Friday, March 30, 2012

Bench makeover

A while back I showed you an old vanity bench I picked up super cheap, with plans to revamp it for my room.  I thought I'd show you the finished project.
I usually have this table facing the other way..but when I need more table space, I turn it this way and extend the table all the way open, then I can put a seat or chair on both sides.  Nothing fancy.. but kind of fun.. and serves the purpose :)

I also wanted to show you a better photo of the frames I was talking about in this postI took a photo at night so that you would be able to see the color and the inside transparency pattern better.

 What a beautiful day it was today.  Molly and I went for a walk down the road.  This tree was not only really pretty, but boy did it smell good.  HELLO SPRING!

Okay.. I just have to share this because it is so funny to me.   Molly's very favorite thing is to take the lids off soda bottles.  She has it down to a science and can do it so fast its ridiculous. lol  She not only HAS to get the lid off..but then the plastic ring that is left on the bottle comes next.  She HAS to get them BOTH off.  It's her mission.  She has done this for years and years...but you can tell she's getting older because she used to get them both off and then play with the bottle for a long time.. tossing it, crunching it, on and on.  But as she's gotten older, now.. she just gets the lid and the ring off and could care less about the bottle. She's like "I'm so over that". lol     Well, the other night after our walk, Dan must have been saving her a couple. ( Actually 3..there was one past the doorway).
 It's a good thing it wasn't beer bottles laying around her, because it looked like she was passed out. .. And she was snoring SO LOUD.
( no pets were harmed during the taking of this photo. .. lol   she never puts chews on the lids or rings so we don't worry about her swallowing them).

I can totally blame this on Dan, because its COKE bottles.  Mine would have been DIET COKE. lol
He's either going to have to start cleaning up the mess or train Molly too :)

Yep..that's real life in the Chrisman house...geeezz

Okay, hitting the flea market with my sis again tomorrow, so I better head for bed so I'm rest up for the hunt. lol

Enjoy the weekend my friends!   Vic

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springy altered frame

Once again... I just could not stay away from the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby. haha   I found these hanging frames there awhile back ... super cheap. They had pink backgrounds in them and then a dimensional monogram letter glued to the background.  I popped the back off, and pulled the letter off of the background.     I used on of the images from the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage  "Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD for the inside and then covered the front of the frame with one of the papers from the CD.  Simple Springy project.

I'm kicking myself now for not getting more of these frames while I was there, because they actually are deep enough  to use as a sort of shadowbox.   I can just see a cute baby themed shadowbox done up with these.   Might need to go back and see if they still have them :)

Speaking of SPRING..... I'm enjoying every single day that it's warm and the sun is shining... so much!
I even picked myself up some tulips when I was getting groceries.   Aren't they pretty?

I worked out in the yard a bit yesterday. It makes me so happy to look out under the trees in the side yard.. and see all the lilies popping up.  There are just thousands of them out in the trees, and they fill the ditch in front of the house.   Sometimes I really wish I could have see the farmstead that once sat on this property so many years ago.  It would be so interesting to see.   There is a slab of concrete over to the East side of the property, where some outbuilding must have sat at one time, and past the tree line , there are pieces of fence and barbed wire ,but other than that.. just lilies that pop up back in the trees.   Ohhh... what I would  do for a photo from yesteryear :(     For now... only in my mind :)

What else do I love about warmer weather???   Flip Flops and Sandals!  and the only thing better than that is no shoes at all! lol        Bye bye socks and snow boots!!  

I shared in my last post, some photos of the Steam engine we went to see over the weekend.  Weston used his GO PRO camera to film it going by.  It's not long.. just a quick video, but kind of fun to watch.  You really get the idea of how massive it really is.   Oh.. and  loud ...  so if you have a sleeping baby or something... turn your volume down a bit. lol

                                                          Have a great day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well, it's been a busy.. but fun weekend.  Seems like we kind of jumped from one thing right to the next. The weather was fantastic.. so why not get out and enjoy it right?    You know me.. I always think photos tell the story best, so I have alot of photos to share from the weekend. But first.. I want to show you something fun my sis and I found at Micheal yesterday, and what I did with some of mine so far.   

We found these fun laser cut wood frames.  I wish you could see the colors I painted them in this photo.  I should have taken a photo of them before I put them in the window.  ( I wrestled with the fishing line enough getting them up..that I didn't have it in me to take them down again to take a photo to be honest) lol  Anyway, I spray painted one of them the red and the other one a kind of aqua greenish color.   I cut pieces of transparency to fit inside the openings.  Well, one is kind of a "frost" clear piece with a flower design, and the other one is clear with white birdcages on it.   I hung them with fishing line and suction cups to the windows in my studio and I love how they look.

( oh.... one other thing I did today... I hung clothes on the cloth line... as you can see thru the window:)
I really LOVE hanging clothes on the line when I can

So I wanted to show you these fun frames .. and that they came in different sizes and shapes.   ** I looked for a manufacture..but it looks like they are a Micheal's product called Art Minds Laser Cut Frames.**   They were on sale this weekend but the small ones where something like..reg 99 cents .. we got them for 69 cents.

Here is one of the big ones.  They were reg $7.99 on sale for $5.49.     I'm thinking turned the other way, and painted , it would be adorable with a "JUST MARRIED" sign in it. lol   (thinking wedding alot this next year).   But there are so many ideas running thru our heads with these.

So I would say  that....that was the fun "find" of the day while Jan and I were out ..BUT  ... we actually found a FREE sign on an awesome  desk and chair down the street from my sisters house, on our way to Michael's.
We loaded that thing up on the car faster than you can say..... "OH yes we will" . haha     I think we were just so excited about the "find", we didn't even think about a taking a


On Friday , Dan and I , along with Jan, Keith, and Weston, all drove to Columbus to see this amazing Steam Locomotive that was making a scheduled stop on it's way to .Marion, Ark.,  where 300  Civil War historians will help re-enact the Battle of Shiloh.

We were all blown away by how MASSIVE this thing was.  And LOUD.  pretty crazy.
Check out how big those wheels are in comparison to the workers standing by them.

The locomotive was delivered for Union Pacific in 1944. The engine pulled passenger trains at first but in the 1950s was switched to freight duty in Nebraska.

My dad worked for the railroad, as does my brother Dan. Our boys have always been huge train fans.  I wish Jarad and Kate could have come with us..but it was Jarad's EMT testing weekend.   By the way, we are VERY proud of him as he passed his tests, and will now not only be a volunteer firefighter but also a certified EMT.  It was a huge endeavor and alot of dedication, considering all the hours he puts in at work.  Way to go Jarad!  Dad and I are really PROUD of you!

Wes was glad he had the day off and got to be there to check it out.
The train has been equipped with a GPS system and a map of its travels is available on the U.P.’s website at
After a fim start to the day, checking out the train, we all headed to the cabin.   We grilled, road 4 wheelers down to the sandbar, sat around the campfire and chatted ....  just had a great time.    Good thing I at least snapped this photo of Keith capturing the rest of the day with "his" camera..because I kept forgetting to grab mine.    Check out his awesome camera.  swoooon
Saturday we went to see Nathanial's Band perform.   He is such an amazing kid.  We had a great time and loved getting to see everyone there.

Today was another beautiful day.   We often walk with the dogs up to the small bridge on the road behind the house, but really have never walked around there much, because once thing fill in, it's quite overgrown.  Today, we took a walk and ventured a bit further.

There really  isn't that much water, but Molly found what there was.  ( you know what that means.... another bath:(      She usually doesn't like water so I was pretty surprised to see her go in.  Once she was wet, and I knew I was going to have to give her a bath.... I just gave in and we played fetch for quite a while. She totally enjoyed it!

We walked down the road..but once we were down a ways , as we walked, you can look across the field ( since there's nothing planted in it yet) and see our house, over there in that bunch of trees.

Nice walk..but we were all pooped..and ready to head back.

Such a gorgeous, gorgeous day, we got home, gave Molly a "outside" bath, cleaned off the  deck, showered and I had a yummy spinach salad. ( Dan and Molly had grilled hotdogs, so they were happy campers :)

Oh.. and the perfect end to  the afternoon.... a big ol glass of sun tea!  My very favorite warm season drink.

It was such a great weekend, fun times spent with people we love. Thankful for every minute of it.
But ... I think we'll all sleep well tonight :)

Thanks for letting me share my weekend with you thu photos.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend also!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tea with Alice

Since the weather has been cloudy and rainy, it's been a good time to stay in and work on some projects.   A couple of weeks ago I made some tea cup projects ( you can see them here).  I actually added four new ones to my etsy yesterday but they are gone.. so I'll see about getting more added :)

As I was looking at the cups , I started thinking about it, I thought how fun it would be to create a whimsy little teacup with Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.  "Wonderland Tea" Creative Scraps (double sided), and Tea with Alice Clear Art Stamps.  

I had enough  to use with those products..but Crafty Secrets also has ANOTHER cool "Alice in Wonderland" themed stamp set .. you can see it here  Greetings from Wonderland Clear Art Stamps.

I find cutting ..kind of therapeutic.. so I totally enjoyed the process of creating this project :)

There are so many fun images and elements to choose from, between the creative scraps sheet and the stamps..that I was having a hard time picking :(   The poor little cup will only hold so much. lol

 I also wanted to tell you about some beautiful free printable downloads over on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.   Pop on over and grab them :)

Busy few days ahead but I'll be back with lots of photos to share. ( you know me) lol
Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day!  I need to see the sun :)

Huge thanks once again to all of you for  coming by!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few Vintage Street Market projects

Hey friends. Hope your week is off to a good start. I realize how much I was enjoying the warm sunny days we've been having, because today was cloudy and a bit chilly and my ambition went right out the window.  My day was not near as productive as I was hoping it would be. I think it's supposed to be overcast again tomorrow.. so here's to a new state of mind. lol    Here's hoping for a bit more productive day:)
Luckily I have a number of projects from my better days, that I can share here. lol
These projects were all done with Vintage Street Market Goodies..

Sometimes simple is the way to go.  A little dressed up brown lunch sack.

and some Chocolate of course. 

I also created this little book for my desk, using one of  the NEW  Bingo Craft Cards  on the front cover.  I've been needing a little book to keep a list of my different website passwords, and other computer things.  This will work perfectly.

I now have it put to good use, and it's coming in quite handy.

Did you all have a nice St Patricks Day?   We were just here at home, but we did have a swig of green beer on the deck when Dan got home from work... and enjoyed some Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner. That was about it for us.  Dan was working his long weekend so he was asleep by 8pm Saturday night.  I know.. we're just party animals around here arent we? lol  

I had to share this next picture with you, because It just makes me smile!  My long time friend Marianne lives in PA and is an animal rights activist. She had asked me some time ago if she could use this photo of Molly for some of  the demos she organizes.   I was smiling big.. when I saw her post this photo on facebook for me to see.   Makes me happy!     Every dog we have ever had has been shelter dogs, and that is all we will ever have.

As for tomorrow... sun, clouds, wind or rain... there is going to be some creating going on. ( and a load of laundry or two.. hopefully) lol

Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Danny layout with Fancy Pants "Childish Things" line

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Top O the Morn'n to ya! and all that other good Irish stuff.   The corned beef and cabbage is in the crock pot and starting to smell pretty yummy already.    It's another gorgeous, unseasonably warm day there, so I have the windows open and I'm enjoying every minute.   Dan has to work today but maybe I'll have a green beer with him on the deck when he gets home :)
Well, speaking of Danny boy... the layout I'm sharing today just happens to be able him.  Isn't this photo of him when he was little, wearing this hat cute?   This "Childish Things" line from Fancy Pants, has just got to be my favorite all time Fancy Pants line. SO adorable!

I have a Tutorial here on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog on how to make this fringe border.  If your interested.

I'd love to have you pop over there. 


Thought I'd share a few photos from ART group yesterday at my sis Jan's house.   She always sets such a pretty table.

She is quite the hostess.

We always enjoy a little sharing of crafty goodness.

We chatted alot :).. AND created a bit also.   We made these cute little Easter jars.


Okay .. one more thing to share.   Weston ( our oldest son) was testing out his new GoPro camera on his motorcycle the other day.   It's pretty fun, although the Nebraska country side is pretty bleak this time of the year.  It makes me laugh because he actually gets pulled over by the State Patrol... which freaked me at first but it's because he has true "vintage plates" on his bike, and the officers didnt recognize it at first. (ummm.... by the way Wes works for the State Patrol, which makes it even funnier).    Anyway... thought I'd share .. fun way to take a motorcycle ride "virtually".


Thanks for stopping by!