Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching up

As you know I've been pretty busy working with my sisters at moms house this past week and a half. I just haven't had time to do much creating or to post here.  We are making lots of progress though, and plan to have the sale on the weekend.  It's been an emotional journey for sure. We have shared some tears. But also lots of memories and even a laugh here and there.  I'll share more below, but I have a couple of other things I wanted to share with you first.     First of all, I'm super excited that my new cupcake die has been released from AccuCut!  AND... look... all new dies are on sale:)

As I mentioned, I haven't had time to do much creating, and what I have done is for assignments for when I'm away the next two weeks.. so I have to wait to post those:(    The good thing is , I have amazing wonderfully talented friends, and they are so  SWEET.. to share their treasures with me.   I'm sharing two gorgeous creations from friends. They came in the mail this week... and felt like a big hug.. and just at  the perfect time, when I was really needing it. 

This amazing Altered cigar box is from my dear friend Jane Harrah.    You know how there are just certain people who's paths you cross in life, even if you have never met "in person",  you just know  you were meant to have a special friendship.. and that you just "connect".   That's how it's always been with Jane.   What a dear!  I will treasure this altered cigar box she made!  It's BEAUTIFUL!

inside and out!

And then there is this pretty, pretty card from my friend Marlene Bender.  Again... another person .. who I just "connect" with.  I will probably cry if I talk to much  about it , but when mom was here, Marlene made cards she sent to mom on a regular basis.  That was sweet enough..but she always took time to "write" inside each card.  I mean write about things going on  in her life, asking about what was going on in moms. My mom just could not get over how someone she had never met, would be so kind ,and take time to write to a stranger, and be so caring and thoughtful!   Mom always looked so forward to Marlene's cards and letters.   I remember when we were getting moms Christmas cards out, she mentioned time and time again, that she wanted to make sure we got one to Marlene from her.  Friends... You touch my heart!

(This card Marlene made.. was done with a Crafty Secrets Image and one of my bow dies also :)

I told you, we have been working over at moms this past week and a half.  Emotional to say the least, but glad we could get some smiles and laugh now and then.   Here's my sis with a "Seal -a-Meal" she found back in the top cupboard. lol     My mom was an immaculate house keeper, and keep things in pristine condition.  So cute.

It's funny how you can forget about some things over the years, and then the minute you see them, all the memories come back to you, just like that.    This pin cushion always sat on my moms sewing machine.  I will cherish it!

Other things going on this week.....................      oh.. kids. Anything to make a mother worry.
He took a long trip on his motorcycle to hand off the vintage motor cycle clubs mascot to the next rider.  It is that crazy Godzilla that is bungeed onto his bike.  It makes it's way accross the United States each year, being passed from rider to rider.   I am so glad I did not know about the skies looking like this ahead of him.   AHHHHH  yikes!!!   ( He did make it fine)

 ( Weston, our oldest son)  is at the Kansas Motorcycle Museum rally.  Vintage Honda Club.

I also have to have a proud momma moment....
Our son Jarad is now a certified EMT!    So proud of you Jarad.

My poor little car is so dirty..but I can always pick it from any other black cars when in a parking lot..because of the "Roger Cylne and the Peacemakers" sticker :)   The countdown is on to Circus Mexicus!!  We will be there June 9th in Puerto Penasco Mexico! Whoooo Hooo!

And before that ... be sure to come by and see Crafty Secrets at the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington TX.   We'll be there! Come by and say Hello!

Okay.... I promise I'll be back as soon as time allows, and I plan to post while I'm away teaching and working GASC also.   Sending you all good vibe for the rest of the week!
Thanks for stopping by!

hugs, Vic


Anonymous said...

Sending you ((hugs)) as you go through your mother's belongings and wishing you more happy memories and laughs than tears! LC

Debby said...

I am sure what you are doing is hard. Glad you have other family members to help. Sounds like your sons keep you busy and give you plenty to worry about, hah.

harrahx2 said...

Vic, I am so glad you liked your surprise. I am sure you will find lots of little treasures to put insie for your children to find some day long off in the future. The picture of your son and the bike is wonderful and I love that he participates in that ritual. You have a lot to be proud of. I am so glad you are a part of my life Vicki!

Country Liv . . . said...

I am sending my best to you with hopes and prayers for a super good trip to GASC and to see the fantabulous Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. Be careful, don't drink the water :), and have a good time!
Big Hugs Sweetie!

Jan Hennings said...

You're a busy gal with lots going on :) I'm sure your Mom is smiling down on you and you sis as you sort and get everything ready for the sale. It must be so difficult for both of you gals and I wish you peace in your heart. CONGRATS to your son on his EMT certification...such an accomplishment!
AND..Miss Vic...I love your cupcake stand die. This is the actual size of a regular cupcake, right?? I may need to get this one :) LOVE and hugs today :)

creativearts said...

My thoughts are with you as you go through your mom's things. Your pics are great and hope you will have a great time at the scrapbooking show. Do you just work the one in Texas or do you also work other shows? I'm attending the one in Chantilly, VA next month. It would be awesome to meet you.

Renee said...

I've also met some wonderful people through blogging! Was lucky enough to meet the kindest lady and hope to hook up again soon. Your friends are amazing, and the box and the card are simply beautiful...Hugs :)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Vic..you are a sweetheart. I remember how hard it was when my sis and I had to go through my mom's stuff. One day, we were going through her dresser, and we found this lovely velvet bag. We were sure it held some amazing treasure. We opened it up, and all these panty hose came out. Which was funny enough, but all of a sudden we realized, each pair of hose had only one leg! Mom had cut off the legs that had a run in it, and kept the good legs. So, she must have always been wearing two panties, each with one leg. We laughed until we cried! I wish you some of those moments as you go through this task. Hugs!

Debbie K. said...

Sending you BIG hugs, Ms. Vicki during this rough time. On the upside, hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy the PeaceMakers:) Love the photo of your sis with the 'seal-a-meal'. I think I have one of those still packed away in our house too...lol!
- DebbieK

julie said...

What a cool treasure your sister found and even still in its box, why cool. Congratulations to your son for becoming an EMT what a great job. The altered cigar box is pretty it would be a great place for cards. Thanks for shareing, God bless you and yours.

Julie Higgins said...

Oh my Vic...those clouds in that picture Wes took were awful-looking! So good you didn't know about that until it was over!

Take care. Miss your mom:( What a special lady!

You and your projects are amazing as always! Have a good garage sale and trip. Thanks for the lunch Jan, Donna, and Vic and thanks Vic for the darling Beach entertainment set! Julie