hello! We'd love to see you.  Or if your interested in signing up for a workshop with me, you can see what those are here
We are going to be having some fun! whooo whoo

Today I thought I'd share a project with you that I did with the Vintage Street Market  "Dimestore Vogue" line.
I've had this photo of my great grandma, grandma, mom and I , for some time ,but have never scrapped it until now.   I thought it would be fun to use this little shadowbox that came with our goodies , to create a little memory box of sorts using this photo.

Oh.. what I would do to sit with all of them again now.

I figured out this photo must have been taken at my grandparents anniversary celebration, after finding the photo below, where Grandma is wearing the same dress.

I love seeing all the hair styles in old photos. The other day when Gabby was here .. (working her magic on my hair), she showed me this insert from an old perm box she found in her Grandmas things.
So funny!

The illustration below totally cracks me up. What the heck?

But ..this one takes the cake.  I've had some bad hair days in my time..but never thought of taking an AXE to it. lol

I've been pondering one of these styles. What cha think? hahah  I'm leaning toward the bottom one.

While I'm on my "vintage" roll.  I have a couple of other things to share.
Look at this little pretty my sis gave me for Easter.  I LOVE it! Aren't the colors just so beautiful?

Okay... now .. I'm wondering if any of you can help my sis and I  figure this out what little girls is missing from this set. I think Jan said   they are "Days of the week" girls.  There are no days of the week marked on them... but the sticker brand on the bottom is Ucagco Ceramics (Japan).
It's funny because Jan and I both have these (same 6) figurines...but we have heard that there is one more...and neither of us know what it is.   Anyone know????    We'd love to hear if you know anything about them. ... and who the mystery girl is???

Pretty Cute aren't they?

Hope all of you have a fantastic day!  I have big plans ....
to clean out my closet! lol    Thank goodness the sun is shining hopefully keep me motivated.
If I don't come out... send someone in after me. lol


Jan said...

What an adorable box...cutest images, too :)

A Vintage Chic said...

Love it all, Miss Vicki! Your shadowbox is so wonderful--what a little cutie you were! Love those generational shots--priceless!

I so WISH I could just pop in and see you both in Texas--that would be fun!

Okay...those vintage hair ads are hilarious--love them all! You've got to use those in some project!

Hope your day is wonderful, my friend!


harrahx2 said...

Oh, Vicki, I see the family resemblance in all those sweet faces. What a great job. And love the little figurines! Never saw them so can't help with the missing one! Hugs and have a fun week-end. I know you will come out of the closet at some point! LOL

Gail Klingele said...

I believe that the missing girl is the one who does laundry on Monday. I don't see any that seem to be washing clothes there.

Country Liv . . . said...

Oooooo . . . lovely memory shadowbox! The photo is priceless. I did a search on the ceramics company but didn't see any of these figurines but a whole lot of vases that kind of looked like them. There are also a lot of sellers on eBay of this company too. Good Luck!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vicki! Happy Saturday to you! Got an envelope in the mail from you yesterday and havent got to open it yet- thank you!!! Cant wait to dive in when I get home from work today- love your shadow box and those vintage hair photos are CRAZY! LOL

Lovely Mrs E said...

Hi Vicki! I love the little girl figurines. Looks like they could be "Days of the Week" to me... if they follow the poem, "Monday's child is fair of face, etc"...isn't the little girl in red holding a mirror? "Thursdays child has far to go - the suitcase? Look on etsy - they may have the missing one's a girl holding a teddy bear.

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Maybe that's what I need to solve my hair issues - an ax!!

malia said...

oh they are so sweet!

Doreen said...

These figurines are similar to Hummel figures. Good luck finding Girl #7. I really like your "This art makes me happy" canvas art. It's just my style! Hope you'll come visit me sometime.