Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Enjoy the process

I love chatting with other crafters. It's always fun to spend time with others who share your hobbies and interests. Lately I've had a chance to chat with some some "new to paper crafts" friends.  It's always good for me to be around people who are just getting starting in this,... be it in a class I'm teaching or just conversing with friends. Why?? because it quickly reminds me that not everyones world revolves around paper and glue.. like mine seems to at, and  also that I need to be sure to not just assume people know where to even begin, when they do decide they want to start scrapbooking, card making ect...  I think we crafters can be very intimidating at times, with all our "gadgets" and rooms filled with every craft supply known to man. :)   The truth is there are lots of people out there that love to craft or would like to get started crafting, that don't have a clue what the names are of the top Manufactures or what the the "hippest" paper line out right now is ( and probably don't care). lol   They just want to enjoy the process, and create!  Really... there are lots of people that want to craft (as a hobby), without becoming so consumed by it that they have to  lay in bed at night dreaming of the new stamp release coming out next month.( like some of us)  haha    
  So I decided to do a blog post showing easy ideas for adding dimension to products, for simple distressing tips and  adding interest with little details.    I thought the easiest way to do that would be to just create a project and share some of these things along the way.    So I created this little altered hanging.

I used papers from the "Creating with Vintage Images CD" , and "Love Mail" Creative Scraps, both from Crafty Secrets.

You can use anything for your base to work from , chipboard, wood ect, I'm using this back piece from a vintage photo holder.

If I want a different colored background I often use a basic acrylic paint.  I usually never completely cover the background with paint, when I'm trying to achieve a shabby look. Let a little of the background show through.  Shabby = not perfect :)  this is a time to embrace the chance to be a little messy, not be a perfectionist.  Using a soft brown ink pad, and rubbing it ( lightly) , not only around the edges of your project, but over any raised areas, gives it an aged look and adds interest.   My personal favorite is ColorBox  Chalk Cat Eye from Clearsnap. Color Chestnut Roan

And below.. is my old tried and true "tracing wheel" technique.  It's been around a while but is still worth it's weight in gold as far as I'm concerned.  If you don't have a sewing machine or are working on a project that you can actually stitch through, all you need is a inexpensive tracing wheel.  You can find them in the sewing dept of any store that carries fabric or sewing supplies.  You just apply pressure as you run the wheel around any of the areas of your project that you want to create a faux stitched look.  The little perforations the wheel makes really does give the effect of stitching.

Using a distressing tool like this, around the edges of your images, or paper, can add  interest and give  the paper  a worn look.

 If you don't have a distressing tool, you can use the sharp edge of your scissors.

When it comes to my photos I don't like to get that aggressive, but I do use a emery board on the edges to get a similar, but a bit more subtle look.  ( without risking bending or tearing my photo)

Adding dimension to your project really adds interest.  One easy way to do this is with 3D Foam Squares. They are adhesive on both sides, so all you to is use them to attach your paper piece, image, ect.. to your altered project.
You don't always have to add them to the entire piece. Lots of times I just add them to one edge, letting the other edge be flush with the project background.


It's amazing how much charm "the little things" can give your vintage projects. The extra attention you pay to distressing, inking ect, never goes unnoticed.  Once you've staged you background and added your photo and larger images, you can work on the little details. Those extra little things that aren't always the first things you notice when you look at the project, but that defiantly pull it all together. The special finishing touches.  I think it's these little things are what really "make" the project, most times.   ( this is usually my favorite part of the creative process). 
  I  cut a small butterfly image from my Creative Scraps sheet, and added it to the decorative straight pin. ( below) 

I used a simple glitter pen like this to outline the butterfly to make it stand off the project even more.  I love this pen!

I tucked my butterfly pin down into my the top part of my flowers and ribbon cluster. 

I'm always get recharged when I talk to people who are  just getting started scrapbooking/card making ect    You see them getting bitten by "the bug". Excited about fun products they find that fit perfectly for what they are wanting to work on.  And seeing how fun it is for them to show off their finished projects.
So this post is for you girls!  I hope you found some tips you can use in the future.
And keep in mind there are many online communities with forums where you can ask questions, learn techniques and meet other crafters from beginers to advanced.   Some of the nicest people I've ever met have been ones I've met online, through this hobby, so dont be afraid to reach out and ask questions.

And remember , when you CREATE.. take time to enjoy the process!

PS.  Dont forget to get your name in for the giveaway in the post below :)

Enjoy the day


Monday, August 29, 2011

It's a good day... for a giveaway!

I was thinking it would be a fun time to host a giveaway.. so here you go...
it's a little something from each of the companies I'm lucky enough to get to design for.  Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage, Fancy Pants Designs, Tattered Angels, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Vintage Street Market.  If you'd like your name in for a chance to win, all you have to do it leave a comment in this post between now and next Monday Sept.5th.   I'll draw a winner, and announce it that day.

Sharing a card and a few photos from our weekend today.  Vintage Street Market and Unity Stamps teamed up this month for some fun.  You can see all kinds of gorgeous creations from the DT on the Vintage Street Market blog, so be sure to check it out :)

That simple little tricycle image just makes me smile, especially with that punch of color from the fun VSM papers from the "Party Games" Paper Sheets and Tags.
And if that wasn't enough to make me smile... I ran across this picture of Weston on his tricycle when he was a little guy. awwwww   That guy with him??  A member of the band CCR?  No silly..that's my hubby. lol and that's our first dog .. Ralph.  Oh.. and our "first" house. We lived there for 20 years.
   Thankyou 1985 for that precious memory.

While I'm on the subject of all things that make me smile... kids, tricycles, dogs, and rock stars :)   .. how about a sweet picture of Aly visiting Grandma?
Dan and I took Aly to visit Grandma ( mom)  at the care facility this weekend, and I think it made them both happy!

It was another gorgeous weekend... so we even found time take a little drive.  Totally enjoyable. Here's one ..but  I'll share more photos from the ride later.

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!


Friday, August 26, 2011

A good day

Happy Friday Everyone!    Hope your week has been a good one.  It's been a pretty productive week for me so I'm feeling good about that.  I was feeling pretty behind on things, but kicked it into gear this week, and I'm getting caught up. (for now anyway :)    I had decided since I got house"stuff" done Wed, that yesterday would be "creative day". A day to get caught up on projects and deadlines.  I got 3 layouts and a card done! THAT is good for me..because I am NOT a fast "creator" at all.  I dink around way too much  ... looking for just the right button or piece of lace, when the first one I picked up would have probably been just fine. lol  Can you say "quirky".    Anyway, I was so please things fell into place like they did and I felt good about the finished projects.  (I'll be sharing soon).
The layout below is one I did last week using a new stamp set from Crafty Secrets called " Vintage Labels".

You can see them all here. Aren't they fantastic? They are already available! 

I love that all the centers come out and are interchangeable, and that it has all the little accent pieces for embellishing.  I used mine around the edge of the border of my layout.

The bird image I used below is from the "Birds and Blossoms" Creative Scraps .

The papers are from the "Creating with Vintage Images" CD

I am just pretty much LOVING that set.


What been going on around here?? Well, a little of this an that.  I told you I've been busy catching up on things around here, but I've also been taking time to enjoy this fantastic weather.  Oh my, the days have just been so cool and comfortable, and the nights ...the best kind for sleeping :)    Windows open!  LOVE that!
Living in the country I know having the windows open will just undo all that dusting I did this week..but so be it! It's totally worth it.  Nothing better than fresh air.
I can already feel that the seasons are getting ready to change again.  As much as I complain about the extreme weather changes here, I do love the changing of the seasons.  I totally enjoy fall ( I'm just not so happy with what comes "after" that).  I really don't even mind snow.. or .. even "winter" for a while... it just seems to last longer than I would like. lol
I have really noticed the gorgeous lighting in the evenings.  You'll be able to tell from my next week photos, I've been  intrigued by it... . um... alot.
This is my new lamp.  I saw it and fell in love with it immediately!  My sissy bought it for me as an early Birthday present.  Is she the best or what??

Something as simple as these pears on the dinning room table in the evening, just seem to beautiful.

Last night, Dan had work late, so we knew he wouldn't be able to join us ,but Jarad, Kate , mom and I had dinner together at the rehab facility she is at.  They have a beautiful room for families to use if they want to gather for meals or just visit.  It was just so, I was wishing for a picnic to take mom outside.  No picnic tables, so I decided we'd have a picnic anyway.. but inside.  Picnic basket, red checked place mats, paper plates, KFC... oh.. and artificial daisies from the dollar store, that I picked up on the way (when I stopped for napkins and plastic ware),  in a vase I snatched from moms room. lol   Wa la.. (sorta picnic)
 It was so great to see Jarad and Kate and catch up on whats been going on in their lives. (This momma's heart is happy!)

And then... another beautiful sunset for my viewing pleasure, on the way home afterwards.
Cant been that.    .

It was a good day


                    have a great start to your weekend my friends

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sharing a couple of cards

Well, since I found out taking a little nap at 6:30 does not work for me, and I'm still up, I thought .. why not do a blog post.  Not that the nap didn't feel wonderful at the time, but it's going on 12:30am and I'm wide awake. grrr  I'm trying to straighten out my hours and not be such a night owl, so I hope this doesn't throw me off again.    The week has just started and It's already been a busy one.  I'll share a bit..but first a couple of new cards.  For the one below I used a image from the ...
"Garden" ( Double Sided) Creative Scraps and papers from the "Creating with Vintage Images CD" from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

I'm had a couple of email asking about the little safety pins I use. They are from Fancy Pants. 

This card it one I did for the Crafty Secrets Challenge over at Splitcoast Stampers.  The image is from the "Mini Vintage" Creative Scraps. (square epoxy over the image).  Again papers from the new CD.
The die is from Spellbinders.

Like I said, there's been alot going on already this week.
Over the weekend mom had lots of company come to visit.  Wes and I had lunch with her on Friday.

And on Saturday ..... Suprise!... Neely is home for a visit from CA.  Mom is  always happy  to see her family and friends. Jan, Keith, Neely and I , had lunch with mom on Sat.   She had visits from lots more famly on Sunday.. but I was home.. so I missed the fun :(  lol     
The plan is a couple more weeks of therapy to get her back where she needs to be..but getting stronger each day.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers my friends!

Yesterday Jan ( my sis) and I got to take a ride on this passenger train.  (Thanks to Weston, for getting us tickets).     I had only riden on a train once before in my life.  Kind of odd actually concidering our dad was a life long railroad man.   Just havent had the opportunty come up.  Dad worked for the railroad for over thirty years, and my brother Dan, still works for the railroad.
Although we have a dinner train in Fremont, this passenger train is not normally here. It was a safety promotion of some sort that they have been doing once a year.

We road on the upper level

amazing how cool, comfy and quiet it is

Can you imagine how amazing this was, back in the day?

These framed photos of it , were so cool.

Check it out.. part of our ride took us right by my town.  There is main street.
We got to see lots of beautiful country side. 

We really enjoyed the ride.  Thanks Wes!


Before I call it a night, I wanted to tell you about a chance at a giveaway and a free printable HERE on the Heartwarming Vintage happening right now. Pop on over . 

ok.. off to see if I can sleep now. lol

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge "Fairies"

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope your weekend was a good one.  Well, we're staring the week out with some fun.. because it's Crafty Secrets  Design Team Challenge Day! woo hoo!    The entire team has pretties to share with you today, so please be sure to check out the links to their blogs at the bottom of this post to see what they've been creating :)  This months challenge is to is use any of the Crafty Secrets products .. in a "fairy" theme.   Brace yourself for a very "visual" post today. lol  I have lots of photos to share. I decided to create a eclectic little mini album to use as a place to keep and collect favorite quotes.   I created the album from random things in my room, like, bingo cards, envelopes, tags, transparent overlays, corrogation, journaling pieces and about anything else that I thought might work.  After cutting my different pieces to approximatly the same size, I punched the wholes for my rings, and then started to create each page.  ( note I said, I "punched" my wholes before I started to create. lol  You have no idea how many times I had to punch through part of my design before I finally learned to start punching my holes first :(

I've had a number of people as me where I got the little bottle I have tied on the front. (filled with fairy dust AKA.. "glitter".    You can find them here at Eclectic Paperie.

Here is what the different pages of the album look like when the album is opened up.

Born to Fly Stamps Set, Update: this is now a Digital Set so all the images
are larger and resizable.

 Update: Altered Fairy Scraps are now Printable!!

The lace stamp used below is from the "Antique Trims" stamps set.  I used papers from the "Creating with Vintage Patterns CD".

I added different cut page shapes ...and added them under the flap of a couple of Maya Road envelopes to help create the inside of the album.  It's hard to see from here, but the image of the little whispering girls are actually on a piece of transparentcy. You can see the writing on the page behind, through the transparentcy.

I stamped and Glimmer Misted shipping tags in different colors as a way to add more space for quotes in my little book.

I think this little floral pattern is my very favorite. love it!

There are so many fun ways to use all the different stamps on this set.  Below you can see how I used the ticket strip and the legs(stamps), to create a little pedistal for my fairy to sit on.

And below I used the little party hat stamp to create a banner by stamping it on different colored patterned paper.  fun huh? 

In the upper left corner I added some jewlery tags with the little words stamped on them.

I love being able to cut out the extra little pieces from the Fairy Creative Scraps sheet and add them with dimension.

I wanted to make this little book something that was kind of a work in progress, so I could add new quotes and saying whenever I wanted.  Having envelopes and tags tied  here and there should make that easy to do.
Hopefully my little  chunky book will be bursting with sayings and quotes!

It was fun to  just "play" when I was creating this little book.  I didnt have any certain design plan, I just added to a page when I came to it.  Creative Freedom! My favorite!

I totally enjoyed creating this little book
I hope you enjoyed taking a look.

Now... here are the links to the rest of the DT so you can see their "Fairy" creations

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Heartwarming Vintage Blog
Crafty Secrets website
Enjoy the day!