Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fancy Pants Springy Birds

Today I thought I'd share these little wooden free standing birds I altered with Fancy Pants "Childish Things" line. ( my all time favorite line from Fancy Pants).  I love these papers.    I found these little wooden birds at Hobby Lobby.  ( Banners and letters are also from Fancy Pants).  I added the wings myself.

edged with a little "pen" stitching lol
Cute papers from the same line for the back side also.

And... I don't want to forget to share a photo of the framed silhouette I showed you a while back when I got it at the flea market.  A few of you had noticed it and asked to see it closer.  Well, here it is with the new paper in the back.  It had a icky faded paper with a bunch of broken dried flowers that had fallen apart under the glass. I like it so much better now :)

I wanted to share some photos from Easter, but you know me... I cant decided which ones to share because I want to share them all :)   So I decided I'd put them into a little video clip.
We had my family out to our cabin for Easter.   You'll see the cabin(s) in the photo with all the cars parked in front of them. The two that are painted alike are ours. The little cabin on the right used to be the boys cabin as they were growning up.   It's just like a little bunk house ( one room).. with bunks beds, a frig, microwave, and tv in it..but they always felt they had their own little space as they were growing up.  You know, far enough from the grown ups, they felt independent..but close enough... mom could keep a eye on things :)

Just to explain.. the many photos with confetti.  Diana ( our Niece ) shared a family tradition with us that she used to do growing up  in Mazatlan as a child.  She created all the colorful eggs you see in the video.  She has been saving eggs for the last year.  Opening the bottoms only as she uses them.  Once they are dry, she hand paints them all and then fills them with confetti. ( covering the hole at the bottom with tissue paper).  The  tradition is to crack them on the persons head..but you can not throw them, you have to catch the person and then crack it on their head.  Oh , you can only imagine the fun that was had with this. (not only by the "little" kids..but the "big" kids also:)  They are called  "Cascarones".
She put allot of hours into this project..but it was defiantly the hit of the day.



marcia said...

Thanks for sharing! What fun! I love the egg tradition. I have been collecting silhouettes for the past couple of years but so far I haven't done anything with them. I think now is the time to display them!

Julie Higgins said...

That video was so awesome! Can you explain briefly how you did that? It is a tech thing I am so curious about. It was just the most cool thing:) Loved the airplane flying across the sky in the beginning of course too since I am married to a pilot.

Easter at your cabin looked like so much fun! What great memories for everyone in your family! Julie

Jane Wetzel said...

Omg Vicki...I love your blog! lol really, sweet video and the egg idea is so fun, tfs... :)

kathy/North Carolina said...

Just love those darling little birds...and I wouldn't have recognized the silhouette in its new digs. Beautiful!

Susan said...

Looks like a fantastic, relaxing and fun Easter. Love your little birdies.

harrahx2 said...

Beautiful pics Vic! I can NOT BELIEVE that young lady saved all those eggs, filled them and then watched them get crushed! That is a lot of work!
Hugs and thanks for sharing.

Bettyann said...

lovely..happy times...thanks for sharing..have a great week

Dawn said...

Wow how lovely to have such a large family all together having fun.

The birds are a must I love them lots

Dawn xx