Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vintagy Christmas love

I'm really enjoying being home and enjoying the Christmas season this year. I think having mom here has really made me snow down and take time to "enjoy" the things I used to really look forward to this time of year. We've been listening to Christmas music, baking some,and  watching Christmas specials. It's a good thing I don't have little ones to shop for.. because I haven't been out to do much of that. Actually not having to be out fighting the crowds, has probably helped me enjoy the season even more. lol   
Every year I take some photos around the house and share some of my favorite things.  If you've been coming by my blog for very long ,you may see some of my favorite again:)  I finally got the camera out over the weekend and took some photos. So over the next few posts I'll share little bits of Christmas around our house :)    But first I'll share a new "Vintagy/Christmasy project.

Some re-purposed frames that now how new life.  I just added this to my etsy also. (it comes with the fence and trees.  Oh.. and some snow too :)
Thankyou to those of you who have purchased from my etsy this past week.  I will be adding some new things tomorrow :)

 ( so to get you in the mood.. pretend your listening to Dean Martin sing "White Christmas" because that is I got mom today ..that we have been listening to) lol
We made a few of these this weekend.  I would have to say "they:" are pretty much on my list of "favorite" things around the house, right now.  (yikes.. to bad they arent sugar free)

This little angle is pretty special, don't  you think. I adore her.  I don't even remember where I picked her up ..but sure glad I did.

Always..... Shiny Brites.

I found this Bing Crosby Christmas Album Set a couple of years ago, and I always look forward to getting it out at Christmas time.

I would have to say.. these poinsettias my sister gave mom and I are making my house pretty festive these days. they have the most beautiful patterns and colorings.  Thanks Sis!

This singing Santa makes me smile.  I found him a couple years ago also.  Hes in such great shape and even still in the original box. When you push his nose, it plays jingle bells.  Once I pushed it, I think I realized why it was still in the box. (Pretty darn LOUD). lol .. but it's still cute!

This is the mud room by the back door ( aka..the dogs room). Those stockings with the boys names on them, I embroidered when they were babies. They have hung every year since. They used to always hang on the banister at the old house, when the boys were little.  (no banister here:(     Jarad's birthday is Dec 2nd, and although it was 25 years ago I can remember ( like it was yesterday),  sitting with him right next to me the day after I bought him home from the hospital, while I embroidered his name on his stocking.

We got snow at the end of last week, and the snow really stuck to the trees, it was so pretty. Saturday morning the sun came out and it started to melt the snow off the trees. It was SO pretty. It  all just started to fall at the same time.

Like I said, having mom here has really made me slow down and take time to enjoy things I know I was taking for granted.  Like when she calls me over to the window and asks me "what kind of tracks to you think those are"?  Tracks animals have made in the snow.  Simple things that I noticed and loved when we first moved to the country.  
Sometimes life is just too... full speed ahead. Especially this time of year.   I'm thankful for the things that remind me to slow down and ENJOY.



busymartha said...

Looks lovely Vicki, I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Cheers, Marilyn

Jan Hennings said...

love your beautiful Christmas decor and the picture of the snow and trees would make a beautiful card!

janel said...

Great post. My mother and dad had that same album and I remember getting it out and having mom play it for us...it looked just like that..as best I can remember. Thanks for the memories. Give a special mom hug to you sweet mother..and enjoy these days together.

ddlady said...

Love your post today and always. It seems so wonderful to slow down and enjoy this wonderful holiday with your mom. May you and your family have a truly blessed Christmas and a wonderful Happy 2012!

harrahx2 said...

I love that you are taking time and slowing down. I mentioned that I decorated early this year. I had a group of stamping women on 12/3 so I needed to have everything done. Nice to sit back and enjoy it all. I love the slow down, buy less, enjoy more idea. Love that Santa and all the other things. Happy Christmas and Merry fun!

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Loved the Christmas tour - hard to pick a favorite! And I understand what you mean about the "slow" thing and it isn't so bad after all unless that is your children are waiting to hear about adopting a new puppy ; )

malia said...

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