Friday, February 17, 2012

Fancy Pants photobox collage

This is one of those projects that I wish I had taken a "before" shot I forgot :(  That is my goal this year, to photograph "before" and "after" shots of altered projects.  It's silly that I forget.. because.. well.. that's the fun of it right? To see what you do with something useless or just super ugly in this case. lol   Well, trust me, THIS was pretty bad.  Mauve and Country blue, geese, raffia, "Welcome to my Country Kitchen"...the whole works. lol    But it was $1.99 and it didn't take more than a couple of minutes to pull all that out..and start a new.
I used photos of my nephew Scott and is family to created this "changeable" photo box, and The"Winterland" collection from Fancy Pants. As you can see.. it easily works for "non winter" projects also:)

I always like to update with new photos, so I love to create projects so the photos can be updated if you want.  Any kind of clip works great. In this case, I just covered clothespins with some of these beautiful papers and hot glued them into the sections.

I also used Fancy Pants Chipboard shapes and letters, buttons,Cardstock stickers, and trims.

It's hard to see here, but I used Scrapbook Adhesives foam tape under the flower pieces to raise them off the background.   I have always loved using their Foam squares and I'm thrilled that they now have Foam tape  ( in white and black), for bigger areas! yippy!

I have always loved re purposing things that might have been trashed otherwise. So... I'm glad it's become quite popular.  I love the process... thinking .."What can I do with this"?


You know me, it's just not right for me to end a blog post with out atleast one photo. lol  ( of something totally non-related to my project).  ha   I've been so busy catching up on things around here since the weekend I haven't even taken any photos.... SO.. I'm sharing one that Weston sent me from the Cabin last weekend.  He had Molly with him while we were gone.  He said she woke him up early in the morning.. barking like crazy. He went to see what she was barking at. By the time he got up and over to the doors, you can see they (Wild Turkeys) are quite far out in the field, heading back towards the trees on the hill, but if you click on the photo to make it bigger , you can see they had been right in front of the cabin .  Funny to see their wobbly tracks in the snow.      If you look you can see there are quite a few turkeys, straight out and then over to the right further.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

PS.   I'm doing blog posts over on the Heartwarming Vintage blog with week, I'd love to have you come by:)



A Vintage Chic said...

Love it, Vicki! I always forget to take "before" photos, too...I'm just always jumping right in!

I always think I miss the snow...then I see pictures like yours & I'm so glad I don't have to get out and drive in it! Feels like spring here (sorry!)

Hope your day is beautiful, my friend!


Gail S. said...

Beautiful collage!!! I love it :) We have wild turkey's all the time around our place and I sometimes have to slooooow down for them to cross the street on may way to work. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Karin said...

So cute...I love how you can swap out the photos with the clips. Clothspins are my new favorite thing...

fatmi said...

Nice album.

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Lisette said...

Gorgeous!!! and so inpsiring!!!!

stampqueen said...

Great photo box - will have to look for one for me to redo!!!
You should hear my pooch when the local possum comes to visit about 3 am - he just goes nuts!!!

ddlady said...

Vicki, you did a wonderful job on your collage. And the fact that you can change out the photos easily is, as Martha Stewart says, "a good thing!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, you would never know that this piece started out as one of those old country geese things, lol. It's so pretty and I love the inspiration for getting more out of winter themed papers! Love this Vicki :)

Catherine said...

this is BEAUTIFUL, LOve it. Hope you're doing ok ;-)