Friday, August 12, 2011

A beautiful Day!

I'm here! Sorry my posts have been a bit less frequent these days. Mom has been moved to a rehab facility where she can get therapy 6 days a week.. which is awesome! The more therapy she gets and the stronger she gets, the quicker she can come home. She is working hard and determined to make progress every day.  Although it was hard for all of us to not be able to bring her home when she left the hospital, after spending some time in the facility and seeing how beautiful it is and how kind and helpful everyone was.. we felt much better.  She seems to really  like it also. We have all been spending alot of time with her there. We can see improvements each day in her strength and walking with the walker.  SO thankful!
Oh.. now that I updated you on whats been going on around here. lol.... Time to share some projects.  This one is up on the Fancy Pants blog today.  You can pop over there and see other projects by the design team made with the "Baby Mine" Glitter Cuts and get a full list of what was used to create this:)

Below you can see what the sheet of glitter cuts look like.

I also have to share with you a little something that made my day yesterday.   My blog was featured on

 Best of the Web: Be @     HERE

I'd love for you to check it out.  There are alot of great things being shared there daily!


That was a fun way to start the day:)

The last few days, the weather here in Nebraska has been so gorgeous!!  I know I complain about the harsh Nebraska winters, and the scorching summer days at times..but to tell you the truth... I love living in Nebraska.  The weather may not always be what I wish...but there are many many things about Nebraska that make it a wonderful place to live. Of course I love it because I have alot of my family here, but there are many reasons...The friendly hardworking  people, the endless green fields of crops, (that actually are quite beautiful), the slower paced life style, the fresh air, and the history and charm of the small towns..... And well .. because .. it' just HOME! 


Both of these photos where taken at Wes's friend Dan's farm here in Nebraska. It's a beautiful place that's been in his family for years.  The house if full of family history and memorabilia.  Just gives you a warm fuzzy the minute you walk in.  It's so great to see how he appreciates those things and keeps them as they were years ago.

Nebraska... the good life!


harrahx2 said...

Vic, so glad to hear that things are looking sunny. Hugs and love and kisses for mom too!

A Vintage Chic said...

So glad you're Mom's doing well, Vicki--thank heavens there are good places and wonderful people to take care of our loved ones when we need it!

Love your sweet project! I hear ya on the slow blogging--I'm having a hard time getting back in the swing of things!

LOVE your Nebraska pictures! Someday I'm coming! My good friend here is from Lincoln, and just raves about it and always wants to "go home"...she's going to take me with her one of these days to go "junkin'" there--she swears it's better there than here!

Congrats on being featured! You completely deserve it, of course--I'll check it out!

Get some rest, my friend!


ddlady said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing so much better. It sounds like she is very determined to get better quicker. Congratulations on your blog being featured. I so enjoy getting your blog and reading about your family and your small town.

Debby said...

Your Mom sounds like mine. When mine broke her leg....near her hip all the way across......she had surgery and then had to go to rehab. She hated having to go. She worked super hard and got home in a couple of weeks. She was driving in 6 slowing her down.
Love your peek a boo mirror. So cute.
Ohio is like what you describe. I love it as well.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your Mom is in a very good facility and doing better, I'm so relieved to hear it! I hope you're taking good care of yourself, too, honey!

The peek-a-boo mirror is SO cute!! My little gdd would love it, so maybe I could try my hand at something like it.

WTG with being featured!! It doesn't surprise me at all, with all your beautiful talents.

LOVE the pictures of NE and your descriptions! Your love for your state shines through so beautifully, like a soft, warm hug. Thank you for sharing it and the good news about your mom - made my day :)

Risa said...

Your artwork is adoreable, and your photos are great!

kathy/North Carolina said...

It comes as no surprise to your readers that you find yourself in Best of the Web! We know it! But still, it makes us happy to see your creativity recognized. Glad Mom is regaining her strength. Hugs!

stampqueen said...

Gald to hear your Mom is doing better - crazy end of summer here, I think all the school supplies are bought, kids atart swim team practice at 5am tomorrow - lucky them.....
My Mom went to the rehab place next to the hospital - Nye Legacy -
for a weekend after getting her knee done (accually I went too because it was that jan of the big blizzard and I couldn't even get home). They do an Awesome job there and were wonderful all the way around!!!
I continue to send good thoughts and prayers her way!!!!
P.S. Love the little mirror and your pics of Ne countryside!!!