Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Now that Aly and Molly got the Halloween Greetings taking care of ..... I guess I'll share a couple of Halloween themed projects :)    The layout below and the card are both done with all Fancy Pants products.  If you are looking for Halloween inspiration, be sure to check out this months posts on the Fancy Pants blog HERE  There are tons of amazing ideas from the DT!

You can also see this layout and other Halloween projects in this post.

Here's a fun way to use Fancy Pants buttons on your project.

The darling little Pirate/Batman lol.. is my cousin Patty's grandson.


If you are interested in how to make this treat filled card from your up-cycled Fancy Pants button packaging.. you can see my "how to  HERE on the Fancy Pants blog.

You know me... always needing to share some photos.
Gotta love fall :)

Okay... is the photo below weird or what??  The other day my sister Jan took mom for her therapy in Fremont. They were in town getting some things done after their appointment and see THIS just walking around businesses.  Ok???   creeeeepy   ( my sis snapped this photo)

Now that I'm on a roll with spooky photos.  
A while back Dan and I were taking a drive enjoying the county side.  We just drive..and I snap photos here and there. Just something we enjoy doing now and then.  We'll, anyway,  we were on our way home, and I saw this abandon farm house just off the road a bit. I'm determined to check it out.. so we stop.  It's just starting to get dark, and it was a little ways from the road.  Of course this gave Dan every opportunity to try to scare me ( about a million times!)...but I persevered!  lol   Got some cool shots:)

The camera flash makes it look alot "lighter" that it really was.  It was getting dark quick.. and I did not go in.  Just snapped a couple of shots through the window.    I LOVE looking at old houses, thinking of all the history, wondering who lived there, how old it is ect ect...    And I normally don't get scared, but  like I said..
getting dark!  So I was not hanging around long.
Especially because Dans next move was probably to pretend he was driving away and leaving me there. lol

This shot ( below) was accidental..but it's my favorite!

Okay, I  shared some TRICKS and some TREATS, so
it's time for me to jump on my broom and head out


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Misted Album 2

Okay is the second album. This one is already sold also, but I wanted to share it in hopes that you will be inspired to create one of your own. They are so fun to make.

Here is what I used to create these little albums.  They are 6x6 cake boards. You can get them at a number of different places in many shapes and sizes. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

All you need are the cake boards, your favorite Glimmer mist colors, a few papers ( mistable or not..doesn't matter), rings, and a few embellishments for the front of your album.   You can also use stencils to create the designs on your pages.

Always fun to toss in   bingo cards and other ephemera.

Hope you give it a try.  Perfect project for lots of creative freedom!

Have a fantastic day friends!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Misted Album 1

Hi friends!   The next two days I'm going to be sharing some mini albums I created using these cake boards, mistable papers and Glimmer mist products.  I created two, but below is the first one, tomorrow I'll share the other one.   They are both for sale. ( updated.. SOLD)  If you are interested you can email me at if your interested... otherwise I'll post them in my etsy eventually.  They will be $15 each (plus shipping)

These are the Cakeboards I used to create these albums. Easy to find at many places. I get these at Hobby Lobby.
Some of the pages are done with resist papers and some with stencils.

oh.. flocked papers too :)

Pretty little albums.. all ready for papers.

I'm planning on making some of these for my "non crafter" friends also. All they have to do it add their photos and they have a finished mini album to set out and share.

Okay.. a couple of photos to share from last weekend.   I shared some photos in my previous post about my Aunt visiting over the weekend.  Dan and I took my Aunt and my mom to see the cemetery we had found where many of our ancestors are buried.  We can back and looked threw the family book then, to make the connections about who was who.  It was a beautiful day for a drive. Although my mom had been here before with us, my Aunt hadn't, so she really enjoyed it.  We all did.

I love the sweet little church here, and all the big trees and rolling farmland that surrounds this place.

Okay.. one more thing I wanted to mention.     AccuCut is hosting a Halloween Video Contest where the best project video wins $100 in online credit.  You can get the detail HERE

Wishing you all a super day!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Crafty Secrets Design Team Gift Bag/Envelope Challenge

Happy Monday Everyone!  What a great way to start it out ... with a Crafty Secrets DT challenge!   I'm always excited about challenge days.. cant wait to see all the beautiful creations the girls have been working on.  We've started something else really fun .. we are inviting you to play along:)  This weeks challenge will be Gift Bag Envelope Challenge. You can watch the video HERE from Incredible on how to turn any envelope from small to jumbo size into a cute gift bag! Our DT Ladies are using this idea and will be posting all sorts of fabulous projects in a variety of themes! If you want to play along using any of our products you can post on our Facebook page   ( more about prizes on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog:)


If you watch the video you will see how you can take any size envelope and turn it into a gift bag.  The bigger the envelope the bigger the bag of course, but you can also change how wide your bag is, by making your side folds bigger.   I went BIG, and used a manila envelope to create my bag.

Shape above was used for the front of the bag.  AccuCut die "Label (Clear Cuts) L 1800A
My plan was to create a fairly large gift bag that could hold a dozen cookies.   The other thing I was really hoping to be able to do, was to cut a shape and add a transparent piece to the front of the bag, so that the cookies could be seen.   Before assembling the bag I cut the envelope along the seam in the back ,and along the bottom, so that I could cut the shape out of the front only, not all the way threw both the front and the back.  Next, I cut and adhered pieces of patterned papers to the front and back of my bag.  I then marked off to center where I wanted to cut my shape from the front, before running it through my AccuCut machine and cutting it. I cut and adhered a piece of clear transparency (or acrylic) to the inside of the bag to cover the opening the shape created.  Once that is all  done, I taped my envelope back together along the back and bottom before starting to fold and assemble my gift bag.  Like I said, I decided to make the fold I did for the sides, much bigger (deeper) so that they would make my bag wide enough for the cookies.

I wanted to incorporate a old spoon into the closer at the top of the bag, once I had the cookies inside.  I then created this little "Made by" tag to attach to the bag and....

Another little recipe card.

Whenever I give cookies I always like to give the recipe :)   These cookies are easy and SO yummy!
I used stamps from the "Kitchen Classics" Set of Clear Art Stamps.

Well that is my "envelope to bag" project, done with a large manila envelope in a cooking theme. Now... you'll  want to check out what the other  DT members have created.  Trust me.. each one is so unique... different sizes , uses and themes!   Below you will find the links to all the DT members blogs as well as to the Heartwarming Vintage blog, where you can find out more about playing along with our challenge and info on chances to win Crafty Secrets goodies.

Pam Hooten

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Julie Campbell

Amy Teets

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Fauve vanMaanen

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Victoria Warren-Mear

Viola Mahr

Heartwarming Vintage Blog

I thought I'd share  a few photos from the weekend since  I have you in the mood for cookies, why not show you some more yummy food , to really make you hungry. lol  Thanks right?? lol     We had company from SD this weekend.  My Aunt ( moms sister) , my cousin and his wife.     Saturday we were invited to my sisters for the day. She had everything done up so pretty, I have to share some photos again.

Oh.. and  food again.. sorry. lol

My Aunt Viv made her homemade carrot cake, and.....

caramel rolls.  You know how some people are just "know" for certain Delicious recipes? Well, these are defiantly my Aunt Vivs!     It was such a nice weekend. We all enjoyed visiting together, AND the weather could not have been more enjoyable. (especially for late Oct in NE).

But the point of the weekend was to have mom and Aunt Viv be able to spend some time together. With them living over 4 hours from eachother, both being close to 90 years old , and winters in SD and NE known for being pretty harsh, its getting harder and harder for them to see eachother.    When everyone was gone  Friday afternoon, I got them both a cup of apple cider , and  busied myself in the kitchen, so they could chat.


We enjoyed having family here this weekend and also enjoyed the time we spent with family in Lincoln on Sat afternoon.    Reminisced about memories from years past and also created some new ones.
Good times.

Hope your weekend was a good one also.