Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few Vintage Street Market projects

Hey friends. Hope your week is off to a good start. I realize how much I was enjoying the warm sunny days we've been having, because today was cloudy and a bit chilly and my ambition went right out the window.  My day was not near as productive as I was hoping it would be. I think it's supposed to be overcast again tomorrow.. so here's to a new state of mind. lol    Here's hoping for a bit more productive day:)
Luckily I have a number of projects from my better days, that I can share here. lol
These projects were all done with Vintage Street Market Goodies..

Sometimes simple is the way to go.  A little dressed up brown lunch sack.

and some Chocolate of course. 

I also created this little book for my desk, using one of  the NEW  Bingo Craft Cards  on the front cover.  I've been needing a little book to keep a list of my different website passwords, and other computer things.  This will work perfectly.

I now have it put to good use, and it's coming in quite handy.

Did you all have a nice St Patricks Day?   We were just here at home, but we did have a swig of green beer on the deck when Dan got home from work... and enjoyed some Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner. That was about it for us.  Dan was working his long weekend so he was asleep by 8pm Saturday night.  I know.. we're just party animals around here arent we? lol  

I had to share this next picture with you, because It just makes me smile!  My long time friend Marianne lives in PA and is an animal rights activist. She had asked me some time ago if she could use this photo of Molly for some of  the demos she organizes.   I was smiling big.. when I saw her post this photo on facebook for me to see.   Makes me happy!     Every dog we have ever had has been shelter dogs, and that is all we will ever have.

As for tomorrow... sun, clouds, wind or rain... there is going to be some creating going on. ( and a load of laundry or two.. hopefully) lol

Thanks for stopping by


harrahx2 said...

You just keep me happy! Fun projects.

Debbie K. said...

Love your projects and ADORE the poster of Molly. I think that should be posted EVERYWHERE. It's a PERFECT message and such a cute pup:)
- Debbie

Margie said...

Lov e your projects, especially the book, that's a great idea. The poster of Molly is just adorable too.

Jan Hennings said...

Cuteness! Love all your Vintage projects...always :)


Love that poster of Molly and what it says! I of course work with a pug rescue so I'm behind your friend all the way! That's an amazing sign she made up and Molly just has that face that makes it work all that much better :)