Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Fancy Pants "Off to School" line.

Hey Everyone!  Hope you're weekend is going well.  I'm working in getting things cut to add to my etsy today.  It's nice and cool "inside", so I guess "that's" where we'll be:)  Be sure to check my etsy later to see what shapes I've added, in case there are some you are interested in.   
I have a number of New Fancy Pants layouts to share.  All of them done with the newly released lines.  The first one is the "Off to School" line.  I know the layout below isn't your traditional "School" layout, but when I pulled out these photos (which I LOVE), all I could think was ... "School of Rock". lol   Aidan and Griff had the microphone at the Senior Center, at one of our family gatherings, and were singing their little hearts out.  Oh.. it was SO cute!

Blow is a sampling of the line, but you can see my layout and a bunch of others .. all done with this line HERE on the Fancy Pants Blog.

I loved that one of the elements actually said "School Rocks" .. yay... made it even more fitting for my title and photos.

If you've used Fancy Pants products before, you know what I'm talking about when I say ....   it's so easy because there are so many coordinating things in each line.   Chipboard elements, rubons, buttons , ribbons ect.     Sure makes pulling a layout together easy!
Fancy Pants released what I think are their best lines ever!   You can  check them all out HERE.

Yesterday mom and I took a drive in the country.  It was a beautiful summer day and we both enjoyed getting out for a bit. Dan had to work yesterday, so we kind of just did as we pleased most of the day.
The fields were so green. and the corn so high.  I can tell drives in the country really take mom back to her youth.  I love it , because she talks about things she remembers as a child and it's so interesting.
She was saying how the fields look so nice from the rain, and remembering when there were times when she was growing up when the huge black clouds of dust and dirt would come.   She said the sky was just black!  And that you could see it coming from a long ways away it was so big. She said the they would all have to run around the gather the chickens to put them in.  When it came the skies where black as night.  Can you imagine?
We also talked about farming and  farm animals.  All I can say is I would have never made it!  Having to work that hard for one thing, but knowing my animals would have had to but butchered to feed  the family   would have been quite hard for me :(

It was a nice ride, and a good visit :)  I love moms stories!

Enjoy your Sunday!


LindaC said...

Having spent 25 years in education I am partial to scrapbook papers with a school theme. These papers are nice. Love your 'rocking' layout! LC

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Sweetie! Love the layout; that Griffin is such a doll. Oh, how wonderful for you and Sweet Momma to take a nice 'remember' drive in the country. Wish I could have done that with my mom or dad; when they were alive I was just too dang 'busy' to stop and spend good quality time with them . . . what a waste. I am so happy that you get to do this for both of you. Did you take the pups along for the ride? It has been way too hot here to get in a car; 106.4 in the shade with a heat index of 110 and humidity out the kazoo! We are having a 'cool spell' today with temps hovering at 100.
Give Momma a hug from me and thank you for sharing your beautiful family and photos!

Debby said...

Very cute LO and those rockers are adorable.
What your Mom was describing sounds like those dust storms that have happened out West. I have never seen anything like that.
Love country rides.....I grew up smack dab in the middle of lots of farms.

Jan said...

Such a super sweet LO and what cute pictures! Lovin' the new FP line :)
Glad you got to go for a drive with your mom and enjoy some memories with her :)

Jane Wetzel said...

omg Vickie- that lo is really cute! Love those papers too- glad u got to take that ride- it is important and rewarding to hear those stories... :)

Bettyann said...

what a delightful time with your Mom..glad you had the time with her...take care..thinking strongly of you lol

harrahx2 said...

I love that you share mom stories! Hope she is feeling better. Hugs. The kids are really growing quick!

Anonymous said...

Your layout is Adorable honey and the boys are just the cutest ever!
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Mom and daughter time with helps me feel a bit closer with my own mom.
Big hugs for both of you :)