Saturday, March 17, 2012

Danny layout with Fancy Pants "Childish Things" line

Happy St. Patricks Day!  Top O the Morn'n to ya! and all that other good Irish stuff.   The corned beef and cabbage is in the crock pot and starting to smell pretty yummy already.    It's another gorgeous, unseasonably warm day there, so I have the windows open and I'm enjoying every minute.   Dan has to work today but maybe I'll have a green beer with him on the deck when he gets home :)
Well, speaking of Danny boy... the layout I'm sharing today just happens to be able him.  Isn't this photo of him when he was little, wearing this hat cute?   This "Childish Things" line from Fancy Pants, has just got to be my favorite all time Fancy Pants line. SO adorable!

I have a Tutorial here on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog on how to make this fringe border.  If your interested.

I'd love to have you pop over there. 


Thought I'd share a few photos from ART group yesterday at my sis Jan's house.   She always sets such a pretty table.

She is quite the hostess.

We always enjoy a little sharing of crafty goodness.

We chatted alot :).. AND created a bit also.   We made these cute little Easter jars.


Okay .. one more thing to share.   Weston ( our oldest son) was testing out his new GoPro camera on his motorcycle the other day.   It's pretty fun, although the Nebraska country side is pretty bleak this time of the year.  It makes me laugh because he actually gets pulled over by the State Patrol... which freaked me at first but it's because he has true "vintage plates" on his bike, and the officers didnt recognize it at first. (ummm.... by the way Wes works for the State Patrol, which makes it even funnier).    Anyway... thought I'd share .. fun way to take a motorcycle ride "virtually".


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malia said...

Heaven! That's where I go when I visit your blog. The way you made those flags-- so adorable! And the while Easter party scene... so so pretty! xoxoxo

harrahx2 said...

Vic...your son needs to talk the the musician who's music he played and they could use that for a video of their song. My hubs and I both watched and loved it! I know where he gets that talent from. Loved it! Loved the Dan page too but the video? Amazing and I think that camera is wonderful!

Julie Higgins said...

Tell Wes I thought that video was so cool!! Loved it! I have never even had a ride on a motorcycle and they kind of scare me but that videotaping while driving along on it intrigues me...would almost cause me to ride one! Julie

Bettyann said...

Cute story lol..looks like fun at your sister's home...have a great week

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Vic! So, ofcourse the post is awesome like always but LOVED the video! lol GREAT job by your son and LOOKING forward to more!lolol

becky said...

That video is KILLER! Love it and I can def see that Wes is creative and has good musical taste like him mama!