Friday, December 02, 2011

Gingerbread fun with the girls

What a way to kick off the Holiday Season :)    Art group met at Stephanie's and once again, she proved herself the Queen of gingerbread fun .. lol  It was a festive day for sure!

Stephanie and Jessica had everything all set up for us. Seriously... they did all the work, we just got to sit down and have all the fun.

I mean they had really done all the work.   All the gingerbread pieces were baked.

The frosting was made and already in decorating tubes. Different colors and  different tips.
Oh.. and a table FULL of every candy you could imagine.

And Stephs house was totally decorated for Christmas, and it was just so festive.  Her little town was amazing.   I thought the "Sweet Shop" was  fitting , for the day. lol

Stephanie, Jessica, Jan, Joanne, Paula and I, all made houses.  Each one so fun and different from the others.
I thought I had taken a photo of each one,..but didn't get them all :(     The one below is Stephanie's.

Here is my sis working on hers.
Here's mine.  I'm not going into the "Gingerbread house making business" anytime soon... lol      but I had fun making it anyway.    I'll make one anytime.. someone else is doing all the baking, making, decorating , set up and clean up Jess and Steph did. lol  No sure I'd be ambitious enough to do it all myself.

We had lots of laughs and had a great time celebrating Jessica's Birthday!
Here she is...the Birthday girl!

I gave her this hat for her Birthday. I saw this hat and thought "that is SO Jessica!".   Doesn't it look cute on her?

Super fun day.. with a great bunch of girls!


                            Just have to day..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our boy today!!! 
                                                   We love you Jarad!

Thanks for stopping by ... and have a great weekend!




harrahx2 said...

Excellent job on the house Vicki. I made one from cardboard and will try to post a pic. It was fun. Don't think I have the skill to bake all the pieces for a gingerbread house so I must say you have the most thoughtful friends ever. I can't believe they did all that. Are friends not just the best?

Bettyann said...

wow looks like fun..Jessica went to alot of work...great fun...sorry I'm lazy usually buy the kits lol have a fun weekend

Jan Hennings said...

Oh what fun! Looks like there's plenty to work with and your house is beautiful :) I might have eaten all the candy if I were there :)

ddlady said...

You did a wonderful job on your gingerbread house, Vicki! Loved the roofline and the Xmas lights. You and the girls looked like you were having a great time! Happy Holidays!!!!!

malia said...

holy cow those are so fabulous houses... yours is so adorable!