Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Now that Aly and Molly got the Halloween Greetings taking care of ..... I guess I'll share a couple of Halloween themed projects :)    The layout below and the card are both done with all Fancy Pants products.  If you are looking for Halloween inspiration, be sure to check out this months posts on the Fancy Pants blog HERE  There are tons of amazing ideas from the DT!

You can also see this layout and other Halloween projects in this post.

Here's a fun way to use Fancy Pants buttons on your project.

The darling little Pirate/Batman lol.. is my cousin Patty's grandson.


If you are interested in how to make this treat filled card from your up-cycled Fancy Pants button packaging.. you can see my "how to  HERE on the Fancy Pants blog.

You know me... always needing to share some photos.
Gotta love fall :)

Okay... is the photo below weird or what??  The other day my sister Jan took mom for her therapy in Fremont. They were in town getting some things done after their appointment and see THIS just walking around businesses.  Ok???   creeeeepy   ( my sis snapped this photo)

Now that I'm on a roll with spooky photos.  
A while back Dan and I were taking a drive enjoying the county side.  We just drive..and I snap photos here and there. Just something we enjoy doing now and then.  We'll, anyway,  we were on our way home, and I saw this abandon farm house just off the road a bit. I'm determined to check it out.. so we stop.  It's just starting to get dark, and it was a little ways from the road.  Of course this gave Dan every opportunity to try to scare me ( about a million times!)...but I persevered!  lol   Got some cool shots:)

The camera flash makes it look alot "lighter" that it really was.  It was getting dark quick.. and I did not go in.  Just snapped a couple of shots through the window.    I LOVE looking at old houses, thinking of all the history, wondering who lived there, how old it is ect ect...    And I normally don't get scared, but  like I said..
getting dark!  So I was not hanging around long.
Especially because Dans next move was probably to pretend he was driving away and leaving me there. lol

This shot ( below) was accidental..but it's my favorite!

Okay, I  shared some TRICKS and some TREATS, so
it's time for me to jump on my broom and head out



kathy/North Carolina said...

Great photos! You are such a fun person. I love the way you use buttons as frames! Happy Halloween!

malia said...

Hi, Ok those doggie costumes are too hilarious! Happy Halloween my friend! xo

bettyann said...

the doggies are sooo your pics lol

Jan Hennings said...

spooky...I wish I'd have been there :) Love your LO's and your sweet pooches are adorable!

Shirley said...

OMG!! I love your whole blog post, Vic!! Creepy guy, creepy house and especially your adorable trick or treat doggies!!! Happy Halloween to them (and you) from me and Sparky (my pup) who will be wearing his "I'm with the human" t-shirt for Halloween!!!

Donna said...

Great blog to wake up to this Halloween morning! Your dogs look great and the old abandoned house was fun, too---like you, I always wonder about how many folks have lived in a place, what they did, things the house has seen, the tip on using buttons to frame letters, too! You are always full of great ideas and tremendous inspiration!! Happy Halloween!

debbiek said...

Cute post and I LOVE the photos of Aly and Molly. Such good doggies you have to put up with you dressing them up like that...LOL!