Monday, March 12, 2012

A new ArT JouRnAL

Another weekend came and went.  It was a fun one, but as always it went way to fast.  I have some photos to share of the weekend but ..  projects first :)   I thought I'd share another one of the projects I did for AccuCut for winter CHA.
This Album die is so diverse.   Instead of cutting my album cover and back from paper and chipboard, I decided to cut it from fabric and chipboard.   Using spray adhesive to attach the fabric to a piece of chipboard and then cutting them at once, makes for such a nice neat edge.  It's so great... no trimming and sanding trying to get that smooth edge when your using paper, or in this case the fabric is cut with no fraying at all.

Gotta love the creative freedom that comes with art journaling :)

It's one of those things you can just keep adding to.

I really enjoyed doing something a little different.  It was fun to dig into my stash and find little things to add to the pages.


Well, if you look at this pile of stuff here on my table and  chair, you might guess what my sister and I did again this weekend. lol.. yep.. just so happened there was another flea market pretty near us.  We took in the flea market, and two other favorite spots we frequent.  I got some fun stuff  and good deals... and that makes for a good day in my book. yay!
(below) This is a upstairs of one of our favorite places.

and let me let you.. they have any kind of chair I think anyone could ever want.

Saw some cool things at the swap meet.

Really loved this paint set too..but it was $37 so it did not come home with this girl. lol

I have plans for a few of things.  Some are just for crafting, and others are going to see a new coat of paint, but I'll share as I go, so you can see the end result :)

After our "girl" day had come to an end, we met back up with the guys, and the four of us had dinner at a very cool place we had heard about, but had never been to.  Crazy because it's in a small town, only about 30 minutes from us.  It looks small from the front.. but check out the photos from the website. .. HUGE
Ponderosa Saloon and Opera House in Weston NE.       The owner gave us a tour of the entire place. The upstairs has a party room also, and on the back is a huge outdoor balcony area.    The owner was telling us about the history of the building and it was SO interesting.  It had been an number of different things over the years, but it was originally a Saloon, and the upstairs a brothel.  He was also telling us they had paranormal activity. (spoooooky:) , and that later that night after they closed there was a "paranormal (ghost hunters)" coming to stay the night.   (Like I said.. INTERESTING).
Oh... dinner was yummy too!

ps.  some of you might know, .. we have a son name "Weston". The funny thing is 29 years ago when when we named him, I'd never heard of the town "Weston".  Strange I know.  We didn't live where we live now..but still you'd think we would have at least heard of it.  But me , it's a REALLY small town.  I'm talking .. a main street that is about one block. ha
I have just a couple more photos to share.   I have to show you my cute little grand pup Riley.. wanting to go home with me, when I stopped by Jarad and Kate's.   You can see, .. I'd been hauling stuff. Backseats still covered with an old blanket :)    Isn't she a sweetie face?
One of the things I was hauling was this old window. It's from an old farm place.  It was setting in an old out building..and boy was it filthy.   Dan took one look at it and questioned why I would want "that".  Well, it took me quite a bit of time to get it cleaned up..but I'm really liking it now.   Can you believe the man would question me on this?? lol

I hope you all had a great weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by!



Sarah said...

I am in love with your old window! What a find!!

Debbie K. said...

The old window is GREAT! You are so clever. Riley is just adorable. She looks like a sweet little teddy bear. Can't believe how grown up she is now. Have a great week, Vicki!

nanapam said...
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Jane Wetzel said...

loving the journal...gonna have to try the fabric and LOVE your old window! oh and remember seeing pics of Riley as a small pup here (correct?)..what a CUTIE :)

MJ said...

Your comments about the window made me chuckle! The best chuckle of the day!

I was quite curious about your album! I might be leading a craft class next Lent devoted to "Words to Live By" so am starting to ponder various album options!

kathy/North Carolina said...

I wish we had "junk shops" as good as the ones you have....great stuff. And, I love the window!

Cheryl S. said...

Love your art journal, Vicki, and I had fun reading about your weekend! I was curious about the size of your art journal as I have been thinking about making one but didn't want to make it too small-LOL.

Donna said...

The window looks beautiful and suits that room really displayed it so prettily! Your home is so cozy and inviting; obviously your creativity extends to home decor!! Very jealous of your great flea marketing opportunities! hee, hee!

Bettyann said...

question you about the window oh my art journal...lots of fun flea market...take care..

harrahx2 said...

The window and that whole setting? Beautiful. Your finds? Jealous. Yeah, I know, so what's new right? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors you use in your art journal! How fun to keep adding neat things to it.
Best laugh of the day about the window...will our hubbies never learn?? LOL. It looks terrific in the room...really pretty room, btw!