Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great American Scrapbook Convention Texas

Hi everyone!  This is going to be one of those ... lots of photos ... little writing posts:)   Busy here, and getting to be bed time soon.   Today was the first day of the Great American Scrapbook Convention TEXAS.  Perfect fortune last night at dinner. lol

Here's today's make and take.
Crafty Secrets "American Beauty" Stamps and papers from CD 1 "Creating with Vintage Patterns"

In Last nights class of 100 we made art journals. (photos to come:)
Awesome ladies.... stamping their little hearts out.

What a beautiful place for the classes.

I'll take more photo of the booth..but here's just one I snapped before the show started.

I love getting to see old friends at shows, and was so looking forward to sharing a chat and a hug with  Lisa Pace.   This girls talents just amazes me time and time again.

Here's Lisa and Sandy showing off one of Lisa's projects , using Crafty Secrets .. on the COVER :) of her new book. There are many gorgeous projects in this book!   I loved her first book... "Delight in the Details"... and I can see I'm going to love this book, just as much!  Thank you Lisa!

Here is Lisa's new book.

Delight in the Seasons

Delight in the Seasons

Before I close, I want to be sure to remind you to pop over to  the Heartwarming Vintage blog and get in on the giveaway.  All you have to do is give your opinion .. and you in for a chance to win! lol really:)

AND..... don't forget to think about playing along with our linky party Monday June 4th.  All you have to do is make any thing using Crafty Secrets products.. then hop over to that days blog post on the Heartwarming Vintage blog, and your link ( to your blog, or any online gallery that you post your project too) oh.. and list what you used.. when you post your project.  That's it!  EASY!   I'd love it if you played :)

Ok.... back with more to share soon!
Hope your week has been a good one.

hugs, Vic

Monday, May 28, 2012

Decoupage wood plate

Hoping you all had a great Memorial weekend.  I have been busy packing today to get ready to leave early tomorrow for two weeks.  First I'll be with Crafty Secrets at the Great American Scrapbook Show in Arlington TX.  I hope if any of you are planning to go, you'll stop by and say hello:)  I'll be doing make and takes in the booth, teaching an art journal class, and doing a decoupage demo during the show days. I love to meet you.     After TX, we are on to AZ and then to Mexico.   I'll be doing blog posts along the way when I get the chance:)   More info on that ...below my project.  I wanted to squeeze one more in today before I leave.. so hear goes.    You know me, I'm all about re purposing, so when I found this wood plate at moms that was headed to the sale, I decided to snag it to redo. It started as a black and brown folk art sort of design.   I have seen wood plates in the "woods isle" at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores also.   I first painted it with pink acrylic paint, then  printed off papers and images from Crafty Secrets CDs,  to use for my design.  I start by spraying my ink jet printed sheets with a clear Matte Sealer( to keep them from bleeding when I start decoupaging), and then cut and decoupaged  them onto the wood plate,

It's obviously not water safe..but it will be fun to display:)

                                Arlington TX

                                                                 May 31- June 2, 2012
                                                          Arlington Convention Center


I have been sharing alot about what's going on in my world the past couple of weeks, and I know it's been far from cheery.  But... because I've brought you this far in the journey, I'll finish up. This weekend was the last weekend to clean out moms house and have the sale. We have all been dreading this because we knew how emotionally hard it would be.  Instead of dwelling on the sad parts of it all, I thought I'd share some of the sweet things that touched my heart.
I love this photo of Jarad and Kate cleaning the big picture window in the living room.  Grandma was always so particular about wanting that window clean.  It touched me to see the way each individual family member did their certain little things to honor her in there own way:)

At the end of the day when things were pretty much wrapped up and we were all there chatting, my brother noticed the little wood things mom always had propped up in the side garage window.  They had been there for years.

My brother Ray walked over to his truck with this one, and look where he put it.  awww

Here's my brother Dan, taking the other one to put in his truck :)

There is  a long history behind the picture my sis Jan is holding below.  It has hung in my parents basement where we all used to gather for holidays.. for as long as I can remember.   Probably since we moved there in 67.  When we went thru things for the sale, like many things, no one wanted to see things be sold, but no one really had a place for it or really wanted it.   It sat out for sale for part of the first day of the sale, we all kept walking by it, looking at it and feeling sentimental,.  Finally, I looked over and saw my sister go pick it up and put it in the back of the garage.  She said.  "I just can't let it go".   We all laughed, saying we felt the same way.   SO..the plan is  it is now the family "Traveling Picture".  lol    If it's your birthday, anniversary, or if its Christmas, or Easter ect... It just might go home with YOU.  Rules are .. like it or not :), it has to hang in your house until you can give it to the next person, as a gift.   We all laughed so hard!

Okay.. now do you want to know why we call it the "Monster Picture".    Well, when I was little I always thought the little group of rocks over in the grass, in this photo, looked like a monster that was laying down.   I don't think I ever told the adults..but I sure told my nieces and nephews ( all of which were either my age or a few years younger).   Why?? I was naughty I guess and thought it would scare them too. lol            After mom passed we were all in the house and one of the kids brought it up.  The adults where like... "WHAT are you guys talking about??"  

so we went down and pointed it out to them.  lol     Do you see it???
Really scared me when I was a kid. lol

I'm sure some will pass that photo off to another quite quickly, as it doesn't exactly fit the decor of many of    I had to laugh when we were talking about passing it on for Birthdays ect.....    Kate said....
Well, I'm pretty sure I know what we're getting for a wedding gift"   ahahahahahha   I'm sure many normally forgotten holidays .. like say... groundhog day, or   Learning about Composting Day, or maybe ... Dont step on a bee day, may soon be observed by members of my family. lol
** Seriously I found a list of funny holidays... I think I might have to refer too when I get my turn with the picture..  lol They are hysterical! You can see them here.

When I got in my car at the end of the day that day....


Yes it was a rough weekend. but there were little bright spots that made me smile.  Wes sent me this photo from his bike trip to the Rockies.  It sounded like they were having a great time.
Need him to get home safe today, then all is well:)

Like I said, I leave early tomorrow morning, so I need to finish packing.   Thanks to all of you for your sweet words, kind thoughts and prayers while we were getting thru the last couple weeks.  Thanks for listening.

Remember next Monday June 4th is Crafty Secrets Linky Party!  We'd love to have you play along!
Here's the info if you want to play... easy and fun.

Ok friends.... hold down the fort for me, I'll post again as soon as I can.

Have a great week!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fancy Pants Pocket Chick Spotlight

I'm giddy to get to be the pocket chic spotlight on the Fancy Pants blog  :)   I would love, love , love it, if you would pop over there  and see what I have to share.
I shared some photos of this Fancy Pants Brag Book  I created with photos of my kiddos when they were little.  Also some answers to questions we are given to answer.  Who knows, it might be something you've missed in my wild ramblings here. lol

I had so much fun digging into old photos of the boys. Sure brings back memories.  I guess that's what scrapbooking is all about right?  And preserving these memories for the future.

Thanks Fancy Pants! I love ya! Creating with your products is a joy!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

America Beauty tags

Hi friends! Popping in for a quick post.  We have things pretty much ready for the sale at moms. Tomorrow will be the first day, then again on Saturday.  It has not been a hard couple of weeks, but thankful for having my family here for us to support each other.  Like I said in my last post, we've had some tears..but we have reminisced about some great memories also.  I'll share more at the end of the post, but first I wanted to show you some tags I made, using Crafty Secrets  "American Beauty" Clear Art Stamps.   You know me, I'm not a big "colorer", but I love that just using minimal coloring , patterned papers, and this case, some silver Stickles, you can easily make some fun tags with very little effort.

The papers I used are from CD 1  Creating with Vintage Patterns.

There are so many great stamps in this set:)

Like I said, we've talked about and reminisced about some great memories these last two week. Pulling  out things that we hadn't seen in years, or that we might have completely forgotten about. There are always certain things, that trigger a specific memory for each individual person. Fun to hear about those things.
 There is a pretty big gap between my sis Donna and I. She is the first child and I am the last. 7 of us kids, so we all have memories from different times thru the years.  By the time I came along Donna and Sharon were married and Donna had one babe, with another to be born 2 months after me:)         I always say, "It probably seems weird to alot of people, but to all of us.. it's so normal". It always felt "right".       

This is one of the things we fondly remember when we came across it.  Mom used to always carry this in her purse.

It opens up with photos of all of us.  

As you can see by the photo below, I am pretty sure mom and dad thought their  family was complete ( six Vicki)     . Wrong... 9 years after my brother Dan was born... Surprise, I make an appearance:)
Yep... pretty sure I wasn't planned.  lol   They must have adjusted to the fact they were meant to have 7 kids instead of 6, because I couldn't have felt my loved.

I have to show you a couple of fun things from my youth I found in the house.   My first camera :)

and ... lol... my Saddle Shoes!   I laughed so hard. Took me right back to Red Hat Band pom pom days. lol   You know me .. I had to try them on.   They fit. The only thing from 35 years ago that still fits me. lol  Now.. what to do with them??  I went to the trash to toss them...then just couldn't.  Maybe they need some altering???  Will see.

It's late and the next two days are going to be long. I need to get to bed.
Thanks for stopping by ,and reading my ramblings:)

Have a great weekend my friends!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching up

As you know I've been pretty busy working with my sisters at moms house this past week and a half. I just haven't had time to do much creating or to post here.  We are making lots of progress though, and plan to have the sale on the weekend.  It's been an emotional journey for sure. We have shared some tears. But also lots of memories and even a laugh here and there.  I'll share more below, but I have a couple of other things I wanted to share with you first.     First of all, I'm super excited that my new cupcake die has been released from AccuCut!  AND... look... all new dies are on sale:)

As I mentioned, I haven't had time to do much creating, and what I have done is for assignments for when I'm away the next two weeks.. so I have to wait to post those:(    The good thing is , I have amazing wonderfully talented friends, and they are so  SWEET.. to share their treasures with me.   I'm sharing two gorgeous creations from friends. They came in the mail this week... and felt like a big hug.. and just at  the perfect time, when I was really needing it. 

This amazing Altered cigar box is from my dear friend Jane Harrah.    You know how there are just certain people who's paths you cross in life, even if you have never met "in person",  you just know  you were meant to have a special friendship.. and that you just "connect".   That's how it's always been with Jane.   What a dear!  I will treasure this altered cigar box she made!  It's BEAUTIFUL!

inside and out!

And then there is this pretty, pretty card from my friend Marlene Bender.  Again... another person .. who I just "connect" with.  I will probably cry if I talk to much  about it , but when mom was here, Marlene made cards she sent to mom on a regular basis.  That was sweet enough..but she always took time to "write" inside each card.  I mean write about things going on  in her life, asking about what was going on in moms. My mom just could not get over how someone she had never met, would be so kind ,and take time to write to a stranger, and be so caring and thoughtful!   Mom always looked so forward to Marlene's cards and letters.   I remember when we were getting moms Christmas cards out, she mentioned time and time again, that she wanted to make sure we got one to Marlene from her.  Friends... You touch my heart!

(This card Marlene made.. was done with a Crafty Secrets Image and one of my bow dies also :)

I told you, we have been working over at moms this past week and a half.  Emotional to say the least, but glad we could get some smiles and laugh now and then.   Here's my sis with a "Seal -a-Meal" she found back in the top cupboard. lol     My mom was an immaculate house keeper, and keep things in pristine condition.  So cute.

It's funny how you can forget about some things over the years, and then the minute you see them, all the memories come back to you, just like that.    This pin cushion always sat on my moms sewing machine.  I will cherish it!

Other things going on this week.....................      oh.. kids. Anything to make a mother worry.
He took a long trip on his motorcycle to hand off the vintage motor cycle clubs mascot to the next rider.  It is that crazy Godzilla that is bungeed onto his bike.  It makes it's way accross the United States each year, being passed from rider to rider.   I am so glad I did not know about the skies looking like this ahead of him.   AHHHHH  yikes!!!   ( He did make it fine)

 ( Weston, our oldest son)  is at the Kansas Motorcycle Museum rally.  Vintage Honda Club.

I also have to have a proud momma moment....
Our son Jarad is now a certified EMT!    So proud of you Jarad.

My poor little car is so dirty..but I can always pick it from any other black cars when in a parking lot..because of the "Roger Cylne and the Peacemakers" sticker :)   The countdown is on to Circus Mexicus!!  We will be there June 9th in Puerto Penasco Mexico! Whoooo Hooo!

And before that ... be sure to come by and see Crafty Secrets at the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington TX.   We'll be there! Come by and say Hello!

Okay.... I promise I'll be back as soon as time allows, and I plan to post while I'm away teaching and working GASC also.   Sending you all good vibe for the rest of the week!
Thanks for stopping by!

hugs, Vic

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sharing my excitment... a new cupcake stand die

Hello friends, sorry my blog posts have been a little few and far between this past week or so, but we have been working everyday over at moms. We've set aside this time when my sister is here, so we are hard at it.    But... busy or not, I had to share this :)  I can finally share a little something I had to keep under my hat, until it's release day..... and that time is finally here.    I get to share my newest die release from AccuCut.   It's a fun little cupcake stand :)   I think it will be diverse enough to use for a number of different occasions.... so that will be fun.  The scalloped edge can be left up or bent down.  

I've only made these three so far, but my mind is reeling with all the different theme you could do them in for ,Weddings, showers, Holidays, ect ect..

Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you:)
Watch the AccuCut Craft blog today for the details.  Oh.. and you'll probably be seeing more about it here also. lol

I hope your week has been a good one. Happy Friday!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Farm Fresh layout

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. ( and a Happy Mothers Day if your a momma). We had a nice time, I'll share some photos below. But first I'm excited to say.. "Creating with Vintage Typeography CD from Crafty Secrets is now available!
Here is a simple digital layout I did with elements from the new CD.

Marilyn (Busy Martha) has a another fun "Farm themed "project on her blog this week, that is super cute also., you can see it HERE

Creating with Vintage Typography CD #3 Special Pre-Order Free S&H Will Mail by May 25/12 picture

Okay, have to share  a few photos from Mother Day.  Dan and I aren't in the photo. But .. My sis, Jan , her hubby Keith, and their son Ryan.  Our boys, Weston, Jarad.. and Jarad's fiancĂ© Kate. 

Keith is always the King of the grill.  Come rain or shine.. we know we can count on him to do the grilling. Thanks Keith!

We did have a few other yummy thing to eat also:)

It was such a gorgeous day! We chatted out on the porch, watched the dogs play out in the yard, and just enjoying being outside.
I love this photo of Keith trying out  his BIG awesome new camera lens  to take photos of the catalpa tree in bloom.

It was a bittersweet day.  Of course mom was in our thoughts all day .....but we were together ..and that made it a really nice day.  Loved spending the day with some of my very favorite people.

 Wishing you all a great start to your week!
Thanks for stopping by!