Monday, May 07, 2012

Coasters Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Defiantly rainy and cooler today, here in Nebraska. We seem to have thunderstorms every night lately :( It was a busy weekend. I have some photos from Art group on Friday, but I'll plan to share those in my next post. Today I thought I'd show you how to make some fun Coasters.

These are actually candle bases. You can find them most anywhere. I got these for $1.99 each at Big Lots.  I printed off and used images from the new   Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Typography" CD.   

I'm excited to make some others with some of the gorgeous papers and images from " Creating with Vintage Patterns" CD#1, and "Creating with Vintage Illustrations" CD#2. They both have tons of great things to choose from.  I'm thinking what great gifts these would make. Maybe I should be thinking ahead for Christmas? (something I never seem to do:(  lol

I had a hard time just choosing which ones I'd use for these.  I chose things that seemed fitting for my living room.

Super Easy to make, so I'll show you exactly how  below....

I measured my coaster to decided what size I wanted my image to be. These happened to have a bevelled edge that I did want to cover up.  Then I opened up the CD in photoshop ( you can use any photo editing program you have) and sized my image. In this case it was 4x4.  Believe it or not.. I didn't do anything to this ..but size and print... it's all beautifully set up for you .. to print in whatever size you need. ( all the images I used here.. were all just sized and printed)

Once I had it printed and cut to size. I inked my edges a bit.

I use Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Adhesive Sheets for the next step.

These adhesive sheets work great!  First I just lay it out to estimate "about " how big of a piece of the adhesive sheet I need.  I defiantly want my adhesive to go all the way to the edge of my paper so it gets a good seal... so it's best to let it go a bit over, rather than not far enough to the edge of the paper.

You can see below how the protective sheet peels away to expose the adhesive sandwiched between.

Once I've pulled way the yellow protective sheet, I lay the white piece adhesive side down on the TOP of the paper.  ( it has to go on the top of the paper because the top of the paper will adhere to the bottom of the clear coaster, so it shows thru ..but will be protected from moisture, when you use your coasters). ** Once you have it laid down on the paper, take your hand and rub over it, making sure the adhesive adheres to the paper completely.**

Below is my piece with the adhesive transferred to the paper, once I have pulled the white adhesive paper off.

Now, all you have left to do it center the image under you coaster and adhere. ( top of your paper to the bottom of the coaster).

Your paper is safely adhered to the bottom of the coaster and shows thru .. with out showing and sign of the adhesive :)

So , here's what it looks like when you turn it over.

So all you have to do it pick out your images , size them all the same... and repeat the process:)

I hope you give it a try. I think you'll be really happy with the results.  I love it when I make something I really like and I can USE it~!

Crafty Secrets is having a "linky party" today, so be sure to pop over there for lots more inspiration... and If you like to play along.... PLEASE DO!.... Everyone is welcome!
You can get the info in Sandys blogpost
 today on the Heartwarming Vintage blog:)



Sarah said...

These are really pretty, Vicki, and so practical!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing this fabulous coaster project!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Love them!!! I love these prints there perfect for lots of projects.
thanks for sharing sweetie

Marlene (cards4u) said...

These turned out wonderful!! Thanks for the tutorial - I'll need to give this a try : ) Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine soon!

Shelley Haganman said...

I so love this idea! I am going to lift it!

Connie Mercer said...

very cool!! great post!!

Cindy Wyckoff said...

I love these, Vicki! I'm definitely going to have to make some!

Anyway, look at YOU, Miss 'I'm-not-digital!'. LOL!!!

Vicki said...

These coasters are fab! TFS!

Brenda said...

Terrific idea and they can be personalized with any theme or photos! Love this!

harrahx2 said...

I say the same thing every time....where I see a candle holder, you see a beautiful and perfect craft project totally different! Stinker......I just love you!

Mickey's Craft World said...

fabulous idea! love it!!


julie said...

what a great idea to use the candle base. i als o like the grapics very pretty. thanks for shareing, god bless.

stampqueen said...

candle bases, Big Lots, sticky paper - list made for tomorrows shopping :) Very Cool and even better - Easy (looks easy anyway :)

Paben said...

Those are really cute Vic,i can't wait until the cd comes out,i love those papers!