Friday, April 13, 2012

"Dahlia" Card ..and things to share :)

Hey Friends!  The weekend is here! ( I know..that made you smile didn't it?) lol   I'm not sure what we're in for "weather wise" this weekend, as I keep hearing nasty storms for tomorrow.  Today the sun is shining and I can hear the birds singing outside my window.. so I'm just going to enjoy the moment.   
I worked on a card yesterday that I thought I'd share.  

It's done using the Crafty Secrets Dahlia Clear Art stamps.    You know me, I love stamping, but I'm not much of a "colorer" ( unless it's super easy of course) lol.

Here is the stamp set, so you can see the beautiful Dahlia and other elements.

Dahlia Clear Art Stamps picture

I love this stamp, and it was so easy to make colorful and cheery with only a couple of things.
I used the marker for the flower itself  and then I just used the Glimmer Mist to mist the edges of the paper, I had stamped on.  To add a little bit of shading I just when back over those areas with the marker again, making them a little darker.  It's really easy to see where to "shade" with these stamps.

There really is a lot you can do with out having to own a hundred different colors of special markers :)


The other day we took one of our little drives.  I didnt take tons of photos but I had to share one of this little cutie.... running for her momma.

And Check out this cave.  It's obviously OLD, you can tell by the bricks..but ???  Dan said caves like that were used for storing ice.. back in the day. Could be I guess. It's close to the river ... so maybe??

As I was going  thru my photos I saw this one from Easter again, and just had to share it, because it makes me happy.  My family gathering for the blessing before dinner on Easter.  ( backyard at the cabin).

This post is getting more random as I go, lol.  but Jarad shared this video with me, and I want to share it with you.  What an awesome story!
 Jarad has now passed his classes, and done his hands on training to be a certified EMT.  Really proud of him!
After watching this... I need to update my CPR certification!


Unknown said...

This post made me really happy. Your card is lush but the story of the heart attack victim is just a wonderful heart warming story of love and good people ;0)

Dawn xx

Renee V said...

Vicki this card is so gorgeous! I would kill to color this good! I've never seen that dahlia stamp, that's definitely a must have ;) On another note - thanks a lot for making me cry this mornin'!! I got all teary eyed watching those people in Minnesota save that man's life!! Congrats to Jared on the EMT, I've never heard of a paramedic who didn't love his job - what I wouldn't give to have a career that I actually wanted to go to every day lol!!

Susie W. said...

Oh Vicki, the video brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful story. I know several paramedics & EMTs. I know that they would do the same thing...but, it was amazing that 24 people took turns doing CPR. Thanks for sharing this video!

And, by the way. Your card is sooo pretty. I love your soft coloring!

Anonymous said...

As always, had to share the video with the hubs...very impressive Vic. Your boys are impressive! Loved the card and that Flower is amazing. Love the calf too! They are so cute, like little kids! Hugs.

janel said...

As always, a treat to read your blog..but just wanted to tell you that I have been thinking about you with all the storms and weather in your area....know that I am thinking of you and hoping you are safe, and tucked into your abode.