Saturday, November 26, 2011

More "Vintage Illustrations" love ( and Thanksgiving recap)

Hope all of you had a really nice Thanksgiving.   We had a nice time at our family get together. I have lots of crazy photos to share in this post, but first I'll get back to sharing projects from  the new "Designing with Vintage Illustrations" CD from Crafty Secrets that we've been spotlighting since they become available last week.  Here is another digital layout  I did with paper and elements from the CD.  That papers are so gorgeous, It makes it super easy to create a layout, even for a real beginner like me :)     I have been wanting to do something with some of the photo's I took of my friend Julies daughter Michelle before she left for New York last year.  Isnt she stunning. I've known her since she was a little girl, and she always said, I'm going to be a fashion designer when I grown up.  Amazing enough.... Guess what she does in NY?  So proud of you Michelle!   We had so much fun doing this photo shoot. She needed photos for her portfolio, so she brought so many amazing changes of  clothes. 

I printed off one of the gorgeous images on the CD, on canvas like fabric, to make this pillow.

Looks pretty good in my living room don't you think? 

There are so many things that can be done with the images on the CD.  I'll be sharing lots more, but be sure to check out the Heartwarming Vintage blog  for new ideas and links, and also see the links for the Crafty Secrets Design Team down the side bar of the Heartwarming Vintage blog, because the girls are sharing new projects on their personal blogs also.


I always have to share photos of our crazy family holidays, and this Thanksgiving is no exception.   I didnt get as many photos this time, between being in the kitchen and lining up the games, I wasnt getting to my camera like I like too.  But.... I did get a few.

First... one of my favorites.   HUGE thanks to Jarad and Kate for coming early and taking care of getting the 20lbs of potatoes for me!  You have no idea what a help that is!  Arent they cute?

It's such a shame we never have much food. lol

I brought gourds, feathers, paper, wiggly eyes ect... so the kids were having fun making Turkeys.

Addy's kind of proud of hers, as you can see.

K is putting up her "Thankful for" list with everyone elses on the door.

Oh.. forgot to show you .. she got creative while making her turkey. lol   So you know , if you ever to Crafts with alot of kiddos or you dont have time to wait for glue to dry.  use double sided foam squares from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L. They work SO great for thigns like this.  (even if they use them on their faces).

Okay.... here's some really crazy photos.   I lined up with game that is similar to musical chairs but instead of moving from chair to chair, you pass a bag of clothes. When the music stops, whoever has the bag, has to put on one item  from the bag.    We had little kids and adults so there was a mix of clothes. lol   I wish I would have thought about it weeks ago so I could have gone to the goodwill or somewhere and started gathering funny clothes, hats, scarves, glasses ect...     But I just grabbed things I had at home.  It was a HOOT!

We definatly all got some good laughs!

Oh good grief.. dont even ask. hahahah
Addy like her out fit. Seriously she DID NOT want to take it off.   She found a little dress that I had worn in my sisters wedding as a flower girl when I was about 5.  She put together her own  outfit by adding a matching scarf.  She's such a fashion diva.

Michelle has a dance that was so fitting for her outfit.

Later we played this pumpkin relay.    Christopher and Dani showed the kids just how it's done.
My family must be getting used to having to play my crazy games because they don't really even fight it much anymore. hahaha

We had great  food, spent time together, got some good laughs and made some great memories.  Thats alot to be "thankful" for right?   Cant ask for more than that.



Debby said...

Love your games and crafts. What a good way to get people/family moving after eating all that yummy food. That was alot of fodd.

Julie said...

Vic-Loved your family pictures of your family fun!! You organize such awesome fun things! What wonderful memories you are making for your whole family.

Michelle printed the page you made with her picture and hung it in her office at Nicole Miller....she is so proud of it...thanks so much dear friend:) You always know how to make everyone you meet and are around special! With love, Julie

Yoli said...

I think its awesome! Much better than having the kids glued to the tv playing xbox or wii. I'm preparing some games for Christmas family get together. I'm using some of the games from the tv show 'Minute to Win It'. Should be lots of fun! Thanks for the game ideas.

Gail S. said...

Oh my! Can I come to your house and play??? Love the idea about the sack of clothes!! Maybe will have to use that for Christmas! Any more ideas??? Keep it coming. Looks like everyone had a great time! Blessings to you and your family!

Lois said...

OMG I was just cracking up at the game with the bag 'o clothes...Is Griffin wearing a hospital gown? Your family has such a great time and enjoy each other so much! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I Loved your layout of Michelle! And her outfit was terrific!
Your 'crazy' family pics made my day, lol, and gave me lots of terrific ideas for our next family get-together. You really know how to make holidays extra special :)