Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pass it on

Hi friends! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!   The weather is so beautiful here today.. and I'm enjoying it with all the windows open.   This is the weekend of our little towns celebration so hopefully tomorrow we will take in some of the festivities :)
Yesterday I spent the entire day in my room... creating and making huge messes!  I am talking MESSY!  But I got alot done so that feels good.   Some of the projects are for CHA so I have to wait a bit before sharing, but I'll share one of the things I finished up yesterday.  It's a basket of cards I put together for a local fundraiser ..."Royal Family Kids Camp".  helping foster kids go to camp. * Pat on the back to Kathy Howerton for helping make things like this possible!

They are all super easy cards, but sometimes you just need quick notes.  I think sometimes people who aren't card makers don't know about the extra postage that embellishments on cards cause.. so these a just sweet and simple.  I had fun dressing up a little basket for them.

Well... yep... I'm pretty into baskets it seems. lol    This is a basket of goodies for "Relay for Life", American Cancer Society, a while back.  My friend Julie made and sold TONS of banners to raise money! Yay Juls!
"Giving" feels good!    I was thinking back on the blog post I did quite some time ago, about random Acts of Kindness.   Little things like ,. leaving a flower with a note on it , playing for someones coffee, ect...    I looked back to try to find that blog post..but couldn't fine it for the life of me :(  
I remember it was so fun to read all the comments and emails I got from people telling about  the anonymous  "kind" things they had done that week.   It was just a huge warm fuzzy!  Cheesy I know..but  you gotta love it.      

These gifts weren't anonymous but they really got me thinking about the whole "pass it on" thing again.
I know we all do kind things, hold doors open, let people go ahead of us in line at the grocery store, ...but this week, I plan to do some "random acts of kindness" in hopes that, those people will "pass it on".   Do you want to do it with me? :)
I guess it's not completely anonymous if we share it here, but I'd love to hear about any they you do.  I'm still thinking about what "KIND" I will do this week.  But I'll share it at the end of the week.... if... you'll share what "KIND" thing you did with me. lol
A few people doing a few nice things ..really can make a difference.

If you are looking for ideas, check this out..  Random Acts of Kindness website.   There are categories for ideas and so many great stories.


While I'm on the subject of giving.  Giving your time volunteering is huge!   
  Jarad had posted this photo of his truck, with his new lights on it on facebook the other day.  I snagged it to share here :)      
 I read something today that I was amazed by...
According to the National Fire Prevention Assoc , 71 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers.  

I don't have a photo.. but Wes spent today helping youth put together train models for the new train display they're working on for the railroad museum. 
I'm  proud of the boys( and Kate) for getting involved and volunteering in our community.

If you volunteer your time to a cause I'd love to hear that too!


Okay.. I know your not going to get much out of this ... (because it's all in German) lol.. but I was excited when  saw it , and wanted to share.
Scrap Art Zine is a German Scrapbooking magazine

As if I didn't chat and share enough.. .... just one more thing.....

Be sure to check out the giveaways going on over on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog!

ok... the end.


Jan said...

I agree...nothing feels better than lending a hand :) It's great that your boys know the value of volunteer work and are active in the community!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hey there Vicki! I remember that post about the pay it forward deeds! Awesome...and it just makes u feel better then ever! I love your basket of cards and the German mag is great! Enjoy your Sunday!

Mickie said...

Doesn't it make you warm and gooey on the inside to help others? I know you are proud of your guys. My son does a lot of that in his hometown also.

LindaC said...

Congratulations on the German mag...that's awesome! LC

Debby said...

It is feel good to give. I'll see what happens this week so that I can spread some goodness. Random acts are the best.
COngrats on the publication even if it is in German it is stil great.
Our firemen and paramedics are volunteers......and we had to call them yesterday for my choking husband. All is well now.

*Fauve* said...

Great,i love Scrap-Art-Zine.I had a fun time creating for them.Youre projects look great!

nannyj said...

Vicki...Your blog on random acts of kindness was Feb.17, 2010. I saved it for a reference.

malia said...

congrats vicki... you're amazing artwork is loved all over the world!

Tish Rathman said...

Ok, so I am a little late, but better late than never! Hy-vee has their rose sale going so I bought all the people I work with (7 guys and 1 gal) roses and put them on their desk over the lunch hour. Thanks for the inspiration!

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