Friday, March 09, 2012

Book print on Eggs

Yes.. I know, it's true.. I do have an obsession with book print when crafting.  I admit it.  That's just one of the many reasons I can get enough of the "Artsy Banners" stamp set from Crafty Secrets( you can see the entire stamp set  below the project photo).

I had these eggs already. I'm not sure, but I think they were clay.  They were on a garland of raffia, and were panted in really light pastel colors.  I loved them but the garland was quite heavy, so I decided to redo them so that I could put them out in big metal tray I have.  I was just going to cut them apart, but then I got carried way. lol   Glad I did, because now I like them even more.    I decided to add a bit more color to them by using Tattered Angels Chalkboard paints.  I chose three colors.  Sprout, Decadence, and Peacock.  I sprayed it on them, then let it dry just about 30 seconds and then wiped the excess off.   I was lucky that these eggs already had a crackle on them, but you could easily crackle coat yours before hand also, if you wanted.
After they were totally dry, I used the text  stamp from  the set below and Versafine (Vintage Sepia) ink and randomly stamped around the egg.( using different areas of the text, so you aren't just repeating the same text pattern).  I didn't try to continuously stamp the entire stamp, I just stamped short segments onto the egg randomly. I held the egg with my finger and thumb at the top and bottom of the egg as I stamped, so I didnt smear the stamped area before it was dry.  It dry's pretty quickly. Then you can stamp where your finger and thumb were.  I didn't shoot for perfection by any means. But still.. love the outcome.
Yesterday I was out and about , so I picked up a candle and a clay pot, that I plan to try next :)

Artsy Banner Clear Art Stamps picture

While I was out, I decided I'd check at Hobby Lobby and see what they had for eggs there, that could be used in this same way.  Bingo!  Found a number of different ones that would work.   Sorry for the ..not so great photo them, but I just took them with my phone.  I found these, in a container like this and individually, in the Easter isle ( where all Easter things are 40% off right now btw).   But I'm sure you can find similar ones to these at Michaels, JoAnns, ect..

Then back in the other "paintable" clay and porcelain things, I found more.  In two different sizes.

And in the "wood" shapes..... you guessed it, EGGS!    I'm sure you could find paper machae eggs in different sizes also, I just forgot to check that.  The only things I think might not work well, are slick porcelain eggs, or something with a very uneven coating.  So if you stay away from non porous and/or bumpy.. I think you'll be fine:)

Okay.. time to share photos from the day. It was SO nice here today. Unseasonably warm for early March, so since it was Dan's( and Weston's) day off, we decided to take lunch to the cabin and meet up with Wes.
Molly dog came along of course.   After lunch we took off for a little hike.

That dog, sticks by Wes's side, no matter what.

We started out here, right behind the cabin by the river...but ...

we decided to head up and hike on the bluff.  ( This is in front of the cabin)

Our "short" hike, suddenly turned in to a much longer one. lol    It doesn't look that high..but trust me, it's further then you think ,when your hiking.   Below is looking down towards where the road and the cabin is.  ( lol.. not the shack lol...but way back .. you can kind of see blue buildings).

We saw lots of cool things along the way, like this old wagon.

Hey, even Wes looks poople, by the time we got to  the top.  Can you see the river in the background?

It felt so good to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine.  Might need some Excedrin tonight..but really great day all the same :)

Here's to a good day

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janel said...

Love love love this crafty make magic. Thanks for the inspiration and all the tips and hints. So happy that you got to enjoy special time and memories at the cabin. Know how you treasure those moments.

Carol (HB) said...

Vic, your eggs are so cool! I just love how you can see something so "ordinary" and turn it into something fabulous!
Sending you a big hug!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These are the prettiest eggs ever! What a great idea!

Bettyann said...

love this craft beautiful Vicki...had a chuckle about you fun "little" walk...but looks like fun...take care and have a good weekend..

Anonymous said...

Got my package Vicki and laughed for along time as more stuff kept tumpbling out! I will have some fun with it. Love the eggs and they just look so perfect. Great pictures of your hike. And once again, where I see simple eggs, you see beauty to become. I love where your mind goes and I want to follow it!

Jan Hennings said...

Great pictures and what a beautiful place to enjoy a hike! LOVE your eggs!

Anonymous said...

Ha, you got me Vicki! I thought you had decoupaged those eggs!!:) Thanks for letting me "share" your hike! Hope it brought you peace and joy!! Your ideas have me excited for Spring!! "Each Spring day is Gods gentle way of reminding us there's HOPE" SAS

Susan said...

Love the egg project - they are beautiful! What a pretty place to hike.

Debbie K. said...

Love your cute eggs, Ms. Vicki and love HL!!! It's my favorite store:) Great photos too and thanks for sharing them. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Loved your eggs and your family pictures - looks like a wonderful day. Mary W

malia said...

Love your egg project! SO clever! You stamped on them -- and it looks so great. I am worried if I stamped on them it's be a smeary mess...

Renee V said...

The eggs are so beautiful!!! Thanks for the instructions!

Sharon in NE said...

Vicki, I loved the eggs featured on The Daily Meal. Under the category of Amazing and referred as gotta be floating on air. That is so exciting. Good for you.