Monday, February 13, 2012

A little Valentine fun

I'm getting behind on my posting... and need to get back on the ball :(    Dan and I got away this weekend and when to South Dakota to see my Aunts and Uncles there.  ( moms sister and brother).   It was so nice to get to spend some time with them and to get away for a while.  It's only about a 4 hour drive so not to bad. I always enjoy the time in the car anyway:)   I need to share these photos before Valentines Day has been here and passed , so I'll share my other photos ( from the weekend) in my next post.   
The photo jar below is one I made with Vintage  Street Market goodies. This was done using things from their Vintage Valentine kit.   You can see more about it here on the VSM blog, and see more projects done using it.   It was the inspiration for the projects we made when I had the "Art girls group" over last week.

I was good for me to host the gathering this month.  Something to focus on to keep my mind off the sad things of the past few weeks.    If was fun to dig out Valentine things to decorate the table with.

I even make and decorated some little individual cakes. ( things I used to take time to do, but just haven't for a while).

I used my AccuCut pennent die to make a festive Valentine banner for the window.

And the my girl arrive! yay!

After chatting and catching up... we had some snacks.

...and then the gifts!   I don't know how we got started ..each giving everyone some little thing..but I swear it feels like Christmas once a month. lol

The we clear the table and get busy crafting.  Actually we did a couple of different projects on this day, but I didn't get photos of the other one.  Everyone didn't get finished, so they took them home to finish up.
(Below) every ones photo jars.  Aren't they cool?

I look so forward to Art Group days with these girls.  Fun group!



Debby said...

It all looks so cute. I bought those lunch sacks that are in the picture. I thought they were so cute. I also bought the cutes Valentine paper plates at HObby LObby....they kinda match the lunch sacks.
Happy Valentines day.....hope you are doing okay ((((((HUGS))))

Sarah said...

I wish I could be in your art group. Maybe I could commute!!!

Jan Hennings said...

adorable! Your decor looks like it jumped out of a's all beautiful!

Gail S. said...

Sooooo much fun! Wish I lived closer! I love the photo jar idea :)

Dawn's Craft Place said...

What a fun jar-I am sure the girls enjoyed making them!
These are so pretty
Thanks for sharing

Susan said...

Your table looks so pretty. What a fun project! I'd love to be in your art group. Glad to see you getting back to creating - it will help heal.

Lisette said...

This piece is so nice to read and watch the photos. I almost wish I could crawl into the computer to join you girls.
I love the jars!!!! And the garland you made and everything you did decorating the place.
One of the girls is the younger spitting image of one of our captains but she is adopted so no change of that.

I am glad it helped you get your mind of things. Focusing on positieve thing helps.

Renee said...

Your table was so beautiful!!! I love your little cakes and the roses - oh my they are perfect! Gorgeous jars :)

kathy/North Carolina said...

Those little individual cakes are too cute! Your list of talents just keeps on growing! Such a pretty setting for your art group! And I love your banner....I used your idea to make one for my sweet little granddaughter, only I put lollipops on hers. (She calls them "wobbyhops" cute is that?) Thinking of you...and sending you a hug!

harrahx2 said...

Friends have such a special way of lifting you up, don't they? It is almost magic!

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad you and Dan were able to get away for a little while. A change of scenery can help so much.
What an absolutely beautiful table setting you set Vicki!! All of your decorations and those darling little cakes...I learn so much from you!
Hooray for art group!! Friends really do lift us up, don't they?
Sending you Many hugs honey :)

Catherine said...

This looks so beautiful, i SOSOSO wish I had been invited, LoL. Happy Valentines day sweet friend, love you!