Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Street Market projects for June

Well, I seriously have been working on getting this blog post finished and posted for two days now.  To say there has been alot going on, would be an understatement.  More fun tomorrow,... so tonight you get a post with lots of photos and not so much talky talk :)
I wanted to share some Vintage Street Market fun.  Wyatt was here for a bit the other day with his mom, so he and I worked on a little book for him.   This month Vintage Street Market and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L are teaming up, .. ( and you know I love them both!), so I thought it would be fun to show you how easy these adhesives can be for the kiddos, for some summer projects.  I'll how you more of Wyatt's little "creative book" below, but first here are a couple of other projects done with the same line.
I  used the "Party Games" Paper Sheets and Tags for all these projects.


I love making these covered wooden blocks for (or with) kids. They love the mix of images and photos fo themselves.
a tracing wheel just adds to the fun :)

Need a container for a summer Birthday party?    It's easy to make pennants with the pieces from "Party Games:, using printed pieces attached to wooden dowels. I find the little wood pieces for the top of the dowels at the Craft store also.  All you have to do is paint them fun colors, glue the tops on and add the pennants.  I used my large scalloped scissors to add a fun edge to my crepe paper from the "Party Games" pack, then just lined the inside of the clear can with the polka dot paper.

Okay... here is Wyatt's book.   he looks pretty proud of it doesn't he?

The EZ runner is working great for this crafter extraordinaire

If you have a little crafter in your house.. I can begin to tell you how much they love using 3D foam squares as an adhesive.  I think because they can do it themselves with no help.  "W" was going to down with these.

Hey look!.. they even work great for attaching buttons.

And.. the creative juices were flowing!  He was so proud of his book, and thought it was so cool that he could do ANYTHING he wanted in it.  Oh.... "creative freedom" ... we all need it. lol

Well, now that I shared the fun parts, I have to share a bit of our scary evening.  I was in Lincoln today helping Wes move some things to his new place.  My sis was "the best" an helped us all stinking day! Thanks sis!  Anyway when we left Lincoln tonight as headed home, we were defiantly watching the sky!
It started out sunny.. then  took a turn for the worse. Here is a bit of what we saw.

In the photo below, you can see Wes ahead of me pulling the trailer.  Trust me  we were on high alert by this time.

It was so ominous.   By the time we got home the sky was just bizarre.... But little did we know what was happening near home,just ahead of us.     

Jarad called my cell phone and said, his friend had called him saying there was a tornado just up the road from our house. Dan obviously watching the skys or the weather, because when I called home to ask him what was going on .. he was not aware! geeezzz... No tornado sirens in the country ..but we do have a weather alert alarm that Wes bought us for Christmas. Not sure how he missed that? Anyway, we were fine, and as far as I've heard , there was no major damage and no one hurt..but this is the photo Jarad's friend got of it with his phone.

SO thankful!

There was other exciting things today..but I'll have to share those photos in my next post, because this girl has to get to bed! Tomorrow.. heading to the big flea market in Walnut Iowa!

Woo hooo!  Photos to come!

Storms have passed for now.. so time for some sleep!


VAWM said...

Mr. Wyatt is just adorable.
I am thankful that you are all okay. That sky was ominous. I think I will take the potential of earthquakes and the occasional volcano eruption here in the NW! Here's hoping you have a restful night!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

i am so glad you are ok, this looks so dangerous.
mr wyarr looks to cute. love the artwork

Carol (HB) said...

wow - how scarey Vic! I'm glad you are all ok!!!
Wyatt is such a cutie1

Bev said...

So glad you are ok! What scary stuff. I love storms, but that would be a little much.

How cute is that Wyatt!

Thanks for sharing!


Elly-My Everyday Things said...

OMG... that tornado... it's a bit scary!
Love the pics of Wyatt, he's adorable!
Love his and your projects, they're really fun!
Have a lovely weekend! (without tornado's!!!!)
Hugs, Elly

debbiek said...

Wyatt looks so thrilled with his book. How cute! Glad you did not have any storm damage. That must have been reallllly scary driving home. Have a good rest of the weekend, Ms. Vicki!

Jan said...

YIKES...I'm glad you're ok! These storms and tornadoes are a little spooky! Wyatt is just too adorable and it looks like he's having a blast being creative!

Linda S. said...

I'm glad to hear you and your family are O.K. My DH told me there was a tornado that touched down in your neck of the woods. I immediately said, "Oh, No! That's where one of my papercrafting friends lives." And now, that he just the cutest kid ever?? I would love to spend a day with him if his Mother ever wants to loan him out!! Savor every took some great photos. Linda S. in NE

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Great idea for a craft for kids! I'll have to put that on our summer to do list. The gift container is wonderful - love those pennants! Like everyone else glad to hear you are ok : )

Debby said...

Wyat is so cute and so proud.
Those skies are just awful looking. So much potential for sure. The one from the cell phone is the strangest tornado I have seen.
Almost like a water spout. We were driving from S.Carolina to Ohio yesterday. Skies looked bad, not as bad as yours. I was wondering if we should look for a ditch. Glad you are okay.

kathy/North Carolina said...

So glad you are OK. We had a tornado in our neighborhood several weeks ago. Our house is fine, but one just up the street got hit. Scary stuff!

I love making little books with little people, too!

Jane Wetzel said...

hey...can this kid get any cuter?? doubt it! yikes...those pics are scary!