Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Spring Card

Well, here it is Memorial Day and I still have "Spring" projects I haven't gotten posted. Wow.. where does the time go?  Tomorrow I leave for TX.. so I'm hoping you will ..again.. hold down the fort here for me and welcome my guest bloggers. I'm excited for you to meet them!
  (I will be posting when I can also).
And if you are attending the Great American Scrapbook Convention in TX... come by and say hello okay?
The card below is done with an image the Birds and Blossoms Creative Scraps, from Crafty Secrets.

Being a "non traditional" Craft Blogger, I always seem to feel the need to share my life through photos here.  I always tell people, I show a project first and then start in with the photos and chatter, so that way, if your just here hoping to get some crafty inspiration, you can see if first and you don't have to muddle through all the rest. lol  But.. I will always share my family , my pups, and my sometimes boring, sometimes crazy life.......because it's just who I am.   I think it's only natural to want to share the things you love, don't you?  :)

Saturday I picked up mom, and we went out to the cabin to see the kids for a bit.
Riley and Kate were chill'n

I think that pup thinks shes human. lol

I feel like I should have a " you might be a redneck if...." saying to start off THESE photos. lol
This is the potato launcher Jarad made.    Yep... everything Jarad creates is over the top. haha

Okay.. need a laugh.  geezzz.. no make up , messy hair... packing a huge potato launcher?? nice!
I'm not one shooting anything..but I have to admit this was so fun.  My kind of "gun", doesn't kill anything.. and just shoots potatoes out into the field for the deer to eat.

yeah... we're fairly easy to entertain.

Riley thinks shes the queen of this stump.

seriously.. she really likes it. lol  Worlds biggest chew stick.

Yesterday was the "Dunn" family reunion.  My dads side of the family.  Dan had to work, so mom and I packed up and headed there for the day.  Always so great to see the cousins ect..
This shirt just cracked me up.  ( I guess there is a baseball player named Dunn)

It just make me feel so good the way everyone is so good to mom. They all took turns coming to chat with her, and reminisce.    Our crazy cousin Jay came over and asked mom why she wasn't in the food line.  He said.. "Isnt Vicki looking after you??... come on Aunt Ev.. I'll get you some food! " lol
He took her by the arm and right over to the food line.  Everyone just smiled and stepped back...leaving a place wide open for him to take her right to the front of the line. 

Everyone treated her like gold.  Heartwarming I tell ya :)

We got back in time to go to the cemetery with flowers for Dad and my brother Gary.

It was a good weekend.

Hope all of you had a nice memorial weekend also.

May we all take time to remember the men and women who have served our county.
 Those who have lost their lives,... paying the ultimate price
..... for our freedom.



Jan said... to see pictures of your mom and family :) The card is great and love the image and sewing! Have fun in Texas :)

Julie said...

Always love both the projects and the family pics! Have a great trip, Julie

Debby said...

Such sweet pictures...well besides the potato launcher, hah. Your MOm must have felt special. Love the doggie on the stump. Happy Memorial Day.

Kinzie said...

The picture of your mom walking in the cemetary is absolutely touching.
LOVE the potato launchers!!

Carol (HB) said...

Beautiful card Vic!
I just love the pics and stories about your mom and family!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

And to think some people just put out salt blocks : ) Great card and enjoyed seeing the pics! Looking forward to meeting your guest bloggers and I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

Sherry Goodloe said...

That card is really pretty, but the potato launcher? Oh yeah . . . THAT just made this blog post! LOL Have a great trip to Texas.

debbiek said...

Great photos, Vicki. Love, love, love the ones of Riley. She looks just like my brother's dog when she was a pup:) Your son should sell those potatoe launchers....too fun!

Have a great time in TX and be safe.


OMG Riley is getting big, I just love him on that stump that is so cute! And Kate holding him adorable! That's how my Pebbles is she always has to be ON me lol.

Love your mom she is so cute! And OMG my mom's maiden name is Dunn what a small world huh? I wonder if we are some how related lol. She grew up in Northern NY, Jacksonville area.

Have fun in Texas, I hope be have time to pop on and see the guest bloggers, but my son graduates June 11th so I'm swamped with things to do to get ready for his party. We have a huge family so there is going to be a lot of people there lol (I'm the youngest of 8)

Have a great time and travel safely!!

Linda S. said...

Vicki, loved this post. I always enjoy your crafty projects, but enjoy the family pictures and stories even more. The last photo brings tears to my eyes...beyond touching!
Linda S. in NE

Linda S. said...

Oh, forgot to mention...I hope you kept that potato launcher under wraps when Sandy was here!! lol
Linda S. in NE

Sassy said...

The picture of your Mom at the cemetary totally touched me....LOVE IT!