Sunday, May 01, 2011

An "Artful" day

I have to share some photos from my day in Lincoln yesterday.(actually LOTS of photos.. you know me:).  But first I have to show you this beautiful piece of art my sister Donna made me.    Isnt it amazing?  My sister and brother-in-law both do silversmithing, and create the most beautiful things. Anyone who has ever been around me or seen photos with my hands in them know I wear a ring that my brother-in-law Ron made me  on my thumb .. "always" .   It's just a part of me :) 
 Anyway back to the bracelet...   I really had no idea what all went into making this..but she started out with 10 feet of wire for each, made the rings, cut the rings, assembled each bracelet and then soldered all of the end connections.  Holy Moly.. can you image?
I love it! Thanks sis, I'll treasure it!

Yesterday was such a fun day, I just have to share.   Jan ( sister) and I, met up to go to see Nathaniel's band play outside yesterday  and this music and art event in Lincoln.     What a gorgeous sunny day!
We were PROUD Aunts!  The band just gets better and better at each show I see.  They are really good!

I am just SO impressed that there are programs like this for kids to express themselves through music and art.   OH.. it just makes me HAPPY!   such a cool thing

 Nathaniel and Riley.  Cute huh?   I say it all the time..but it's SO true, they grow up so fast!  Jan and I talked about that a number of times yesterday as we watched him up there.  He has certainly grown in to an amazing young man.

I don't know the kiddos in this band that played before them ,but I was lov'n every minute of it. SO darn cute!   I love that kids are able to actually HAVE FUN while learning to play instruments and sing. They get to play music they can relate to... and that they like.   I always say, I'm not a big fan of "change",but in this aspect...  change is good!
These kids were having so much fun! What a confidence builder for them.

They even had all these great opportunities for kids to "Create". 
At this table they were doing some printing with paint and a brayer.

I know I'm going on and on ..but I'm just so happy to see things like this for kids.
Kids having FUN ... LEARNING... wow..there is a concept! lol

I'm pretty sure when I was a little kid I didn't know what a brayer or a potters wheel where. lol

Art for all ages

Hey... there is my sis.     I wish you could see these beautiful fabric pieces up close. The detail was amazing!

Sunshine, family, good food, good music and ART = a perfect day in my book!

Thanks for letting me share!  Wish you could have been there too.   Hope your weekend was fantastic!

and I hope you had a                      Happy May Day!



Debby said...

What fun. So many acitvities. Your nephew is so cute.
Thank you so much for the giveaway. Wow, I was blown away with all the goodies. Scrapbook
Adhesives is and always has been my favorite. I am so excited to have all the different products. I will be scrapping all day next Saturday and everything will come in handy. Thanks also for the die cuts. I will have fun using them as well.
Happy May Day to you.

A Vintage Chic said...

What a perfect day, Vicki! LOVE that bracelet--lucky you!

Such a nice thing to have family nearby to spend time with like that--I'm wishing for it one of these years!

Happy May Day to you, too, my friend!


ddlady said...

Vickie, you have a wonderful and talented sister. I would treasure that bracelet always! I only wish my big sister lived close enough for me to see more frequently! Glad you had a wonderful May Day!!!!!

Jan said...

Looks like the kids are having a great time..great program, too! I got to spend part of my day yesterday with my Sis, too :)

debbiek said...

What a great blog post. Kids should have more of this type of thing. Sadly these days, the world doesn't hold enough fun things for them to do....

What a beautiful bracelet your Sis made for you. She sounds like you, a real sweetie:) Have a great week!

harrahx2 said...

How old is your nephew now? He is growing up quick this past year! Holy cow. He is still a cutie pie. It looks like a fun week-end and what is better than helping children meet their creative side? Hugs my friend!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What a gift of love - it's hard to believe it's handmade Looks like it was a great day in Lincoln - my favorite part??? I think it has to be Nathaniel's guitar strap : )

malia said...

wow how cool!
-great looking kiddos
-gorgeous bracelet
-i want that art van