Sunday, October 09, 2011

Halloween/Birthday Fun!

I have so much I wanted to share in this post.  Some cards..and some photo from Friday.  Lots to take in .. so hang on. ( you know me.. I have to share everything:) so...  lots of photos today.    First I have to show you this BEAUTIFUL card that Marlene Bender made for my mom for her 90th birthday.  Isn't it so  pretty?  She used Crafty Secrets images and stamps..and worked them beautifully.  Mom is just amazed that people "make" such beautiful cards.  And that people whom you never met can be so kind!  Thankyou friend!

I have another card to share... for a couple of reasons.... One because it's a awesome card my friend Gayle Slagle sent me for my birthday... and two.. because I scrap lifted the design for the card I'm about to share. lol  
Thankyou for being so thoughtful Gayle..and for the inspiration!

I created the card below, for the "Pink" challenge over at SplitCoast.   Papers and stamps both  from Crafty Secrets.  Stamps: Art Blooms and  Mini Frames     Papers: from Creating with Vintage Patterns CD
I love how the frame from the "Mini Frames"set, works as such a great backdrop for a button.

Okay.. on to the photos from Friday that I wanted to share.  Friday was my birthday. I had plans to go to First Fridays Art walk in Lincoln. My friend Julie and I were going to meet up with  my sis Jan and bil Keith,  for a bit to eat and then on to meet up with Weston as his studio where he was showing his Cafe style motorcycle as part of the display.  (I'll show you photos of that in my next post).   Anyway, Julie and I headed for Lincoln to Jans house...and "surprise" look what she had up her little sleeve.   She is an amazing sister for sure.

   Look at this beautiful table setting.  She just has a way with decorating!

It's always so special when she puts something together ...she just puts so much love in everything she does.
Amazing yummy food!  Way better then going to dinner out!

everything was decorated so cute.

right down to the little details!

Not sure why it is ..but with my friends..there always seems to be alot of gift giving going on. ( lol .. but really true) . Usually for no specific reason. I think ..just because we are so happy to see each other and get to spend some time together.
Julies showing off her gift from Jan.
See our matching bracelets from Janny?

And I have to show you this cool gift Julie gave me ( and my mom)  She had it made using a photo I had on  my blog of mom and I, on her during  her birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago.  She got one for me and one for mom.  Mom is using I type.  We both love them!

As if all this fun wasnt enough.... I hear a knock on the kitchen window.. I look out, and who do I see but Neely!  I knew she was back in NE over the weekend but had not gotten my hopes up about seeing her, because this trip back was for work purposes with the band.  You can only imagine how surprised I was to see her in Lincoln , when I thought she was in Omaha.  Her showing up was the icing on my birthday cake!!!!!  I had felt so lucky to have gotten to spend time with her when she was back for grandmas party, and once before a few weeks before that.  There she was ... all smiley... with flowers and giant cupcake in hand.  I am blessed!

I saved that cupcake for the next day, because I still had my other one to eat :)
( it's okay to have a cupcake for breakfast right?)

I have to admit I was feeling a bit frumpy about the big 5... 0
but it's all okay now. 
Chocolate, family and good friends fix everything :)



Susan said...

Happy Birthday friend - sorry I missed it!

Renee VanEpps said...

Happy Belated birthday! I really enjoyed looking at the pics, and your card you lifted is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Julie Higgins said...

Loved seeing the fun pictures from our wonderful evening:) It always inspires me to see how beautiful you and Jan make your houses, your tables, your holiday decoration, your food, and everything! I could try to simulate it at my house but it would never look so beautiful! You girls are amazingly talented:) I am a 'Vicki and Jan wanna be'!! Julie

LauraB said...

Welcome to the FAB 50's, sweet girl!

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday, my friend! You're going to love the fifties!!

Gail S. said...

Glad you enjoyed your card and your birthday!!! (that card layout is so neat!) I turned "that age we shall not say" last November and I have to admit - don't feel much different! Someday....we will have to meet in person - we don't live THAT far away! Enjoy your week :) Gail

harrahx2 said...

Happy Birthday honey....card will be late but it will get there. You don't look 50 and you don't sound 50 and you are still only half way there! Love the pics and would you and your sister please come decorate my house? Please???

Debbie K. said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Ms. Vicki! What's that saying, 'Fab Fifties'!!! Looks like everyone spoiled you Amazing photos and your Sis is so very talented, just like you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday honey!! What a wonderful celebration - just goes to show how much you are loved and treasured :)
PS: You're gonna LOVE your 50's!!

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like a great one!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

I know it's a little late but Happy Birthday!! What a fun celebration - love the black pumpkins! I was glad to see your Fall Wreath on Scrap Scene today - Take Care : )