Monday, February 20, 2012

Grandmas Kitchen

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Dan had to work this weekend so I spend a lot of time working on projects and catching up on things around here.   One of the things I worked on was this layout done with elements from my new AccuCut Die and Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage papers and stamps.  ( Papers from the Creating with Vintage Patterns CD and the Kitchen Classics Clear Art Stamps
  Boy do I wish I had more photos of my grandma's house... but thankful for the ones we do have. As I was looking at the photo below, I was thinking about how the kitchen really is the heart of the home.  We always laugh about how everyone ends up in the kitchen talking long before the food is ready. I think about how many times mom was trying to prepare a huge meal on holidays, and had to work around a kitchen full of people. lol Lots where helping of course..but it was defiantly a gathering place.  My mom was a wonderful cook.. as was my grandma.

The die VC103NHCSJ , is actually an album , but the elements can be used for any project.  I just the silverware, napkin, salt and pepper, tab and background piece on the layout above.  You can order the scallop album shape (that looks like a place mat) with or without the holes.   You can see all the pieces below.

Crafty Secrets has so many cool "Kitchen and Cooking" themed products that will work so well with this album.  I used some of the papers and stamps on this layout , but they have tons of great images also!

I used this set on my layout  Kitchen Classics

Kitchen Classics  Clear Art Stamp picture

In the photo below you can see the napkin, knife, spool and tab from the die.

Love the border in this paper :)

My grandma served many meals, not only from the kitchen, but in this case ..the dinning room.  She made gorgeous cakes for family celebrations also.

( photo below) my Grandma is on the right with my Great Grandma Minnie next to her)

In our house, the kitchen also seems to be the central meeting place.  I kind  have to smile when I look at the colors in the photo on the layout of Grandmas kitchen and those in mine.

I also notice the Jadeite cups on her table.  I love these that my sis gave me.

I am defiantly not the cook my Grandmothers and mother was, and I can hold a candle to my sisters either..but I do love to cook, especially when my boys are coming home for a meal. ( makes this momma happy)   And baking... there is just something so "homey" about baking time in the kitchen.

I'm so thankful these things like cooking, gardening, canning.. ect where things that our family has passed down through the generations. Things that were important to them , and now are to us. 
Mom never stopped teaching us.  This photo was just taken in December when she was showing us just how she does it :)    Although these photos brought tears to me pretty quickly.. I'm SO thankful I have them !

We used to have a large garden, and I loved canning and freezing veggies.  We have   a garden anymore, but luckily my Aunt and Uncle always have a huge garden so I still get to can some.
I love this photo of my Uncle Al showing Neely things in the garden when we went to SD to visit them.

I'm just so glad that now we get to do it because we "want to", not because we "had to" out of necessity.  I think about how much work they put into gardening and canning. wow  ( and no dishwasher to stick the jars in .. like we do now).   I cant image how much time they spent in their kitchens.

My sister and I are both working on Album right now (using the die of course :)  ... and some of moms recipes.  Last night I just laid some of them down and scanned them. It's amazing how something as simple as your mothers handwritten recipes can suddenly mean so much.

I'll be back to share more projects done with the die  ..but you can see a album Traci from AccuCut did with this die HERE.  Thanks Traci!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!  Thanks for coming by!




MJ said...

Wow, does this post hit home with me. I really regret not having more photos of my grandmother in her farmhouse. Photos were rarer (as it cost so much to develop them plus the film). I understand how you feel about the handwriting and the recipes. I feel the same.

Looks like you have some sentimental, emotional but so very worthwhile layouts in the works!

Julie Higgins said...

Hey Vic... for entertainment this weekend while sitting with my mother-in-law in Iowa City at the hospital I pulled up your blog and showed her all your awesome things including the page of Michelle. She sure enjoyed seeing all your creative, wonderful projects and pictures of your beautiful table and house every time you entertain! Thank you again to you, Jan, and your family for the yummy huge basket of goodies to nourish us during our hours at the hospital!! :) You and Jan are the best friends ever:) Julie

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, it brought tears to my eyes. I don't have many photos of my mom but I have all the memories with her apron and her garden and her amazing cooking! Love the layout and the pictures.

Jan Hennings said...

beautiful LO vic! The bread looks sooooo good!

Laurie said...

Hi Vic--I really like the Grandma's Kitchen accucuts. I tend to like the diecuts better. I find I can be more creative...and I don't have to worry about incorrectly cutting out. I will definitely shop your cuts.
Thank you for reminding us of such pleasantry.
Laurie ones
Greenwood SC

Home and Heart said...

LOVE this post, and you darling work!!

ESS said...

I love your new accucut dies. Definitely buying them for the store.
Can't wait to design projects with them.